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  1. Two questions. 1. Do you change the waterform in slot 1 to meteor with a hot key? 2. Would you die if you got a hit, or is there a way that you prevent getting killed with such low health? I know waterform helps to make creatures not see you, but I assume this is a specific tactic where you expect no hits on your toon...
  2. Nope, I tried out the Wood Elf instead. Multiple hit + loopy arrow (whatever it's called). Pretty strong build so far. But yes, pity about the Wind Mage. Without lag I can even do the Valley in Underworld. With lag, I die immediately :') (Or it just crashes.)
  3. Thanks! So basically WIDD and CFOW don't interact with each other.
  4. Hi Guys I was wondering, what is the difference between Wounds Increase Damage Dealt and Chance to Open Wounds? With WIDD, the idea seems to be pretty simple: If your health goes down, your damage goes up. However, I don't know what Chance to Open Wounds means. Does WIDD have a % probability of occuring? And this is the chance to open wounds? Are WIDD and CTOW even related? I haven't made a true WIDD build and I am not sure whether CTOW goes hand in hand with it. With other modifiers, it kind of makes sense how this is used. If you have lifeleech / damage increases
  5. I wonder if it is possible to fix it with something like OpenGL. I guess the code for Sacred is not available, would have been cool to read some of the source code.
  6. That sucks. My mage was (uhm is) basically a one hit wonder. But the super frailty means I just can't survive the lag levels in Niobium. Looks like I'll have to play with my Fire Mage more... :P It's a pity though, places like the Orc deserts are fine as I can sort of anticipate the lag.
  7. Hi guys I have a Niobium GoW Battlemage and I ended up using Orla's Spear basically exclusively as it just works really well both with GoW and Whirlwind. However, I noticed back in Gold that things get a bit laggy when there are a lot of enemies. It kind of kept getting worse, but not enough to make it unplayable. If I don't get killed, I don't really worry and Orla mostly kills everything togething with one GoW, and sometimes a few in sequence close the a group leader. The problem is in Niobium that the mage becomes pretty frail (I am still waiting to get s
  8. Hey guys My second post was supposed to say that I figured out only later that the portals are the slab ones. There is in fact a FAKE portal close to the merchant and combo master (to the right) and then further to the right is the actual portal! Took me a while to figure this out. Z
  9. For those who find this... Sacred Underground portals looks different from normal Ancaria Sacred ones—they are slabs with the logo on it. Portals that looks like the normal portals are not portals.
  10. Does the community patch help for startup issues too?
  11. Hey Guys Is there a standard guide for getting the Steam version of Sacred 2 Gold to work these days? A lot of the questions are from a few years ago, and a lot of the advice on Steam is not a walkthrough guide. With Sacred 1 I could use dgVoodoo and followed the steps and everything worked. My friend downloaded the game and is trying to get it to start up. Would probably be Windows 10, but I can check, could be 7 or 8 too. Z
  12. Hi everyone I tried to activate the portal in the Dryad Forest (near the combo master and salesman), but it doesn't activate. It's my first time running underground and I don't know all the portals. Is there any reason why it would not activate? I don't think I have found or activated any other portals. Thanks! Z
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