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  1. You won't find it in description, but after installing this mod, you will find yourself as a proud owner of sacred 2 HD Edition! Surprise, surprise! To see difference clearly, just visit any ice and blood region(the cursed forest, preferably)
  2. What an attention to the smallest of details, now this quest is much more funnier!
  3. Thee shouldst hast done so already!
  4. I am pretty sure I ll easily notice bricks even at HD, vegetation, though, will require quite a close look, probably...
  5. What was done to optimize, I wonder?
  6. Many modders are trying to go in the reversal direction, they do,however, not consider 2 facts: 1) if several pictures will be looking like 1st one and all others still remain like the third - it will be like having milk with pickles for a dessert 2) most of artist can draw a more realistic picture than, say "Portrait of Madame Ginoux", still nobody will appreciate swapping one of their picture with a Van Gogh's in a museum So, it's a good thing that you was able to get rid of unintended artifacts and your new retex is closer to the original
  7. Actually, in this particular case there is no choice The style is defined by art designers from the developer team and should be followed by in most scenarios Mods like "realistic grass", could end up in a "realistic roads, realistic water, realistic skin, realistic buildings, realistic weapons, realistic trees, realistic sky" and completely unrealistic skyrim
  8. Hmm, an interesting side effect of a digital noise then Since I for myself, probably, would like to see something like
  9. That's just incredible! You are The Sacred Saviour
  10. Fantastic! But since it's a normal map to blame, I wonder was this ai able to manage correctly normal maps in other cases?!
  11. I did not notice any impact on the performance and on occasion I still can notice the difference(decors above the doors, etc.), so I am keeping elite on, but, actually yes, I do not see any huge jump in the quality between original and expansion(in theory it should be noticeable, since there is no elite textures for ice& blood), well, poor dragon mage is an exception
  12. P.S. : in this game we are watching our characters from a great distance, so texture resolution is not that very important. I have recently started to play total war warhammer 2 and my first impression was "wow, what a graphics!", but after playing for some time, I have noticed that most of the time, I actually don't see all that coolness due to the distance of my point of the view and, practically, the game is looking like total war medieval 1(released in 2002 y.)
  13. Sadly, there are still many upscaling artifacts, while first 2 shields have changed awesomely, the fourth shield is looking even worse than original : it has lost it's volume, looking flat and very artificial About dragon mage, well, I dunno, the AA of a modern card is doing all the necessary work:
  14. I am guessing somehow, that undress mod users should be quite happy with this bug
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