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  1. According to other info and my experiences past level 14 with this build (up to level 30 as of writing this post), Replenish on Grand Invigoration, Mystic Stormite Expertise on Crystal Skin are not necessary, since you'll get even without any uberdrops or bargaining enough reduction to both deal great damage and spam your skills, simply by socketing runes (even better if you have a shopper or non-shopper toon with access to gold for gold runes) as a socketed rune increases CA level and with half the regen penalty. Later in the game the extra %damage and %life regen will fill in important
  2. Funny, if you are an utility TG you can do way better than a silver blacksmith, if I've read my tooltips right. The text is way too small and the decimals can be hard to find sometimes though.
  3. Another thing is if you need set items, repeating the quest "Good Address" can give a few every now and then. It's easily replayable in free mode in a multiplayer game, especially with the community patch that lets you port to thylisium docks. There just clear out some ship thieves and bam, random blues or sets.
  4. Not on the wayback machine, sadly. Some forum software make it hard to crawl and archive them.
  5. Glad to see this nice model is still saved. It'd have been a shame to lose it because Ascaron's forums went down and eaten by domainsquatters
  6. Ugh, happened to me too, lost a few runes this way. Actually, I couldnt even count it since my UI is too small for it.
  7. Oh, Multishot, then a combo of penetrating arrows to the dragons. I'm still getting the feels from remembering that. And grats on the tentacle-bolt build, the results do speak for themselves. I'm looking at proven builds since I restarted: The battlemage I start is a proven skill allocation, same with the wood elf. However with that I discovered that even using "off-spec" CAs can be worth it, such as Thornbrush, until the bow comes into it's own, so there must be a way for other characters to overcome the early day struggle. Oh, and I just came across your grave, gogo, in the CM patc
  8. Thanks. This reminds me how I'd rush from porto vallum through the desert into the orc town with my wood elf+battlemage for faster leveling. At that point my skills took over, and I read enough runes in multishot/gust of wind to stay safe and the high level orcs and skeletons were pieces of cake and filled with XP. I just started a few more chars. An ice HE in sacred 2, and a wood elf in Sacrd Gold. The trick with the early low level of to-hit chance was to use Thornbrush and Spider Arrow regularly. Similarly the daemoness can use the choir to deal with early foes. Now I'm wondering
  9. Yes it is unique. Looks like diablo, a world like ultima 7, humor and references in a very pleasant style, and of course the leveling and combat arts. Aka rune eating. How do you start out with your demoness? I tried in bronze but got eaten or almost eaten so quickly and out of potions in moments.
  10. Thanks, you two. This place is a goldmine of information, and it is refreshing to read how some players make unorthodox builds work up to "hell difficulty" (niobium). It helps me open up to experimentation rather than following a strict build path and feeling locked, like in other, more mainstream games. I started a semi-utility temple guardian for now, focusing on dedicated stone throws and smithing. the patch works like a charm on the gog version, and Avast didnt throw me a hissy fit either so things should be fine. For bargainers I'll probably use the character editor and unlock
  11. Hey everyone. I'm Imre, a long time ARPG player who dabbled in sacred 1 and 2 during the last decade, mostly in 2006 for the first game, (until we lost the disc when my father left his backpack on the train.) and 2012 for the second. I enjoyed the battle mage, the wood elf for the first one, and the High Elf for the second. Recently I shelled out the price for them again, so I can enjoy them with their add-on/expansion unlocked (and right now, the prices on gog are pretty reasonable for the comfort and the expansion content combined, especially in this day and age. Before I went
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