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  1. Laptop wise: The new Alienware M17x's will still win... if you go all out and upgrade it through the roof with every trick it can provide. Of course this will cost you both your arms and both your legs, but that's the price for amazing. There are others out there: XoticPC Gentechpc both offer various Laptops with customization. (And ship to Canada, although make sure you use UPS Express (air service 1-2 day) and not UPS ground or you'll be paying huge customs fees incoming to Canada) However the one in particular I've been looking at lately is the Asus G73Jh-A1, for the price it will outperform an Alienware although it can't quite reach the same peak if money is no object.
  2. I'm fairly certain that Reflect will come first, simply because even with Sinister Predator at high levels you can still reflect yourself to death MUCH too fast. (As in I can remember having 50%+ of COCE and still reflecting damage back at myself much more than once every 2nd hit... you need -reflect to counter reflect builds). And you can test it, with a bit of work. Get an Inquisitor to gather up a lot of souls (enough that their defense rating is impossibly high relative to your attack rating). Use a level 1 pipe/bow and stack COCE vs his reverse polarity. If you still reflect roughly the % that his buff is supposed to, then reflect comes first. As to Evasion vs enemies... on the PC in the earlier versions the values listed on Evasion did not measure up to the returns. 100% Evasion only gave like 25% or so actual evasion when you looked on the character (it shows up when you hover over your white-attack, shows att/def/chance for special effects such as evasion/secondary effects). You needed huge values for it to have a noticeable effect vs stronger mobs. Of course even 20% evasion was still 20% fewer hits. In 2.40 I think it was they fixed the PC version so that Evasion values reflected more closely the return they gave. For example seraphim Celestial runes dropped from: 11.8%, 14.8%, 21.7%, 30.8%, 46.4% Evasion (based on difficulty they dropped in) to 5%, 5.4%, 7.1%, 8.8%, 11.2% Evasion that they have now. However the return you got from them as far as actual effect on evasion remained constant.
  3. And for Trust, to fix the post on SIF (if you can still edit it) Just copy it into notepad and use find/replace to change all "sacred.ascaron-net" to "sacred2". That fixes the links
  4. Went through the first post and fixed those 75-80% of the links, they should now all work as is.
  5. Just fries gogo? Add gravy and cheese and you'll enjoy it a lot more. And yes, it's LL, you can tell in 2.40 on those red spike things because it deals "Additional Damage". It's % Based so even nastier than it seems. Of course if consoles don't have the Additional Damage added from LL you're 'safe' against that. And yes, Fen Fires are Magic Damage, and a lot of it (especially since they weaken to boot)
  6. @re:Ancient Bark... Slippery increases Defense. Defense only works vs melee and ranged attacks that are not Combat Arts (and some of the fancier melee animations are spells). High defense means you're less likely to be hit by an enemy, however Evasion + Reflect will do the exact same thing, and often with lower investment. Rugged increases armor. Roughly speaking armor works as follows: Damage Received = Damage Dealt * (Damage Dealt / Armor) That for each element being dealt. Mitigation comes into play before that but Dryads don't have easy sources of high mitigation the way some classes do. In my opinion Rugged will always win out because it is impossible to ensure you will never be hit by anything whatsoever. I'd prefer to be hit but know that I can shrug off more damage, than gamble on when that unlucky hit will land. @re: Goldenglade Touch Bandage is a spike heal at the start of the cast (or appears to be) Flow increases the HP/s during the cast.
  7. I personally haven't gone up against them yet in Ice and Blood, however I do remember the Demon Mages/Champs in the Wasteland being able to hit for irritatingly large amounts of damage in 2.40. Of course that is a small portion of the game, but it's still worth noting such enemies are there. Not to mention spell reflect can throw the evil Temple Guardian traps back at them instead of hitting you, saving you a large burst of damage.
  8. @SolomonGrundy I can see the logic of that yes. However, the %LL enemies are not bosses, and you can run into them more than one at a time, which means you won't be able to lock them all down. It's a case like that that leaves me worried about completely omitting Spell Reflect (especially since my build would be playing with low'er' hp, once I get around to it.
  9. 91 WPM and 100% Accuracy on Wizard of Oz. I'll try astronauts, it's actually a good test as far as typing non-standard things (such as when in another language etc when just copying) 80 WPM and 100% Accuracy, take away backspace and it'd be probably 90ish accuracy and higher wpm. I guess that explains why I can get long winded so easily.
  10. "Once there was a boy who got into an accident and couldn't go to school" ...54 later... "I happen to their children at school" "Istanbul not Constantinople" ...54 later... "Even Istanbul" "How many roads must a man walk down" ...54 later... "Trees" <--- Does that answer the question forever? "Do you want to date my avatar" ...54 later... "I will!" "Do you want to date my avatar?" ...54 later... "Hey!" ... sooooo entertaining, and does not make sense. a couple more, that make even less sense: "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood" ...54 later... "Hrkak for hrkak mamotoy" "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" ...54 later... ˙ "mamottomamotto mamotoy do."
  11. I wouldn't risk AFKing with this. Unless you're 75+ with in-combat regen from Constitution you're risking getting hit from range and dying because you don't heal. Sphere only works in close range. As to the viability Gogo... from the limited testing I'd done on it I'd say it has a potential to do a decent amount of damage in higher difficulties. Basing it on the damage from T-Energy Shroud modded for Derogate, the damage is viable to at least weaken normal enemies and champions (that+Combat Alert reflect will have them kill themselves at a decent pace, at least pre-2.43, I have to retest my damage and rings now in Ice and Blood). Add to that fact that Hallow by itself is roughly as powerful as Aspect/Tactics Lore (if you keep it at a decent level) and Mystic doubles that, you have a lot more potential Magic Damage% than a Temple Guardian would. The issue I see with the mod, and I'm considering using it... is that you have to essentially choose between melee range damage ticks and Spell Reflect, considering the danger of spells at higher levels the choice becomes harder to make. (It's easy to avoid all physical damage as an Inqui with Soul Reaver, but spell damage isn't affected by attack rating). So yes it can make you very powerful, but at the same time it leaves you more vulnerable to the most dangerous foes.
  12. Might be a few days late Happy Birthday gogo Now go get more curry.
  13. Nope, it means they're playing Hardcore mode. If you do that, when you die you're dead, no respawn, no recovery of anything in your personal stash/inventory or currently equipped.
  14. Before you buy one however, do check whether it's an IDE or a SATA... If it's only a year old it should be SATA, but should is only useful until you get the drive out and find out you're wrong. Other than that should be no problem, any 2.5" (6.35cm) drive should fit in it fine. An external would work as well, however if she's running out of room on the drive she'll still be running out of room unless you can transfer a lot of the stuff off. Just also remember, when you swap the drive you're going to have to go through reinstalling iTunes again.
  15. Get well soon. A coworker (on another site) got it, people came in and disinfected the entire office near where he worked/where he would have wandered around... and I suspect he got it from a coworker who transfered from sitting next to me to sitting there (he'd been quite sick the week before transferring). If he did I'm lucky. But just to be safe, the well wishes are from a safe distance until you're feeling better. On the up-side, it does mean you get to stay home for several days.

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