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  1. Thats a debit card Debit cards are far more common in Hungary, iirc 90%+ of all plastic cards are debits. For a minor with no regular income a credit card might not be even a possibility here.. if it is then its very expensive. Most banks offer cards intended to be used for online purchases, usually called "web cards" or "online cards" like this These come with higher security standards, requiring confirmation by phone before every transaction and such.. but they are usually linked to bank accounts that are not available for minors and/or very expensive to maintain. Some years ago I was als
  2. tomi

    Happy Birthday!!!


  3. I meant avant garde in the vein of Sigh or maybe even Arcturus ... like this ... as opposed to the "darkened Motorhead” style of the first wave
  4. 1. Almost everything I could say.. Heavy Metal – goes without saying Thrash – cant go wrong with it as long as its real thrash … The Haunted is not. The more oldschool sounding the better. Power metal – preferably power metal with balls. Though, from time to time, I put on my Rhapsody tshirt and sing Power of the Draaaagonflame out loud. Doom – with all of its subgenres from the traditional sound to funeral doom, everything Folk metal – this is fun stuff. A good listen while drinking but there aren’t many bands that I really appreciate from the musical point of view. Fun
  5. some questions from a squishy caster: I see that rogues rely heavily on evasion ... and as I’ve seen with other aspects of the game.. the stats of the mobs scale more than yours as you progress further into the game. Is it the same for evasion? I mean do you have to reinforce evasion religiously to make it worthwhile? How much evasion does a rogue have around lv50? My very wild guess would be around 3000-4000? (I may be completely off here) And do you think a class with different specialization would benefit at all from less evasion? Would some evasion do ANY good, or would it be negl
  6. Those files get deleted after patching, try running a search for RTP files, they may still be in a temporary folder Stubbie, 00000081.RTP is only the first part of the big patch iirc .... you should try manually downloading all the files, then just copy them into the patches folder here http://www.rapidshare.com/files/141033953/...h70-81.zip.html and here http://www.rapidshare.com/files/141037772/...h82-92.zip.html there may be more, Ive lost track of them..
  7. Yes, thus Zs is not s but /ʒ/ aka voiced postalveolar fricative aka zju
  8. Dz is pronounced /dz/ (as in Hudson) Zs is /ʒ/ as in vision Most of our digraphs correspond to English letters in pronounciation, notable example is the Gy, which is not used it English at all. It sounds somewhat similar to "due" /dju:/ As for how they are used ... they are individual letters and cant be separated
  9. hey Ari :) hope you and your family are doing well *hugs*

  10. Dont know… if the shaman doesnt get aggro, it means they are not doing their job right Ideally ofc they should be safe, the problem here wasnt the lack of taunt, but that the first line kept going down. Even the warriors with their dumbed down taunt were able to keep aggro quite well until they died. But then chaos ensued. I was running around like crazy trying to tell who had aggro then trying to get them in healing range. We had two commanders in party, but both were quite low level, the 60+ warriors were weathering much better. An other shaman started kiting when he got aggro, wa
  11. From my point of view it looks something like this: 1. I head out trying to find some mobs. For the first time, respawn times seem to be awfully long 2. When ganto goes lololol I know I have enough mobs on my back 3. I start running back to him, relying heavily on the power of my prayers that I wont get hit too hard. I have mana shield on, so I lose mana instead of health, but if I run out of mana Im a sitting duck 4. Wait for the moment when the mobs are nicely packed together then I sleep 4 of them, and use blunt strike on a 5th one to stun him for 4 sec, buying some time. A
  12. Some pics of the deepest pit of hell aka Secret Lab we spent the past days (weeks…) Sets are finally completed, and we are freeeeeeeeeee
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