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  1. I searched s2logic and found lots of programming stuff, but maybe someone has info if my problem is serious. My game just closed. PC is running fine except for that. I was playing SW, silver, in elf-land (I don't remember areas names) when the game closed and bought me back to the desktop. I checked the event viewer (Win10) and it indicated s2logic.dll had the error. 1st time this happened. It's a pain as my play is lost from the last save. I have the community patch installed. TIA. Eric
  2. Yes, that is a problem with the game. I don't think the bandits talk after you accept and pay them the money. Killing or destroying objects out-of-order can really screw things up. I had the same type of problem with Rat Tails when one of the rats didn't drop his tail. It finally reappeared a week later. I've gone through the game a few times now and just have to say to myself, "could I have programmed it better". Debugging my COBOL programs 40 years ago seems simple when I see all the detail in quality games. I like the game so much that the few bugs that are found are just part of the game a
  3. Thanks for the inputs. The rat finally popped back. This seems to be a common problem with the game. I destroyed one of the large crossbow cannons out of order in the new F&I red zone and was unable to finish the quest. Same just happened in Swamp land on the Studying the Past quest, A Fair Deal where an Undead failed to drop a medal so can't finish that quest unless it too comes back to life.
  4. The Orc tells me to collect 5 rat tails from the cave. I killed the first Giant Rat, but no tail. I killed the other 4 Giant Rats in the cave and collected their tails. Leaving the cave and returning a minute later didn't cause more Giant Rats to appear. No Blue Pointer either so no targets. I've done this before and no problems. I think the chief says to finally kill the shaman to stop the rain.
  5. Good Evening, I'm somewhat new to Dark Matters (d/l'd patch a few months ago) and if Windows hadn't crashed the Blood and Ice Sacred 2 game I not sure if I ever would have found this wonderful site. The community patch has made me a happy camper again. I can't say I like all the additions, but they are minor compared to being able to play the game again. I think it's the game detail that has me hooked. Since my PC is mid-range it's probably good some older games still play. The fan base Sacred has is amazing. My play is safe and easy - always Bronze. I've played all the characters and pat
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