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  1. @Flix do you have a list which speech text resources differ between the lastest EE mod and the PFP? I was thinking of doing a spell check for the german localized version of the PFP mod as well, but I'm loathe to slog through 55k text strings again.
  2. Two minor issues are still nagging me somewhat: a) is it possible to deactivate the teleport in the 'Ancaria Airlines' quest. I think this portal shouldn't be accessible in singleplayer mode at all. b) the two dark boss seraphim at the beginning of the 'demons and Children' auest in Sloeforf can still be cheesed for their drops and xp.
  3. I have now completed and uploaded the new pass over the german localisation file and amended all the previously missing corrections. The link now points to the lastest version.
  4. I've come upon a minor issue with Mommy Bear's Favorite quest. If you pick up the little bear as a pet, the pet name gets displayed in the text box but if you hover with the mouse over the bear, the box goes blank. Usually, when hovering with the mouse over a follower the text box changes/displays the quest title. So there seems to be a missing resosurce for that specific quest. Sadly, I couldn't catch the the mouse hover over the pet in an image.
  5. Sadly I did mess it up. I noticed yesterday during a dryad test run that the blowpipe 'Vermächtnis des Waldes' (Legacy of the Forest) dropped but with the old spelling mistake lacking the 'n'. While correcting the text file I had 2 files, an editing copy and a backup copy, but apparently at some point I continued working on the wrong one, which left a whole section of the file uncorrected that I had already corrected before. I am currently reworking the text file but my enthusiasm to get it done took a bit of a beating here, so it may take a while before I'm ready again.
  6. Yesterday I ran through the german localisation of the global.res with a spell-checker (again) to iron out some kinks still left in there. As Flix has said already, a lot of the names / item description have been corrected with this patch, so the changes are mostly in text strings of quest logs and books (yeah, who reads those anyways ), but some others I have corrected nevertheless. (Maegalcarwen or Ramirez ) I hope I didnt make any blunders as it was getting very late and I grew tired. For anyone willing to take a look or bother, here is the download link at Google drove: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dyEGHT2Vlc1vhL7uZ7lXIGNhCUEJkdc1/view?usp=share_link Exchange at your own risk, but make a backup copy of the original v. 3.2 global.res beforehand.
  7. Afaik, the El-Darrag quest line is thus buggy since the changes made to the CM-Patch to trigger it upon arrival there. I din't know if Flix can do much about it.
  8. As some players in the german Sacred Legends forum have noted with pre-3.2 chars, sometimes activating the player char buff now completely alters the surrounding environment colors/tones as well: https://forum.worldofplayers.de/forum/threads/1570111-Diskussion-rund-um-Sacred 2-EE-3-0/page5?p=27139755&viewfull=1#post27139755 Is that change due to shader alterations in the new mod and is it intended?
  9. Great job Flix, it must have been really painful to restore all the missing text files from the original sources. Small detail, though, the download link description in the starting thread should be updated from v 1.3 to v. 1.4 as well to avoid confusion.
  10. Is the +x nominal value spell resistance modifier on gear broken in Sacred 2 EE? It seems that these values do not compute in the attributes screen at all contrary to the relative +x% values for spell resistance on gear. I can't even remember having seen them in the vanilla game, but only +x% values, so I assume these nominal increases were introduced in Sacred 2 EE. Or are the values simply bugged and should have been relative values instead of nominal ones?
  11. Nimonniul always had these big damage spikes, it's part of his mechanics. IIRC at every 25% loss of his HP pool he enrages and deals big damage if you get hit then. Sacred 2 EE merely intensified that.
  12. Missing texture on this recurve bow.
  13. Sorry, that I did not expound it any further. If you start the Seraphim quest line at Sloeford and then approach the 'toy drop' area from the opposite side (I.e. from the river side where you also find the mage's son Zalman), thus avoiding the quest trigger area, then the game will spawn 2 dark Seras to each side of the cave. You can easily cheese them for their items, gear and XP, as they do not actively fight you, if you avoid running thru the 'toy drop' trigger area. Obviously those dark Seras lack any combat CA and fighting animations, they only have a defensive stance. It just would be nice if they couldn't be that easily cheesed.
  14. IIRC it has always been the case even in vanilla game that summoners will summon higher level mobs in accordance with your survival bonus.

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