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    Druid Buff Bug

    Wow, I did not expect this to be possible. Sounds grea! Though I remaon curious to know wether my crazy mount idea would have worked
  2. SLD

    Druid Buff Bug

    Objectively, the graphics and sound of a video game should not decay over time. To me the graphics of Sacred 2 have worsened a lot, just as much as the graphics of Diablo. However it is not due to a lacking quality of the games, but of my body instead. I've played quite a few arpgs in the past among them Dungeon Siege(1+2), Diablo(1+2+3), Path of Exile and of course Sacred(1+2). They are all different from one another. They all had/have different design goals... The Dungeon Siege games focus more on the roleplaying aspect and the adventuring party style, where one player cont
  3. SLD

    Druid Buff Bug

    That's odd, as not all mods of the buff seem to stack. So I thought it had something to do with how the mods were implemented. That's great news I was so annoyed that you had to recast the buffs on every shapeshift anyway. Sad that the shapeshifting is still restrained by sacred2's mechanics. That no interaction with people and boxes, no interaction with your gear etc. makes it so bad to balance... Your choice to give it a downtime is also quite annoying but understandable because of how sacred 2 forces you to balance it. It's contrary to d2's design though... Have you ever cons
  4. Have you ever felt the need for unlimited damage and attack speed(till cap of 450%)? Then this bug is for you! You need Heart of Wolverine modded with Bornze Feral mod and Gold Blur mod. Step 1: Turn on Heart of Wolverine buff (might not be necessary) Step 2: Shapeshift into wolf or bear; doesn't matter which Step 3: Turn on Heart of Wolverine buff Step 4: Shift back into your druid form. You now have another instance of the afformentioned mod effects applied to you Step 5: Repeat from Step 2 stacks every time both the wereforms and the druid get unlimited +%damage and attack a
  5. And then there's my Amazon's Inner Sight buff... Silver mod Submission... Wiki says 25% + 0.3% per level... Ingame tooltip says 25% + 0.1% per level... When I have the mod points I'll find out which one is more "up to date" Edit: Sigma says 25.2% on both CAlvl 2 and 3 and 25.3% on CAlvl 4 but 25.5% at CAlvl 5... So its far away from the wiki numbers and somehow sometimes a bit off from the ingame description. The former problem I would conclude to be an outdated wiki entry and the latter a "Sacred 2 does what it wants" kinda thing as ultimately, it always does
  6. That sounds like a reasonable balancing approach, though it would still be mandatory for every character, who can make use of it... just like Static Field
  7. as I said: Not sure what the list is meant to say my best guess would be each line is supposed to give a different category of effect in the damage calculation? In this case the first line would probably be more like the sum of all applicable sources of #dmg (less confusing than "weapon damage" that can come from rings and other items...) Second line is all sources of %damage increase, ie. CA, equipment, WIDD(if hp not full), Skills(like Tactics lore). These are all added together. Third line I guess with "stat" you mean the damage bonus from attributes. No idea how
  8. So at least you do know, that you don't know. I'm pretty sure this stuff isn't random so given enough raw data of different input values and ingame results a mathematician can create a pretty accurate formula most likely even the exact one the game uses. But don't take this as criticism of your work. You made an awesome gigantic mod that overhauls everything. That kind of work needs first and foremost an artist. Who cares about the exact formulas, you can balance the stuff just by looking at some early game and late game result numbers and never need to know how it internally works, which I gu
  9. Thank you! Technically I'm not "new" to the forums, this account is already 3 years old I am glad the doublepost was not my fault As for the awesome community, I guess there's someone to thank for that. An awesome community needs an anwesome place to share and since the release of the original sacred so many forums and fansites that once supplied that, disappeared into the void. So much community created content is lost forever. Interesting how the internet never forgets anything, unless it's somerthing you would miss... So I thank you and everyone else involved, for putting in all
  10. Just tried a throwing star and a polearm as well... no luck. Also found out that the damage scaling increase per level is lower than that of tiger strike which according to the wiki should be +10% on each so the absolute difference in damage values should be the same. And the level 1 skill damage of each is not what it's supposed to be (according to the wiki) either. Wiki says tiger strike 40%+10% would be 1.5 and Dragon Flight 20%+10% would be 1.3 but even the wiki's own damage at level onew wielding starting weapon shows that this math can never be correct the Tiger strike would in this ca
  11. Wow, you're quick So I did some more testing and no, the 60% chance doesn't explain it. With the amount of "worthy attempts" I had I would honestly say even a 6% chance would have happened at least once. I also tried different weapon types (2h sword, 1h sword, sword type fist weapon) no difference. I tried taking the other silver mod: no they're not just description-switched either... I tried both bronze mods to figure out if the disarm mod causes some interference here - nope. I tried leaving the server and making a new one in case it doesn't register in the running game - nope. I also tri
  12. Hi, I was just trying out the Dragon Flight silver mod for area damage to see how small the area would be. To my surprise I couldn't get it to hit more than one enemy at all, ever. I even tried teleporting next to an enemy (Ctrl+Click) but that didn't hit anything. So now I'M wondering if there's a trick to it? Does it start with a really tiny area (smaller than the 0.8m telekinesis) or does it only apply from CaLvl 2+ or something else pseudo buggedy? And just to clarify: No, I'm not mounted and when I target an enemy it hits it just won't ever splash, I tried dozens of times with small re
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