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  1. Hey all! After having numerous issues with Sacred 2 running on Windows 7, my friend is considering wiping it and purchasing the UK version instead, since it's received further patches, and seems to still work alright for those with it. Before spending the $23 on it, though, we wanted to double-check a few things, just to make sure it's not a wasted effort (and, as she told me to write, she's being neurotic about it ;p). Does the UK version in fact run on US computers -- (From what I've read: True) Does the UK version run in Windows 7, Home or Ultimate version? -- (I'm not sure, still
  2. Reinstall was a no go. The game wouldn't even start, after reinstalling. Also, on uninstall, there were still some odd files left over, like the textures folder. My friend in town was able to install it on her machine (also running Win 7), and get into the game, but after about 3 minutes of running it, it crashes. Someone had mentioned the other day something about processors possibly having an affect on how it runs? Could someone enlighten me on what to do to test this theory, please? o: Thank you again, ~Jaggy
  3. I know! I've been so consumed by college stress, and not having any time to game, that I just stopped getting on here. My buddies and I have started playing Sacred Underworld together, at least, since I have my old tower with Win 2k on it XD;

    How've you been? :D

  4. Boo?! Long time no sign of life!

  5. Back from the dead?

  6. *sneak sneak sneak*

  7. Hey buddies, my dad is having this same issue, over here in the US. He's tried running it from the shortcut in compatibility mode, as admin, and any other forum suggestions he could find on the forums here, on Tom hardware, and some other gamer forum (he can't remember the name). After a Windows 7 update, he found that he couldn't get past the green text loading screen; it would get through that, put up the joke, then crash. On trying to get this figured out today, it now won't even start! On trying the uninstall-reinstall idea, "I tried the Revoke ID application-it didn't work either
  8. @Schot: Oh yes, I'm definitely bubbling over inside, wanting to tell him. I almost spilled the beans that day But yeah...I don't know how I'll top it XD; @Rantras: Here's to hoping! (Though I have very little doubt ;p)
  9. Wooow o-o I wish someone would do that legitimately for Ice and Blood <<=>> It looks like they're crossing out the codes as they go, though.
  10. I have to say that I'm super excited right now. I just bought what I believe to be one of the best presents I could, for my beloved: 2 tickets to the Music as a Weapon performance in our area, featuring Disturbed, Korn, Sevendust, and In This Moment. I may have heard of Sevendust (not sure about This Moment), but Disturbed is one of his favorite bands, and I know he misses live concert opportunities (we don't get a lot of them here, compared to GA), so I'm pretty excited to see his reaction when I give them to him! The best part of it is that the concert is only 2 days after his birthday X3
  11. @Schot: Very much so :3 I'm not sure if this is new with this skin or not, too, but I really like how the different groups are distinctively color-coded when viewing users~! It's probably not new, and I'm just forgetting the old skin, but I like it XD;
  12. Ooh, nice look, Scleameth! I don't think I could do better :3
  13. Using the wings in a CA would be amazing! And, actually, they have done something similar, with the demon in Sacred 1.... It would be awesome if they gave the seraphim a CA with the ability to fly, like the demon could, and then add the graphic of wings with it... So shiny @3@ Maybe it'll show up in S3? ;D
  14. WOW! That's almost all I can say. The new skin almost made me fall out of my chair - it's quite stunning! I feel like it really gives the site a unified and..."official" feel (I guess you could say). Very pretty, and so elaborate! *wanders off to get lost in the new stuff*
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