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  1. I didnt do anything but load the cm patch and enhanced spells mod. How do I get these items to show up? I copied and pasted your script version and it correctly updates the quest rewards but I already have completed the quest.
  2. This is mine. rewards = { {57,0}, {653,0}, {656,0}, {656,0}, {57,0}, {57,0}, {650,0}, {647,0}, {2453,0}, {2468,0}, },
  3. Reward_exp=1 reward_gold=1 reward_drop=1 reward_attr=0 reward_skill=0 also rewards= 57,0 653,0 656,0 656,0 57,0 57,0 650,0 647,0 2453,0 2468,0
  4. I am new to the scripts, what are you wanting me to do?
  5. Did the epic office quest today. Didn't get Benny's or power of NIF.. What gives..
  6. Spent hours doing the quest, I can't see anymore blue quest makers but I didn't get a turn in quest. Hat am I doing wrong?
  7. I believe I had to change it to "language uk" because no text was showing up on menus or in game. Not sure now, I think the advance spells added all the formatted langues it supports. When I have it set to US I get game sounds and voices but no text, when I set it to UK I get old combat art text and no sound, but updated combat arts,
  8. so I downloaded the mod and installed it, I thought I didnt have the new spells but I do. Thing is they are new ones but all the text including the names and the modifications to all the combat arts are the old spell text.. how do I fix?

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