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  1. Do armors have the damage type socket? I swear I had a piece of armor with that socket but I sold it. Now I keep looking for armor with damage type socket. Or was I just imagining stuff and this is impossible to exist in the game?
  2. This doesn't work for me. CA is not activated at all, the character doesn't attack and the targeted mob is locked near me. Neither does it work by activating the CA in thin air.
  3. I am using CM 1.60 and I still run around sometimes. I will try your suggestion and return with a reply. The fact that I am using Nether Allegiance with 3 skeletons kind of adds up to my frustration using SS because they scatter the mobs a little. I might re-spec with only 2 skeletons. EDIT: the CTRL+CA seems to work, but sometimes I waltz around, although not THAT much.
  4. I have the same issue with the sand, streets, snow being too damn bright that it hurts my eyes. The option.ini trick doesn't do anything, neither lowering the Render in game. I tried SweetFX Preset for Sacred 2 and it kind of did something that I can live with. I have only activated the Bloom effects - I set it to 35.50 and my god does it work (sort of, they still shine a bit, but not that bright). If you're a tech savvy and know what other parameters to modify, I think you can make the game visuals even better. The Bloom in this game is just stupidly bright. I don't know what t
  5. Hello. I'd like to ask if any of you who played this class have stumbled upon the annoying mechanic of Scything Sweep. What I'm trying to say is: almost every time I want to use this skill, my toon has to go around, run in circles before using SS. Is there a trick where you position yourself behind a rock/tree/wall or click without targeting monsters for your toon to stand still and use his skill? It is really annoying and kind of kills the fun out of using the skill. I'm thinking of moving to Demonic Blow (Area of Effect modded) just because of this. Sorry i
  6. I should have mentioned that I know about the Bow+Whirling Hit combo. But I am not building a Pure Knight, and I didn't even take Concentration as it doesn't help with Vampire skills cooldown. There are other skill that, combined with a bow, shoot multiple arrows. And I don't think this is limited to Vampiress only. This excludes any magic skill of course.
  7. Hello Rommel, thanks for the bump up I don't have an in depth knowledge about the mechanics of the game. Probably the physical skill chance-to-hit is related to normal weapon chance-to-hit. That would make some kind of sense. And regarding the proper way to use the skill, maybe someone on the forum might shed some light, if they had good experience with the Vampiress. I did find a few references on the internet that "one must know how to use Whirling Hit" in order for it to be the best Area of Effect of that character. And it made me curious if hte Vampiress' skills have some mechanics
  8. Hello, I have a question regarding the Vampiress' skill Whirling Claws (Multi Hit). How do you use it in order to hit as many foes as possible? I have read in some guide that, with some practice, it's the best Area of Effect skill of this class. I have tried clicking like the Mage Ice Shards skill but it seems it doesn't work like that. Sometimes the Whirling Claws skill doesn't hit anyone, and they're just next to me.
  9. I didn't get any freezes for a long time. I just open Task Manager, then start the game in window mode. It didn't crash anymore. It used to this summer, but no problems now.
  10. I installed the mod but I don't see any differences at all. The dessert is still flashy as hell.
  11. Hey. I checked the Diablo 2 Fallen mod on youtube but I don't like it. I checked Wardust mod, but I don't like that some skills are changed there. I want the original CAs not changed ones.
  12. I will check into this mod when I get home. Can't access the link since my job intranet restricts access to some sites. Thank you all.
  13. I did search the forum for some mods, but I didn't come across one that helps. I searched on the web for solutions but there's not much one can do besides playing with the monitor settings (I use a laptop). Guess I'll get some sun glasses when I reach that region.
  14. Thank you for the information, it is helpful.
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