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  1. I've got all of the things you two are looking for just hit me up on the PSN. PSN ID is the same as my name.
  2. So it has recently come to my attention that since the release of White Knight Chronicles on the PS3. I have not even thought of dusting off Sacred and killing some mobs in Niob. So enough of that, I'M BACK! If you are looking for anything on the PS3, weapons or armor then I probably have it. If not give me 72 hours and I'll find it (as long as your aren't asking for things that don't exist ) I'm going to be on almost ALL the time, unless I am forced to answer "The Call of Duty". So hit me up PSN ID is the same as my name. Looking forward to killing things with you folks again. And BTW GoGo I saw that you mentioned my name in a trade post from months ago and I just want to say that I'm flattered you remembered little ol me.
  3. I was wondering how do I go about lowering my cooldown on the Rousing Command Combat Art. I currently have a level 71 Shadow Warrior that is just about to make it to Niob, only problem is the 4th Nameless. The battle with that thing alone for me is about 3-4 min. I can deal good damage to it when Rousing Command is active, but it's only active for 20-22 sec with 60.2 regen & cooldown. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, not to mention I would have a character <75 back in Niob.
  4. Hey Chrona, I had a question I was hoping you could answer. That dragon raid CA you are using can you "free" target anything like the HE Raging Nimbus or Incinderary Shower or do you have to have a "fixed" target and make sure it is in the middle of a mob. Thanx.
  5. Last one I finally unlocked was kill 1337 Elite monsters. I didn't know about the Orc Cave at the time
  6. If you are just looking to convert runes just move the runes not the money.
  7. I hoop others have more luck then cause I just can't seem to be able to invite anyone on my version of the game but figgers... heared alot about the europ version and have to say I am very disapointed in them all, its like oblivion where the europ version crashes very much and the vs version don't... maybe when I ever buy a ps4 or something I just gone import it cause I getting sick of the fact I have to wait 1 year after the vs release everytime and even if released its allways a buggy verion with no support what so ever. You probably went to continue, you have to create game, online, public if you want other people to join (other than the ones you invite) or private ( if you just want the people you invite to join) make sure everyone is within the level gap you set somewhere between 2 and 10. Then start sending invites
  8. Agreed. I'm just crossing fingers on this, and hoping for the best for the consolers to be able to play this It's wishful thinking Gogo with me being a console player and drooling over these pictures. But remember what Tom said a couple months back "if they got the contracts signed..." I would have to assume since Ascaron and Studio 2 have locked doors that said contracts didn't get signed. So therefore no expantion for consoles. I'm still wishing and praying to every god I come arcoss that it does happen, but it just doesn't seem likely.
  9. I already did that. Did we get a patch yet? No?! Damn maybe I didn't use enough juju sauce. I'll try again next full moon.
  10. Back to the Scribe Bracers of Atheron does anyone remember what quest those came from? I did it quite some time ago but forgot where it started.
  11. Ok as the topic states I need help picking my last skill I believe I have everything where I need it so far. I have Mystic Stormite Lore, Mystic Stormite Focus, Delph Arcania Focus, Concentration, Ancient Magic, Combat Discipline, Armor Lore, Constitiution, and Shield Lore. I don't know what to pick for my last skill! I was leaning towards Spell Resistance but then I remembered that I've got Expulse Magic to take care of most of that. I wanted EP but I forgot that it's a secondary skill for a High Elf. I have my barganing network all set up so I don't want to waste a skill on that. I'm absolutely lost someone please help.
  12. I have a question if your Fireball is at 3.0 sec and Blazing Tempest is at 9.7 sec. How many runes did you read?
  13. Mine looked like that too when I tried to edit it. The only thing I can suggest is delete all the lines of code surrounding the name of the item you're trying to link to the wiki and manually type s2wiki in brackets before every item and /s2wiki in brackets after every item. It's a lil time consuming but your page won't be a jumbled mess like it is now.
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