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  1. Hi , it's good to see people still coming to this game after so many years! Character building in Sacred2 can be confusing at first, but once you undestand the key aspects becomes way easier. In the wiki you can find everything you need to undestand what Skills, Attributes, Combat Arts and bonuses do (since the in-game info sometimes does not help at all). Ofc you can still ask me anything if something is not clear! The Temple Guardian is an atypical character with unique mechanics (for example, his robotic arm does not allow him to carry shields or two-handed weapons, but allo
  2. You can see the current difficulty in the top-left corner of the minimap (tab) under the region name.
  3. Hello, I'm a huge fan of the Sacred franchise and the work you guys have done over the years (the Community Patch, the multiplayer servers, ...)
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