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  1. Cool ;) Please don't forget about little extra cheat options like 20 skills and 6 CA mods. They are great BTW Is it normal that Delphic Arcania Lore doesn't give modification points? Only focus does.
  2. There is new beta version of Addendum? Where? I downloaded mine from the first post in topic. Didn't saw anything about beta release.
  3. Quick question. Will Patch Addendum work with polish language versions?
  4. Quick question. With Extra mod enabled I can get 6 mods per CA can I also get more then 15 CA mod points per aspect ?
  5. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar Time for some super utility jack of all traders high elf pyro goddess
  6. Thank You kindly No worries about skill gain. I assume that Sacred 2 character editor will work without issues witch Extra mod? If not there is always Cheat Engine. As for additional skill slots there is no easy way for me to edit at what level I will gain them? BTW at what levels I will gain them by default?
  7. First about installation. I just need to throw it all to the Sacred 2 directory first main part and then hotfix. Then if I want to use extra features I just need to take files from Extra folder and put them in Sacred 2 directory yes? Second question is about additional skills and CA number from extra mod part. Does it affect all characters or only Shadow Warrior and Inquisitor? Third. Can I install only additional skills and CA number part of extra mod without Shadow Warrior and Inquisitor reworking? If yes then which files I need to copy? Fourth. How can I modify some files
  8. It seems like very good build for establishing several shopping characters. TG can use Ancient Magic after patch so something has to go... I would say Combat reflexes? By the way is one blacksmith character enough (highest level shopper + blacksmith skill) or do I need several spread across levels like shoppers?
  9. That cleared my mind. I am not native English user so some more technical explanations can be confusing for me. I seems I missed wiki pros and cons part "The flat fire damage portion of Blazing Tempest can trigger the Burning secondary effect, which will cause extra fire DoT on top of the built-in DoT." If I understand correctly only one instance of burning can be present on enemy but DOT from Blazing Tempest should stack with itself?
  10. Hello below is my build of pyro elf along with few questions for community. I would like to hear Your opinion on different aspects of this build. I last played this game amost 10 years ago... even write basic guide for HE back then when game was really messy... I am no tester/ theory crafter my knowledge is very basic I just gathered info from few guides together. Expert Touch Enabled Attributes: I don't really know. I was thinking like first 20 - Vitality rest equally in Intelligence and Spell Intensity? Skills (random order for now) Arrant Pyromancer
  11. Hello I came back to Sacred 2 after 10 years an I am currently at theory crafting for my High elf pyro build. I wanted to ask how does Incandescent skin mod Inferno works? Does it stacks with itself? Does Blazing tempest stack with itself? And do they both stack together? I don't know if it is better then burning projectiles if you can set enemy ablaze by Blazing tempest instead.
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