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  1. Can't be said often enough. Basicly a Sacred 2 remastered. ^^
  2. As far as I can remember, the value isn't even visible in vanilla game. It was brought in by EE, but only the base value is shown. But I have read that the calculation is done correctly including all bonus values when a spell strikes.
  3. There have been a lot of bosses on the way to Nimonuil and none has been a problem (playing EE for the past years ^^). And for adding more defense, I just wanted to know what killed me. xD Probably I just can't remember Nimonuil being so much harder than the rest. ^^ As said, haven't plaid in awhile. *going to browse through the pdf now* Thanks for that hint.
  4. I have had no problem reaching that point in the game, regulary selling healing potions because they weren't needed. So I just wonder about the damage spike Nimonuil deals out. No other boss along the way was nearly that powerfull in dealing single damage blows. And I do hate mounts, never use them. ^^'
  5. @Flix May sound like a stupid request, but may you list any changes done to Nimonuil? I am playing again and run a SW to Gold. 12k hp, mastery armor lore, three of the holy reliques, almost full set of Dooms Guard.... and that guy killed me in two hits. At first I thought it was the damage reflection, but I started again and just stood there. Sure, he debuffs me, but then he only hits with the staff and two hits (maybe crits) are enough. Can't remember that guy being that strong. Oo From the plain attack value he shouldn't be able to do that.
  6. I basicly only play SW, so that's no option. Aaaaand I think it's more a problem of .... some other influences. I had some hours of unbroken, uncrashing gameplay the last days. Didn't change anything so far, so I am absolutely clueless. ^^' EDIT: Jinxed it. xD Sacred 2 crashed 10 minutes after I wrote this. xD
  7. I am playing with community patch and S2EE. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I'll keep an eye out whether the crashes appear more often in densly populated areas. But I did had seassions bevor playing through half of the game in one go without crashing, so this is news to me.
  8. Good for my physical health, but stopping playing Sacred 2 is bad for my mental health!
  9. It does run fine for over an hour every time, so it does keep the paceat least for a while. Have to play with a clock and take breaks on a regular base now. xD
  10. Thank you. Didn't want to pose around, just giving specs for trouble shooting. ^^ But yeah... my old pc was almost seven years old and did run 24/7 during 2 years corona time (working from home completely), wasn't too good for the hardware. So I started saving up money in case grafic card prices should drop and when they almost where normal I bought a system that should run for 10 years (working at office right now again). (And I think grafic card prices are dropping even further right now. xD) Sacred 2 didn't run for 30 seconds on first installl, luckly I got told here that Sacred 2 has no limit on fps and greedily used up everything it got, which was just too much. So limiting the fps got it running. So now I think there is a problem with windows 11.... because why it should not be able to do auto saves after an hour? *sigh* Maybe I reduce the fps further and hope for a miracle. xD
  11. Good evening! After years of gaming I am now on Windows 11, a powerfull GeForce RTX 3060, the game runs on an SSD and the processor shouldn't have a problem to handle it, being a i7 at 3,6 GHz. The game is already capped at 100 fps to not overheat. ^^ But after an hour to at max two hours, the game crashes. It just vanishes without a error screen or anything else. After restarting I noticed, that the last autosave is some minutes behind. I didn't mind much since the difference was really small. But now I lost 10 minutes of gaming and a quest was suddenly not taken on anymore, which I certainly did accept. Any ideas what that could be? best regards Roderick
  12. Has anyone else run it in Win 11 and had some problems? It starts up normal for abput 30 seconds. Then it slows down, like the character has to go through very thick liquid instead of air. Clicks aren't recognized for movement either, camera rotation stops in one direction as if the camrea is stuck on a wall. I had it run fine for years till win 10, and now this. EDIT: Solved by fixing the FPS. Seems too powerfull systems just burn through this old game. ^^
  13. Actually, I am not quite sure about this topic. 1. You are able to hold weapons that don't have this property in their property list. Then there isn't shown any chance under "Weapons" (in the inventory menu), so I couldn't really check an increase IF there is a chance for Open Wounds just based on physical damage alone. 2. Sometimes it is a blue modificator on an item, sometimes a golden and sometimes it just looks yellow, like the colour for physical damage. It has this colour shown unter "Weapons" together with the chance to inflict those wounds. Those chances don't seem to rise, though I haven't tried all three rarities. 3. The wiki just says "wounds", but there are different types of wounds. If physical damage alone would trigger Open Wounds, it wouldn't be usefull at all, since later on the weapons I aim for trigger Serious Open Wounds, which does more damage than Open Wounds, and I would like to increase duration and damage for those.
  14. Hello to all those who crawl through the deeper code of Sacred 2. ^^ Does anybody knows whether Damage Lore and Wounds work together? Wiki says "Increases the chance to trigger Secondary Effects (burn, freeze, wound, weaken, poison) of the respective damage types." But I tried it with Open Wounds and the chance to inflict Open Wounds didn't increase. (It works with the other damage types, though.) I would like to try the stupid thing of going damage lore, dual wieldinh AND sword mastery to level 75, to inflict Serious Open Wounds, Deadly Wounds, Burn and Poison alltogether to one enemy. I took test-save with level 100, equiped a weapon with chance for Open Wounds and skilled Damage Lore. But in spite of the wiki, the chance of Open Wounds didn't increase. :o
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