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  1. To kill the bosses again, you need to leave the game then start a new one. Remember to create a "free play" game.
  2. It will be possible to turn that feature on and off warning: german post @viper : what he said
  3. Let me state this first: I never was any good at german , thus this is guesswork... However: The quote you pulled was concerning the old system I.e. what we have now. As it is now, you have to rely on the other aspects (or a crazy-ass regen time, and/or yellow pots ) while your Combat Arts aspect regenerates.
  4. Here's an attempt to make the quoted text a bit more readable: Sacred 2: Ice & Blood New Character: The Dragon Mage: The 3 aspects: Dragon magic (offensive) Dragon impact: calls for a Lindwurm (a mythological sea dragon), which drops a fire bomb. Berserker form: Transforms you into a “Lizard man”. The more opponents killed the longer the spell will last Elemental magic This aspect can summon various (?) earth and air monsters. Magic Wall: Conjures a wall which protects against opponents. Mentalist Energy fire: Lightning flame. : slows down opponent. The Dragon mage can play both the shadow and the light campaign. This decision does not change the course of the campaign. The new areas Blood forest: Dark-red forest area (or content) Crystal plane: Blue area The two areas are not included in the main quest, but plays a role in the next story (or: side-quests): At the hunting ground of the Seraphim there should be a crystal phoenix to deal with (not sure if this means boss monster, or quest giver) Prerequisite for entering the area: Be level 5 or higher, and speak with a quest giver (client is the literal translation) in the Highelven capital. You decide in what order the areas are done in. There should be approximately 20 side-quests available in each area and also bosses (e.g. the demon Ashibai in the blood forest). Innovations Finally, magic staffs (looks like it's the skill, not the weapon group) gives a bonus: like in “Titan Quest” they will shot magic projectiles. Hair-style and hair color can be changed in the character creation. An alternative combat system will exist: “If you use a Combat Art, normally all combat arts from the same aspect will reload, you must on another evade (I really can't make any sense of the german text, but I would assume that the meaning is than one have to rely on the other aspects). With the alternative model the regeneration of the origin aspect completesfaster, but the other aspects regenerates for a very long time. This means that you can specialize more easily in a single aspect. Combos can now contain up to five Combat Arts” New, particularly powerful "legendary" weapons. Either the Epics will be improved or it's new legendaries since “legendary” is emphasized. New riding animals: Unicorns, flame horses. The carrier Imp now given to everyone. Now, that's the “short” summary. Whoever wants to read the entire preview should buy the magazine. The existing pictures are interesting as well. Greeting, Shatro. Hope that makes a bit more sense Thank you's to translate.google.com and my various teachers whom, if dead, would be rolling in their graves
  5. Aye, but I ment the bargaining quest reward boost. From my experiences bargaining boosts that, even when not mastered on pc (please correct me if wrong - that would free up some skillpoints )
  6. the DRM system used for the boxed version can be a nuisance. I.e. you can only install (read: activate) Sacred 2 on two pc's without uninstalling it, and upgrading BIOS or reinstalling windows makes you loose an activation if you forgot to uninstall Sacred 2 beforehand. (You actually don't have to do a full uninstall, just download the license revoker and run that). But you might be able to find sacred 2 a lot cheaper at retail or in a webshop than buying it from steam.
  7. IMHO a sacred2 expansion made avaliable on psn / xbla would make a lot of sense. I wager that a sacred expansion wouldn't take up more size than the oblivion expansion which was released on xbla (even though ms are notorious for their size limits) Almost forgot: Sacred 2 expansion? OH YEAH!
  8. Woah Are you sure about that? The quest givers are right by those two... sure you didn't miss them? gogo I'm positive. Also, bargaining doesn't give out loads of set items, and set items in general seems very rare. The console version being older than 2.40 makes sense to me. Just to test it myself, what mini bosses were added in 2.40? - I want to go see if they're there on console.
  9. I found the Lumen quest in human lands, and noticed that while its quick and easy, it's still rated 3 stars, making it quite good to include in quest runs for people with high bargaining. Trouble is: Most of my characters use Testa as deity, so I was wondering if anyone knew the location(s?) of any testa quest(s?) ?
  10. Neither the christmas nor the easter quests can be found in the xbox version. I would assume it's the same for the ps3. Also from my experience the quests for killing the griffin and the boar are missing as well
  11. Just killed the griffin on pc with a 35 BFG seraphim, bronze ofc . It was level 4, had 1650hp, 14 dam, 59 armor.
  12. Yes, playing the xbox version. After more boss killing mayhem it seems like the drop chance for me is 1/4... Also I'm pretty sure that the griffin have droped sets for me, despite being level 4 (though it might be an error in the overview that it's listed as level 4). Will do more testing on griffin EDIT: Just got a level 20 set item from the griffin, It's still showing up as level 4 though. For a comparison it's listed as having ~1600hp. How much hp does "your griffins" have?
  13. griffin: level 4, one shotted with AF on all occasions except an experiment to see if the loot was better when two shotting. boar: level 17, 2-3 shotted. Killed griffin & boar two more times each, got one set piece, no uniques. (same bosses as I killed before) Also: The quest for those two mini-bosses weren't there in free play mode...
  14. Doesn't seem to be that effective on the xbox version... As level 37, ~30% survival bonus, 10 hard points in ep (13 total) and ~30% MF. Did 4 runs (8 bosses killed) and got only 2 set pieces and no uniques. It seems that set pieces generally are rarer on the console version, though I might be awfully wrong.
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