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  1. This is really good news. Great gift for new year holidays
  2. Hello everyone. Did the addendum edition have any updates from early summer to current time? Sacred 2 Russian Community on Steam is looking forward to the addendum and extras fixes) thanks)
  3. That's awesome news)) We'll be waiting for this)) Best of luck))
  4. Dmitriy. The Russian community is looking forward to the Addendum Edition fixes. Guys in Steam group has already written about a bug with the skeletons of a shadow warrior. Bug with skills in Extra. Animation of the auto pick circle, etc. Please let me know when the fix comes out))
  5. Dmitriy. Good day. I left a message on the discord. I will duplicate here with the help of a translator. The text of the message is below. "Dmitry, good time of the day. If it's not difficult, let me know when there will be an update for Addendum and Extras for it. As there was an error in Extras (we have already found out that after using the skills the game crashes). Now another has been found. The Shadow Warrior's ghost guard in the Dark Campaign does not appear in normal Addendum. The spell itself is cast, but the guards are not visible. They are visible only when Extras is connected " _____________________________________________ Дмитрий. Доброго времени суток. Оставил сообщение в дискорде. Продублирую здесь при помощи переводчика. Текст сообщения ниже. "Дмитрий, доброго времени суток. Если не трудно, оповестите когда будет обновление Addendum и Extras к нему. Так как в Extras была ошибка (мы уже выяснили, что после использования умений игра вылетает). Теперь найдена другая. Призрачная стража воина тени в кампании "Тьма" не отображается в обычном Addendum. Само заклинание кастуется, но стражников не видно. Они видны только при подключенном Extras" P.S, пробовал обновить два дня назад
  6. There was an error in the s2logic.dll library. If you delete this lib from the extras folder before the install, the game will work on Addendum's s2logic (спасибо за выход на связь в дисе) Mb this solution will be useful to someone)
  7. Привет, Дмитрий. У нас проблемы с последним апдейтом твоего мода. Мне сообщили, что при включении мода DarkSide (папка Extras) игра вылетает при использовании бафа инквизитора. Проверил. Так и есть. Звук начинает троить, вылетает без ошибки. Оставил сообщение в дискорде, но решил написать тут, не дожидаясь ответа. Надеемся на фидбек (лучше ответить в дискорде, там я быстрее увижу) Hi, Dmitry. We are having problems with the last update of your mod. I was informed that when the Extras mod (DarkSide mod) is turned on, the game crashes when using the Inquisitor's buff. Checked it out. And there is. The sound starts repeating and game crashes without error
  8. Flix, there is another one (I think it's from Demo). Can You find it and update this modpack, please?)
  9. Rly. So You think, Horse = BMW and Special = Mercedes or watever? You're wrong, man) Try to drive russian Volga on monday and BMW on tuesday. After BMW experience you will want to sell Volga Volga = horse, BMW = special
  10. Voted - YES 1. This mod is awesome 2. This mod don't make gamecrashes 3. This mod don't break gamelore 4. Dual mount - bad idea. Please, gimme phone number of someone, who can use to mounts at same time (yep, a s s =1, mounts = 2, this is not right) 5. Elite class mount is better than horse anyway. I use it instantly. 6. "Sh*t up and take my money" (I could buy it if I have more money :D)
  11. Flix, tell me please Will The Enhanced Edition contain Wardust's Serious Textures as optional mod? Ty)
  12. You mean, if we have rus version - we reveive rus 1.60 & if we have eng - we will receive eng 1.60 after installation? That's bad...steam version is on eng by default...ok...I'll try another variant of installation
  13. That's good news) Really good news) But Russian Community have only one prob) I tried to install new version yesterday. We have an old global.res file from old version of CM-Patch v.1.60 (ru_RU CM-Patch 0160beta sign at start gamescreen) - RU_ru folder was in locale folder (we install it with GME) Pre-final version have only EN_uk folder.. So We use old global.res file and we have old sign on start gamescreen. Dear Devscan you give us new RU_ru global res (without "beta" sign on gamescreen)? Or...any program to change old global.res Thanks)) 1st screen - new patch with old global.res 2nd screen - old version of patch with all languages 3rd screen - new version only with EN_uk folder
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