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  1. Ok my weekend got spoiled I have some work to do cause the clients being a client..... and we having power issues.... man I can never just take a break and play one of theh finest ARPG ever. Top 3 Diablo 2 diablo 1 and then Sacred 2 and last sacred 1. I may get last epoch but kinda hard pill to swallow. I also played wolcen lords of mayhem but I always find my way back to sacred. After the new released I scratched all my toons and started a new.
  2. I swear that NPC wasn't there 😒. Well will actually help if I ever speak to NPC's xD
  3. Ok I started a multiplayer open net game with my brother( he stays far).....I didn't ever see or read this post. I was minding my own business walked in the arena thought eazy quest and Pew Pew ded.... Man next time warn me. I am to old for fast pace games I may die of a heart attack 😒
  4. Thank you for this. I had a rough time so takig the week off. First my Dog died then 5 of my friends. So I said fk it I work hard enough to keep my mind occupied I deserve a break. I for one have a hella fun time at the moment. I deleted all my old characters and started a traditional Barb for online play. I did give the new diablo's a try. I did try immortal and D2R. I really did try to like them. I hated diablo 3 on pc but switch are aright. This comes close to diablo in my opinion. Yes they are 2 different games and yes non can replace diablo 2 but to experience diablo in a thrill seeking sacred world just feels right. SSSSSSOOOOOOooooooo When V16 coming out 😊
  5. Oh boy. I can smell this is gonna be a big boy patch. I have like an hour at night before bed where I just chill in sacred. I am psyced for this patch. Only thing that still bothers me and it's not your fault, it's the way the game was designed is the stupid npc's 😂
  6. I may die of a heart attack with excitement before the release of the new version 😁.Can't wait.It will scratch my hack&slash itch.I am busy with a fun d1 mod as well at the moment.What I like about this mod is the sacred world.It's not just a copy of d1 or d2.It's refreshing compared to the dark lore of diablo. Don't get me wrong I love diablo but sacred has this small charm to it that I like.Vibrant colours(I have a graphics mod on I found on another website)I mainly got the mod for being able to have a third person view.It's a little hard cause of all the hills in sacred(I have never seen a game with that many hills xD). People Complain a lot about sacred but I have played sacred one and still play it and I love sacred 2.I can remember how I tried to run it on my 3ghz p4 with a think it was a gt 5700 and it ran horribly.Even now it's taxing but it's only cause of the way they compressed the game files but for a game that old it looked amazing.I still have to get a summoner tho last time I tried a summoner boss half way through the game gave me a new a hole Guess I try again when I have time
  7. Man that got me exited.I don't have much time as I started working with my brother in web dev and we are pact with work.I usually work over weekends but we busy catching up to work and I will have some time to play sacred again.What I do is I play weird combo's.For instance I am playing a staff caster amazon.It's pretty fun.My only true character I have are my barb and assassin.
  8. Merry Christmas Everyone.Hope you have a wonderful day with your Friends and Family.Stay safe
  9. Ah thank you.I may just be too noob for sacred 😁 in the matter of fact I am so noob,I.make newb people look pro 😎.I am addicted to sacred last cople days.I study in the mornings and in the afternoon I tell myself just 1 hour.1 hour becomes 2 hours 2 to 3 and so on and so on.I can't get the multiplayer to work because I have 2 routers and my isp(I am gonna kick them in the ....)locked my main router so can't port forward.I may use hamachi to play with my brother that stays far.He loves diablo and I am pretty sure he'll love this.
  10. I haven't seen the smith.Maybe I just missed him.I'll go double check.Maybe I just missed him.I can't wait for new version.This is the most fun I had in sacred in ages.Just sad that assasin can't use bow.It makes sense but I am still sad.I am level 45 now and haven't find any throwing weapon stronger than my level 30 weapon yet but that can just be me being the unluckiest person on planet earth 😁
  11. Hey.Not sure if this was mentioned but Tools of the trade quest does not work.The malic is not there.It may just be my ocd but it's driving me nuts 😁.I go corner to corner to do quest.It's mainly so when I get late game I have an easier time.
  12. @ darqfelenor I know where you are coming from.Sacred 1 has a mod called reborn where it's a difficult mod and it change mechanics.You have to swap weapons to different types damage.This is good on paper but to add it to sacred 2 which has a huge world and a lot of different enemies will take some time.What I like about this mod is,it's not just a copy of diablo.I personally like the classes.My main are a level 40 range assassin.He doesn't do a lot of attack damage but my mind blast does 10x the damage of my weapon attack But it has a long cd even trying to boost cd with skills/attributes ,it's still 18s cd. What I like about this mod is.You can play it the way you want.Hell I have a paladin using magic staffs + Caster.The possibilities is endless.Only thing that irks me a bit and this is not Flix fault is that the ai is dumb.The reason why I won't like the damage immunity is because of the weak controll layouts.Same with sacred 1 reborn.You can change the layout but it takes wat to long to swap between skills + weapons..I will see how my assassin do later in the game as of now his pur physical damage.My build may not work on higher difficulty.I am level 40(doing all quest)and on silver. Well that's my 2 cents.Happy gaming everyone and hey hey it's Christmas
  13. I never got to finish this mod as I am very busy in real life.It's december so I got some spare time.Flix you don't get enough praise for this mod.You made the shadow warrior(my least favorite class)to one of the most fun classes.I am busy with a ww barb full damage build.I am still low level but I just melt the enemies.My second toon is lighting sorc.There's a lot of other d2 mods.Grim dawn is one which is a great mod in it self.But it's refreshing to play these classes in sacred's world.I will try and finish this game over the holiday but I will still be busy. I can't wait for the new version.I know you said you will make every class have there own personal quest.Is that still in the pipeline?I can understand if it's not because it will take a lot of work to implement.All in all a great mod and the most fun I had over the last couple year.New games just isn't as fun as the old classics.I have last epoch.Fun game but still nothing compared to sacred.I even bought diablo 2 resurrection to support the devs but I am so disappointed that I play the old d1 and d2.You can't slap a fiat sticker on a ferrari and expect it to go fast.Only thing I did was I installed a graphics mod.I will be sad about the final version but I am sure I can get over it 😁 PS:Remember if you die a hero,your still dead 😎
  14. Just a Shout to Flix for this amazing mod.I was away for some time cause of medical reasons.When I came back first thing I did was lookup if there's a new version and yes there is.Sadly I lost my ssd so have to start from scratch but that doesn't bother me to much paladin was only level 50ish.So now I get to enjoy this master piece from the start 😁
  15. Oh goody.Was away for some time came back and see there's a new version.I thought you would take more time.I deleted my level 50 toon and start from scratch.I see a lot of well deserved nerfs. I play grim dawn/diablo 2 etc with a difficulty mods as the base games are usually empty and boring as hell.Here I can start with silver and super spawn. Thank you for the hard work Flix.👍
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