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  1. Yes, Viperish Disease has been changed. The original skill was completely unbalanced.
  2. It's useless to persuade, just use it)
  3. This phrase is believed to belong to Alexander Nevsky. He didn't eat hamburgers. Probably
  4. The 10-skill old version was essentially a mod that changed some aspects of the game, the current version is not only a mod, but rather a global fix, CM patch 1.7, but created not by a large team, but by one person. And the installation of Addendum should be perceived precisely as the installation of a global patch. This implies incompatibility (more likely bugs) of old characters, as most likely it was with the transition from old versions of CM patch to the current one. I fully support the idea of creating several add-ons to the mod that change both the number of skills and other
  5. There are only 20 skills for the current version. For the sake of statistics, how many skills would you prefer - 10, 12, 15, 20?
  6. I agree that the price for the exchange of 4k1 runes is too high, at the initial levels it will not work to exchange in the required amount, and when the money appears, any price will not be so critical. I offer a price 50,000/30000/12000/2000 G. If you wish, you can edit the values in balance.txt - line SwapRune_Four = 6250
  7. Mmm, Aion... It's been a long time ago... We are waiting for the release of the Classic version)
  8. Are you in freeplay? All quests have been returned, including those that summon bosses.
  9. Bargaining is now a serious competitor to Enhanced Perception. If earlier it was used only to obtain jewelry, now you can dress a character at the merchant. For purchases, you still need money, which you will have to farm to be able to buy an interesting item when it appears, so this moment is more or less balanced. The only thing is that 400 skill is enough for 200 level for orange items to begin to appear. On the other hand, 800+ skill is easy to get, so raising the curve to make it harder will simply inconvenience the need for a separate kit. After all, a Mastery is needed to fully trade, w
  10. Players, update the mod. Several bugs have been fixed, incl. CTD, increased bosses, fixed trade skill.
  11. What exactly is the problem with this skill? I tested it with the latest version and did not notice any problems, moreover, "completely unplayable".
  12. Только обратил внимание что у Серафимы нет навыка Combat Discipline, в отличие ото всех остальных персонажей. Балансной правкой это быть не может, так как это ограничение механики для одного персонажа, да и остальные персонажи балансятся атакующими-защитными навыками, но никак не боевых умений. Прошу вернуть Серафиме недостающее. I just noticed that Seraphima does not have the Combat Discipline skill, unlike all other characters. This cannot be a balanced edit, since this is a limitation of the mechanics for one character, and the rest of the characters balance with offensive-defensive sk
  13. It's good that there is no main quest in the freeplay Feedback on errors is welcome, but, unfortunately, I have no knowledge in modding Sacred, so I do not promise a fix.
  14. Returned the ability to complete quests in Freeplay, as it was done in CM 1.6. Also, changed the flags of several quests that were only available in the single player campaign (Requires verification). Installation - copy the file "quest.txt" to "Sacred 2 \ scripts \ server" with replacement, make a backup copy first. Download
  15. Уже жалею что указал на это =_= Если так смотреть, то у Divine Protection откат должен быть 60 как в ванили, а не 120, как сейчас в моде, при длительности 15. Но. В конкретно этом случае повышение времени отката оправдывает сильный баф и изменение механики. В Dashing Alacrity текущие длительность и откат вполне удобно для использования. В конце концов, из вики "The Impatience gold modification decreases the cooldown to 40 seconds, and does not scale. The Delay silver modification extends duration based on the Combat Art level. With the Delay (increase duration) and Impatience (decrea
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