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  1. hello everyone, ogame is going through some changes, and one of the biggest change is that they decided to merge unis. it was talked about it for few last years, but finally its gonna happen pretty soon (sometime in March). so, there is a question - do we want to keep DARK as independent alliance or we should let DARK go, and have alliance in the memory as one of the best I got some offers to merge or to join some other alliances (Others and Solid). Yaga would follow me, butI dont know about few other guys from the alliance
  2. As Knuckles said, if you are going to meet some people at the plant and going through medical check up, you have pretty good chances - companies just don't waste their time and money (in US some companies would reimburse your expenses in most cases) to invite lots of candidates for the position. anyway - good luck
  3. So, what's the update on that position you applied?
  4. as I remember from my last interview some time ago they might ask some specific questions about job you are applying for: how you would deal with certain problems (if you had any examples from your present job and how you dealt with them), did you had any personal problems (or job related problems) with coworkers and how you managed them, what you can bring to the company, whats your goals for the future (like where do you see yourself in 3-5 years), if it's managerial position - how do you motivate people. another tricky question - some time they ask to tell something about yourself (you coul
  5. in US it's distributed by our company - will ask about Canadian distribution
  6. recently I tried Coole Swan Irish cream liqueur - much better then Baileys, but not sure how it compares to Carolan's (dont remember trying it) as for price - it depends on alcohol content - in most countries taxes are based on alcohol content. also it (price) depends on what kind of alcohol is used. not sure about other countries, but in US there are some tax brakes for different alcohols (rum, vodka, wine etc.). in most cases big multinational well known brands are charging more because of brand recognition, and all new brands need to compete with well established brands and easiest w
  7. thanks guys @gogo - that bottle sure looks good, but I will try some bourbon this time (23years old mixed with 6 years old)
  8. google emergency ogame login - one of them was/is working
  9. at first , then , and then for breakfast happy b-day
  10. thanks guys was busy all day - now its time for whisky
  11. build few hundred rips and you should be ok
  12. enjoy your semi retirement Rik - its good not to worry about fleets for awhile have fun in RL
  13. mead is tricky thing to make - because of high sugars and antibacterial honey properties its hard to ferment it - tried once long time ago - didnt like it too much - was too sweet and low on alcohol. also its good to add some spices to mead when you doing it, and you need to add yeasts to start fermentation. didnt make any beers - dont like it too much for no reason at all. wine probably easiest thing to make - just need some time and equipment, juice, etc. making it for almost 20 years. biggest amount what I made in my kitchen was around 300 liters - lasted just for few months for so
  14. well, I like nuking, but this time wont help pawnz (would help anessty and inc) - still didnt forget how few darkies were hofed by accident and farmed by accident talked to cant crash whatever last few days - looks that pawnz was planing to nuke him firts, just he didnt waited for that and started first
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