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  1. I figured it out ;) Spawn_OffsetLow = {0,0,40,70,110}, min level of enemies Spawn_OffsetHigh = {0,100,150,200,200}, max level Spawn_FactorPM = {1000,1100,1175,1250,1350}, I think it's spawn density or something Now I will be able to play bronze and silver like Niob difficulty (after tweaking few other things) This game is amazing in it's modding potential
  2. If I understand correctly completing bronze difficulty by doing all quests (not including pandemonium boss quest) would give me roughly +70 points for attributes and +70 points for skills... thats pretty huge bonus... around + 350 + 350 at the end of a journey on Niob... It is equivalent of 5 extra skill masteries... Wow. Reason I am asking this is because I didn't do any quests on bronze and silver and those points will hunt me in my mind... eh maybe its time for little Cheat Engine magic.... ... nope... doesn't work... I guess it will be my little end game stuff to change difficulty settings so they would be much harder and get those point legit way. I know how to modify level access in balance.txt to be able to enter bronze with high level and how to change many enemy difficulty stats scaling in this file.. I just don't know what to do to make enemies level higher so they wouldn't be white circle.
  3. There is optional component in Flix's Enhanced Edition mod called super spawns. I am sure You are familiar with the concept. Is it possible that there will be something similar for Addendum? I tried His spawn file for a while and it didn't spawned any Pandemonium enemies but damn was there many kobolds to crush ;) It would be fantastic addition to Addendum I think. Also I wanted to ask if You remember by chance just how many skills and attribute points from quests are added per difficulty?
  4. Hello. Can I safely use your superspawn mod without EE mod? I am currently playing Addendum (mostly pandemonium mode) but sadly still not enough enemies on screen... oooh those were the times in Sacred 1...So many, So loud, so angry... so dead
  5. Many thanks for fantastic update I am playing extra mode (20 skill slots) High Elf. I would like to try Ice Build but with Cascading Shroud as a buff. There is a topic for making this fix I want to ask is it safe to use in its current form with Addendum or should some values be changed?
  6. I just wanted to ask if there is any hope that this 20 skill extra mod will be available anytime soon? Not class reworks just 20 skills. I came back to this game with this particular thing in mind and it pains me greatly it is broken right now. Such a nice feature ;(
  7. Hmmm little help anyone? I need to bypass or deactivate effect of taking gold mod for scorching wave. It's called Fright and makes enemies flee. Problem is it is destroying exping time on High Elf and without taking it I cant go back to take second bronze and silver mods. I found this combat art in spells.txt there is entry for fear entry10 = {"et_chance_fear", 600, 2, 5, 5 }, Do I only need to change 600 to 0? Or all to 0?
  8. Hello;) As stated in the topic there are 13 skill slots in Addendum and I would like to ask for Your opinions about best selection for this class. It is a fire build btw and in Addendum You can have all 6 mods for each Combat Art. 1 Arrant Pyromancer Lore 2 Arrant Pyromancer Focus 3 Delphic Arcania Lore 4 Delphic Arcania Focus 5 Concentration 6 Spellcraft Lore 7 Combat Discipline 8 Armor 9 Constitution 10 Toughness 11 Combat Reflexes 12 Spellwarding 13 Damnification Lore I think those skills cover it all. There is ton of damage, status effects, DOT, regen, hp, hp regen, reflect damage, more crit for you less for foes, armor, resistances, evasion... You name it... But there is no weapon or shield skills and most important no Bargaining and Blacksmith. I wish there was 1 more slot at least for Bargaining ;(
  9. I just checked and it turns out you were right ;) But what now? How to prevent it? I don't want to constantly check quest rewards when turning in. There is just plain to much quests active at the same time to micromanage that. But kudos to You for figuring it out nonetheless
  10. It's all fresh installation on a system that newer saw this game and new character. Currently level 13 saw and done quite a few quest with skill/attribute rewards and newer get any. Most of the time I had some attribute points to spend but just now I tried doing some quest when I spent everything before completing the quest and result is the same. No bonuses for me ;( Edit: I noticed that rings and amulets are often empty without any bonuses. Maybe my installation got wrecked by antivirus or something. I will try to reinstall using GME.
  11. I am playing High Elf on single player silver and for some reason I don't get skill and attribute points rewards from quests that offer such rewards. Am I missing something?
  12. Hello everybody ;) Long time no see... Quick question. I see some updates were made. Installation instructions still say "on top of stock CM 1.60" but few pages back someone asked about installation and get answered that stock CM is not needed. Could someone clarify do I still need to install Base Game (from GOG) + CM 1.60 + Addendum?. And at what point should I install texture pack? On stock game or after patch or after Addendum? As always fantastic work and Many Thanks to Creator and all People Involved in keeping this Fantastic Work Of Art Game alive. Edit: Is 20 skill mod from extra folder up to date and safe to use?
  13. Cool ;) Please don't forget about little extra cheat options like 20 skills and 6 CA mods. They are great BTW Is it normal that Delphic Arcania Lore doesn't give modification points? Only focus does.
  14. There is new beta version of Addendum? Where? I downloaded mine from the first post in topic. Didn't saw anything about beta release.
  15. Quick question. Will Patch Addendum work with polish language versions?
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