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  1. Dobri, remembered when I wondered how the PvP character of my daughter would approach your serafim? Life leech from magic coup? The AddOn has a quest, which spawns 8-10 demon-eye like creatures. They behave like the small blue balls in the dryad island (can't remember the english name at the moment). But their damage looks like x% life leech combat art. The Character of my daughter nearly died at them, they fired a salvo of 6 and only 5 of the salvo were blocked by expulse magic or reflected by crystal skin. The one which passed this defense got unhindered all the way to the hit points, because there is no mitigation for this damage type, no resistances, ..... Well, at least I have found no new modifier giving stuff like this in the new items. So everyone who wants to bring a character into the Addon should know that the mitigation approach has one big weakness. I started a mitigation dragon mage without constitution and I have not enough time to restart him, now with the new knowledge. Luckily I modified one Buff for CA-blocking. I hope that I can do the area at high levels with the buff and reflect/block-ca socketed and willpower from the companion. I think the chest carrying imp will now be really used, to equip the character fitting for the challenges of the next area.
  2. A bit playing around with my melee elf, 5 minutes, absolute no time these months: There are new weapon modifiers: direct damage. And I wonder if this modifier brings the balance between tougher opponents and less melee damage.
  3. If an enemy strikes at you: You try to reflect it, block it, evade it, defend it. If you are hit damage mitigation jumps in, then resistances and what is left reaches your hitpoints. As an Ice Elf you don't have reflect, but you don't have block from shield lore too, and that are 2 big holes in your first defense line. If you don't have already started I can give you a link to the build my daughter used to test out several combat arts of the elf, it is a full ice elf, and can be played melee style if you optimize your equipment for it. For melee style she can use fire skin and in hybrid playstyle fire skin and ice spells or each variant. She calls the character : The Shield maiden, a valkyrie from the land of fire and ice. Read post 9 for the shield maiden. The idea was to use a single character to combine a lot of variants. There are several reasons that a melee elf doesn't really need a weapon skill: attack speed for magic coup is arcane lore hit chance you get from bronce modifier and magic coup has a build in hit chance, which comes to work the better you are in magic coup double hit from weapon skill mastery don't work for magic coup too high level in a weapon only reduces attack speed, which is not needed for MC, see above there are nearly none modifiers on weapons you need to be unlocked for magic coup, most unique weapons have all unlocked Tactics lore adds nothing to the damage of magic coup, it is just for left clicks. So if you want to play melee elf with the build, just socket some runes with 'enemy can't evade' or stuff like this to raise your hit chance. She never died with the character and is level 140+ now. Since she is only near 11 and was choosing english only as her 3rd language, I doubt that she will be able to write a full guide in near future (2 weeks english now, just started after summerbreaks). We play the PC-versions with no experience from consoles. So feel free to do a mix of your idea, her idea and your experience with consoles and transform it into something useful as a guide for console players. There are too much differences now between the console and the AddOn for PC(It's out here in germany). So I dare to give advices nowadays for game variants I do not play myself. Main Differences for melee elves: Console has still the high reflected melee damage from PC 2.34/2.40 Console has not the stronger monsters in PC 2.64 Console has not yet staves which can shoot (PC 2.64) with left clicks ( sadly no shooting with magic coup) Alchemy which I use for my own Melee-elves is ugly to use on consoles Consoles have more room for orbs and more hotkeys, PC has only 4 (AddOn 5) .... So a guide for consoles would be really nice, the difference sadly became bigger and bigger.
  4. Seeing Chrona's Elementalist Video, considering my daughter's wish to play a character which uses a horse, I wondered if riding would be a nice addon to Chrona's character. For Elementalist playstyle is needed: Elementalist lore and focus, ancient magic For horse-ca playstyle is needed: riding, ancient magic For buff defense is needed: concentration, elementalist focus, mentalist focus, dragon focus To unlock riding: alchemy Killing ability, which can't be blocked by block/reflect-CA alchemy That are 8 skills, 2 left for protection. With better healing because of alchemy, hitpoints from the dragon buff, constitution might not really be necessary. Armour lore is a must have. Seeing that the dragon mage can use a shield (ice-unique with mitigatiion), has set items with multichannel damage mitigation and 2 buffs to give physical and fire mitigation, I will give toughness a try. This sums up to: 2 elementalist lore 3 armour lore 5 elementalist focus 8 dragon focus 12 concentration 18 mentalist focus 25 alchemy 35 riding 50 toughness 65 ancient magic Starting with whirlwind for long lasting damage in early game. Getting the dragon companion for intelligence and hitpoints. Add protection runes as 2nd buff, build up destroyers. Alchemy to have riding, to lower regeneration times of a elementalist special horse down to near zero penalty or even a bonus. Toughness may be more important than ancient magic around level 50. Ancient magic to break immunities in the higher difficulties. Alchemy will allow left click attacks with life leech shurikens against bosses. There is nothing a transformed dragon mage can do: except using his dragon/berzerk Combat Arts and ALCHEMY! So the 75 points for dragon focus mastery will be used to modify the companion and the 2 transformations. The transformations gain nothing from the lore and so we don't have wasted Combat Arts here. The mentalist tree will give protection runes and combat trance. I am not sure what to take as number 3. I hope this build combines: horse, elementalist and transformation to have some variety in playstyle. Sadly we lack the time to play high specialized characters, so we try to test a lot of stuff inone build. The build idea above was done before seeing the videos, because long lasting Whirlwinds are more or less the only way to raise the damage of a horse-rider. So only 50 and 65 are still open and ancient magic is a must have. Feedback is welcome, because I lack the time to play more than 20-30 minutes a day for next months. So if you know of sever problems this build will suffer from, please tell them before too much time is wasted. Lot of time to read and post and think, but none to play.
  5. I get multiple reports that Combat Arts in the AddOn are modulo 200 now. So 201 runes count as only 1. I haven't noticed this yesterday at playing, but perhaps I was close to 199mod200 with GI-Buff for my elf - have to check it out when I am back from work. seraphim and Inqui got Ancient magic, the Dryad staff lore in addition to their acute mind. If you look at hybrid builds: seraphim has 29 Skills to choose from, and tactic lore is a dual purpose for left and right clicks and helps to modify. An Elf has 26 and no dual purpose skill and now lower +allSkills, less melee damage, stronger monsters. The funny thing now is: The character which has a staff in her hands in all the pictures has the least use of a staff for fighting. No int-boosting buff or CA like dragon mage and dryad, no dual purpose tactic lore to modify the weapon combat arts and staff shooting doesn't work magic coup. And an elf will probably not spend 2 skills for staff shooting left clicks to do decent damage: tactic lore and staff lore. The pre AddOn reason to don't use a weapon skill on magic coup elves is still valid: All you need a weapon skill for is to get a tiny hit chance and to unlock weapon modifiers. The staff shooting is useless for magic coup, so the old 2.43 saying is still valid. It seems the AddOn made TG and melee-elves a lot harder to play now.
  6. I can try riding with special mounts when I am home from work. I tried a horse riding dragon mage with whirlwinds. Riding is right so I used alchemy to unlock it. With alchemy I got boss kill abilities this way too: x% life leech shuriken with attack value and attack speed from trophies. I hope to reduce reg-penalty with riding mastery and having the elemantalist special mount so that they turn into a bonus, specialized in one aspect. After noticing that transforming into a dragon stops all effects, even active whirlwinds, and horse-ca#s still untouched, the dragon mage has at least a mount which looks a bit like a horse. So my daughter decided to give a mounted dragon rider a try. Alchemy, riding elemental lore/focus, dragon focus, mentalist focus, ancient magic, concentration armour, toughness Idea: fire and physical mitigation from buffs, together with toughness and equip, Protection rune to stun nearby enemies. The idea is to defend with buffs and speed.
  7. Staff, staff lore and melee/ranged CA: If you have staff lore and use Magic Coup, it will not use the staff for shooting, it's only melee. Not tried with other classes yet, so shooting with staves might be only left clicks. You can modify hairstyle, haircolour for females and skin-colour for all now. The experience of my daughters: Hairstyle and colour are saved, skin-colour only for the dragon mage. So sadly no blackblue drow elf with white hair playing the dark-campaign with staves.(Was the character to test staff lore and magic coup) If a dragon mage transforms it seems to turn into a new character and all from the old vanishes: Whirlwinds, eternal fire, alchemy effects, .... The Unicorn and Flame Horse are war-horses with just new looks. The horse-Combat Arts were untouched so they behave as in Patch 2.43. All three buff's of the dragon mage are useful, so a multiaspect is playable. No need for high specialisation. Some quick bargaining done, and even it is way lower now I still seem to get as much useful stuff as before. So the shops are adapted to the fact that you get less +allSkills stuff now. At least it seems so. It seems most characters got new skills (mainly staff and ancient magic), but not the elf. She is still the class with the fewest skills to choose from and for the melee elves melee damage is now reduced too while enemy do more damage. My melee elf was luckily all vitality, shield lore and fire skin reflect and fire mitigation to 80% so I have a few areas to hunt still till I know what beasts I have to fear.
  8. PC PC with AddOn Console There are 3 variants of the game now. So please, not only you, everyone, including myself, should put the variant into their questions. I have to get used to it too. Many people hesitate to answer, because a good advice for one version can be a bad one in another. In PC and Console arcane lore would be a good choose: You can modify all your arcane combat arts, have a better Life Regeneration with your Buff..... In PC with AddOn Nobody has much experience. The Enemies are way tougher and have more hitpoints in niob. So the tactic preferred from many ice-elves: 'Defense? I kill before they reach me!' it not really valid anymore. +allSkill equipment is reduced and so you have to put way more hardpoints into skills you need. Arcane Lore is not wrong here, but maybe inferno focus to have a reflecting fireskin may be an option. You reduce your damage a bit, for better defense in melee range. But I have only 12 hours in the AddOn, and most of them trying the new dragon mage. My old alchemy using melee elf survived the new areas in the addon in niob. She is using fireskin with a high reflect rate together with a shield to block with nearly 85%. EP seems to give magic find in the AddOn now. But you have to survive to find stuff.
  9. Changes in the AddOn: Dryads can now get staff lore. You can now shoot with staves at distant targets if you have staff lore. Dual-wielding and staff lore together and wielding 2 staves is however only one shoot and not 2 per click. Staff and shield is now a nice option for more defense.
  10. Tried before doing homework with kids: Whirlwinds vanish if a dragon mage transforms. Too bad, was a nice idea. A dryad with dual wield and two staves with staff lore (new in AddOn, dryads get staff lore) shoots only once, if she clicks at a distant target, there goes another good idea.
  11. Well the difference between a dragon mage and a battle mage is that the high elf is the battle mage. The dragon mage has not a single combat art for melee combat. Closest to melee combat is dragon berserker form, but then this is same for everyone. Alls what is effecting berserkerform is dragon magic focus, no equipment, weapons, attributes.... count. And people playing the berserker say that he becomes weak very quickly. When I am home from work (3 more hours) I will try our horse dragon mage as a berserker. The idea of the horse mage was to have long lasting whirlwinds while on the horse. So I wonder if doing a whirlwind and then transforming will add some more combat power. Someone in the german forum said that reducing +allSkills, deathblow, making the opponents tougher, bosses having more hitpoints,... killed all the fun builds and only serious builds will survive. I hope to prove the opposite. I will start a character which combines berserk and whirlwind. What is a bit sad: You can choose hair colour and hairstyle for female characters in the AddOn, but it is not saved somehow.
  12. I am currently at work for 7 more hours. And I had a stupid idea. We tried a horse using Dragon Mage with whirlwinds following it. But knowing that the dragon forms don't allow you to use buffs or normal Combat Arts that is quite the same as with horses. So a possible build idea could be: Storm Dragon Do whirlwind modified for radius and duration and transform into a dragon while whirlwinds are active. It will be a multiaspect Character, so even if the idea fails it will still hold a lot of possibilities: elementalist lore - whirlwind for radius and duration (it should last while we are a dragon) armour elementalist focus dragon focus - the familiar buff for more intelligence while we fight on feet with whirlwinds, more damage for staff melee too in early levels concentration - for familiar and protection rune buff mentalist focus - protection rune buff ,bronce on stun because I hope for working mitigation later on, arrow and ca block mentalist lore ancient magic toughness ? -- constitution if the mitigation idea fails- alchemy, bargaining (well for people who know that it works and can choose it way earlier) or dragon magic lore are options I consider. No shield lore, useless in dragon form. Can't decide on gold mod for whirlwind. Is disarm working, will enemies loose their weapons so you can pick them up?
  13. The new(or very old) CA system: If you do a CA it regenerates faster, but you have to regenerate in all 3 aspects. In combinations I use one high power CA in main aspect and some low power ones in others aspects. Combination regeneration time is from the longest CA. The dragon mage plays like a mix of diablo2 druids and sacred1 wind mages, transforming in a dragon (not bear or werewolf) and have whirlwinds around you, as one possibility. +allSkills jewelry was tuned down, so getting high bargaining is way harder now. There are now play-tips at the start of the game, one of them read: The sortiment at shops will be better if you did a lot of quests in their surroundings. So one future plan is to find shops with lot of quests around them and compare the sortiment with a shop where I didn't a single quest. Perhaps that is the reason why I found laser sword mainly in the elven capital when I play campaign. Played only our family dragon mage: Equus N'Draco (horse no dragon), because we wanted to try out if a dragon mage has use for normal horses. 2 elementalist-lore 3 armour 5 elementalist-focus 8 mentalist-focus 12 alchemy 18 riding The idea is to use long lasting whirlwinds(modified for radius and duration) and combat trance and mount the horse to keep distance while whirlwinds do their work. If the (buggy) horse ca are charged up you can either kill a second group with charge or lead enemies to your whirlwind and then do a charge to keep them stunned near the whirlwind. Horse-Combat Arts are untouched in the AddOn, still way too long regeneration times. The Flame-Horse and the Unicorn are war-horses, just with another look. First tests didn't show any modifiers on them war-horses couldn't get too. But is a long way till riding mastery, so I am not knowing now what offers I will get at the horse shop with mastery. Our experience with this character: Whirlwind is nice in beginning. You can have its regenerationtime as short as its duration very quickly. So a start with whirlwind supported melee on first levels is quite easy. The second started character is a multi-aspect dragon mage for a first testing. The dragon mage seems to be able to get 100% physical damage mitigation later on. One of its set piece has multichannel mitigation, he can get toughness and one gold-mod gives physical mitigation for a buff. So my test character won't do physical protection on the protection rune buff.
  14. Since my daughters wanted to play characters using a horse, we tried out the new ones. There was no change on horse-Combat Arts in the addon. The Flame Horse and the Unicorn are just different looking war horses. So the horse Combat Arts are still way too long. The horse dryad (see the dryad guide section) is now using a unicorn-warhorse with block-ca ability. Currently testing a possible horse build: Doing long lasting whirlwind(s) and do a charge into a group to keep the group together with its stun. Whirlwind can then catch up and do its work. Only level 23 by now. Spend most of weekend with real life horse sport: Our sport for the whole family The horse breed we are using So living on country side and grewing up with horses my daughters have the wish to have useful horses as in sacred1.
  15. Yes, I never had english at school so I have not that big vocabulary. When you ride a war horse and move your mouse on the charge combat art: you see something like 8 seconds. Then you do the charge and stop the time it really takes: more than half a minutes. Later you should have 2 seconds regeneration times, which would make the character playable as horse-ca character, but its still several times higher than shown. You gave up on buffs and your normal combat arts when riding a horse, so at least the combat arts of the horse should regenerate quicker than god powers (having the god skill).
  16. Anyone managed to bring the actual used horse-ca regeneration times down to the ones which are shown when you look at them? Seeing 8 seconds regeneration time and waiting a feeled minute is kinda preventing everyone to try a rider who uses the horse-Combat Arts.
  17. Alchemy: Mentors lasting several minutes. The cave Dobri mentioned is enough to get my supply of mentors and trollteeth for higher attack value, experience and items. I replaced all my sockets I filled to increase hit chance with experience ones if I hunt just in the cave. Enough trollteeth and mentors to level quickly. My melee elf has bargaining, alchemy and perception, but no weapon lore. If you have too much time to think at work, but can't play: Think of the most craziest characters and how to make them playable. I don't want to waste my time with characters others played already. But it becomes harder and harder to create unique characters. Weapon less Kungfu Dryads, Horse soldiers, melee elves without a weapon skill, a dryad who will have every 15 combat arts fully modified and reached level 141 hardcore now, .... But in 9 month playing sacred I had only time to test elves and dryads by now. Half a year per character class and 1-2 AddOns should fill the gap till sacred3.
  18. The beginning - first thoughts about a horse rider In sacred1 our oldest daughter liked to play characters riding a horse. Now she and our second daughter hoped to play horse characters in sacred2 too. But sadly: You can't use combat arts or buffs on a horse. So nearly everyone who tried a horse-character had the same thoughts: melee combat with the only weapon which allows some area damage: polearms. I had a little challenge with friends to do a horse-soldier lan party half a year ago, because we didn't want overpowered solo-characters when we planed party-play. So I was running some tests with characters I had already to see what would affect horse combat arts: Ancient Magic, Intelligence, Combat Discipline, Concentration and most important Riding. I said okay, horse combat arts are spells, if I want the most out of them I should add riding to a character which is designed as a caster, my choose was the dryad. There are only 3 classes with ancient magic and the dryad was the best compromise between defense and good intelligence. She played nice, but I noticed the way too long regeneration times horse-Combat Arts have. They are about 4-6 times longer than listed. So I left the character on the harddisc, mainly as a testbed if I would get some new ideas. While playing around with my mainly alchemy builds I designed an all aspect dryad which I planed for testing all possible dryad guides, or at least most of them. So for example I boosted the attack value and attack speed of a single staff with alchemy and used acute mind to boost its damage. Just like the dualwield-int-staff-build from viper, but only one staff, but with a shield. I had to sacrifice some defensive stuff for multi-aspect, so I wanted at least a shield. And sure as hell, I tried a horse with this build too, no riding skill, but I was able to kill a whole group with a single charge in gold: Unmount, turn on Acute Mind, mount and charge into the group. While Acute Mind still up, I used my still int-boosted staff to kill some stranglers. I showed it to my daughter, and she started a Pferdeflüsterin (german for female horse whisperer). The character got the name because unmount, acute mind, mount looked like speaking with the horse. But because of the extreme long regeneration times none of our family liked to play the character more than an hour. It was just not enough fun. It was okay for 15-20 minutes, but the idea had the weakness that you had 30 seconds of nothing everytime you killed a group, while waiting for the horse-ca to regenerate. So today, while posting in a thread about my all aspect dryad in the german forum I got an idea: Why not use long lasting combat arts in the time the horse-Combat Arts regenerate. Designing the character Skills We start with the skills a horse-ca using dryad should have: Riding, Ancient Magic Since we have traders and a smith in our family character pool, we will use alchemy to unlock riding. From my melee-elf I know that I can kill a boss with alchemy and a life leech shuriken alone. So we are at 3 skills now. Now add some defense. The character will have no buffs while on the horse and she has to unmount to turn on acute mind. So she will be fragile as soon as she unmounts for a while. So first after unmounting will be creating a dust devil. We will modify if for shorter cooldown, lasting longer and doing damage. To modify it and to more damage with it while shortening its regeneration time we need tactic lore and hunter focus. Both skills are also needed to do weapon damage. So we are at 5 skills now. We want acute mind to boost our damage for horse-ca, dust devil and the staff. Also we have to use barkskin if fighting indoors. So nature focus will be our 6th skill and nature lore our 7th because it helps boosting our intelligence. We need some defense, with dust evil already doing evasion and considering shield lore to be better than reflexes anyway:shield lore will be our 8th and armour lore our 9th skill. That leaves 1 skill: concentration, constitution, reflexes, ... I will take none of them. I will do voodoo focus. So this results in 2 tactics, 3 alchemy, 5 hunter, 8 shield, 12 riding, 18 armour, 25 nature focus, 35 ancient magic, 50 voodoo focus and 65 nature lore. Attributes Every point will be put into vitality, till I know that the character is robust. There is no need for an attribute to boost weapon damage, since we use an int-based staff. Acute mind will give enough intelligence for all our needs. Stamina would be an option, but devil has a cool down and horse-Combat Arts regeneration times are bugged anyway. What is not covered? Enemies doing magic attacks. I hope that horses with block combat arts scaling with riding will solve this. The playstyle we unmount while our horse-ca regenerates we build a fortified camp: dust-devil and 2-3 totems we turn on acute mind we mount we charge the closest group while acute mind is up we do a half-circle gathering some enemies and lead them into our fort we unmount we do acute mind to kill them with our now again boosted stationary weapons we mount we search a place for our next fort ... repeat So far the idea. We use the regeneration time of the horse-Combat Arts to kill with long lasting Combat Arts. May even try to spread disease quicker when riding. The combat arts: We will have enough points to modify all nature and hunter combat arts. Voodoo focus will be brought to 75 for its mastery. This allows us to modify 3 voodoo arts. My choose would be Totem, Black Curse and Viperish Disease. How to charge: Charge builds a small aura in front of the horse. While charge is active (my record is 14 seconds) it will damage and stun an opponent. The aura vanishes if you fail to find free terrain to continue charging. So the trick is to use the keys and not the mouse. With the 'W' for forward and 'S' for backwards keys it is way easier to keep on charging. Hard to describe, you have to try it out. At fixed camera: Bring the enemies on north-position of the screen. Aim for a point above them. Short before reaching the point press the backwards key, if you are south of the group, press forwards again. You can do 4-5 runs through a big group this way. Somehow each target can only be hit once while charge is active. But with acute mind on most are one-hits anyway. At turning camera: Pressing backwards will make you charging in a circle, because the camera tried to follow the backwards movement. My daughter managed to use this, but with my bad eye I prefer the fixed camera. Final Words The character will be played by my daughters. The purpose of this build is: To make horses useful, but not frustrating. It should be able to kill with different combat arts. For example doing nature indoors while hunting/voodoo/riding outside. So they can discuss with their friends/classmates about dryads but won't have to try out each build for dryads on their own. So if you exspected a thread about a powerful uber-character: sorry, this character is mainly for fun. At least I think so. But my just for fun melee-elf without a weapon skill is hardcore 162 now and my just for fun all-aspect hardcore dryad us 141. And their playtime:experience ratio is not much away from special designed characters from friends.
  19. It looks like a monkey, it annoys opponents with its throwing fire fruits(balls) and makes them angry, but it rarely kills them. All this is more monkey than demon Aus dem Bauch heraus (Whats that in english? On a gut level, acting on instinct?): Combat discipline and ancient magic and trying to get the attack speed from jewelry. You have bargaining. Probably you need 5 jewels early and later 2-3 jewels for full attack speed. Cutting this away from this build discussion and starting a topic in console section about combat disciplin/attack speed and experiences to replace it with jewels might be a good idea. Because I don't want to give any bad advice and I have no experience with console playing. And the answer of this question affects other classes too. Sorry that I am not of more help.
  20. You can't use magic coup again before magic coup animation has shot the arrow and the arrow reached the target place. So yes, shooting at a high distance may result in something like 1 second or more. I prefer shurikens for several reasons: quick, still have a shield and you find x% life leech on them. Speaking of the PC-version: The statistics for last kill show the hit chance for normal left clicks, which is very close to the ones of magic coup for low levels. BUT: even unmodified magic coup has a build in hit chance too. (Confirmed by a developer in german sacred forum). So if you get better in magic coup(50+ combat art level) you get a way better hitchance than left clicks. For a hybrid build which uses spells and weapons I would modify magic coup bronze for sure hits. Damage rings will work on melee and spells, but rings for better hit chance are a waste for the spell component. So if you plan combinations, I read this as spells and melee, don't do a weapon lore at all. Magic coup will hit better and better in late game, even if you don't have a weapon lore. My Alchemy elf is currently at 40% left click hit chance and I don't see her miss normal mobs with magic coup. For a few hard to hit champions and bosses I have to use trophies. On a console I would do 2 weapon sets: Shuriken/throwing knife/sword/shield which give just enough hit chance with jewels in its sockets for the normal mobs. Do a special boss killer weapon slot: x% life leech shuriken/shield with every socket in this slot adding to your hit chance: sure hit, enemy can't evade and such. But I wonder which spells you want to use? Cobalt strile, teleport with explosion, expulse magic modified for undead hunt? All these spells do magical damage, magic coup does too. So doing ancient magic into a hybrid build is kinda a must have to break magic immunities later in game. With 75 points put in the aspect your skin is from, fire or crystal, you can modify 3 combat arts. If fire, I would vote for fire skin, fire monkey and meteor (for its defense, stun, more and longer lasting meteors). You can modify fire skin for more fire damage and the fire monkey will later five more fire damage too, so together with ancient magic you will get some nice damage which is not arcane, If crystal: crystalskin, cascading shroud and raging nimbus ? Again, ancient magic will help a bit with the damage. But getting ranged lore would eat 2 skills. Too much in my opinion if you plan a hybrid.
  21. Well for people who like to know before buying I thought my answer more for guessing why the developers made some with strength and some with dexterity.
  22. hah, you will have 500% SB in notime then. Does this mean that Gogo eats all the time? For myself I do hard with the french language and I can never decide if I am a gourmet or a gourmand or both. 12:00, time for lunch at work. Something tasty like 'Handkäs mit Musik' today because its hot and close to a thunder storm - and a glass of apple wine. I like to live in a barbaric nation and then in the most barbaric state of it, fear our cuisine.
  23. On the PC ranged is a right skill, you would need a left skill to unlock it. Its not the speed, but the lower damage with magic coup which is to be considered when using ranged weapons. weapon lore gives: attack value double hits at mastery - not for magic coup attack speed - not for magic coup weapon level - = attack speed ,see above unlock weapon modifiers - most one hand uniques have none to be unlocked I wrote a guide about a melee hardcore elf here in this section. This elf is using alchemy and not a weapon lore. I noticed that I needed a really high hit chance only against bosses. For these few fights I could use alchemy trophies, optimizing my hit chance to hit all normal mobs. But on the console: I heard that alchemy is a bit complex to use there. It is not possible to replace a potion slot with a trophy for more frequent use? Like putting trollteeth at the place green potions normally are. ? If you think that you will be able to use trophies without too much finger acrobatic and if you really want to play ranged: You have already bargaining, so adding alchemy would not mean an extra skill to unlock it. Just a thought. I like my melee elf which has alchemy but no weapon skill a lot: total freedom in which weapon I use for fighting, be it ranged, staves, swords, ... But since I have no console I don't really know how alchemy is be used on them.
  24. I played my first polearm character -a lancer elf- in sacred2 as soon as I had some time and bought the game in decembre 2008. I played hunter seeker spear serafim in sacred1 and a Jabazon in diablo2 when everybody sayed that lancer-amazons are too weak to be played. In Sacred2 the big advantages of a polearm were there biggest disadvantages in pre-2.43 too. You never knew which targets would be hit by magic coup in combination with a polearm chance to hit more enemies. So I gave up on polearms when I had to undergo an eye surgery. I wasn't able and willing to check surroundings in a wide radius for reflectors first before doing a magic coup. 2.43 lowered reflection damage by a big amount, so a polearm-elf could now be playable. Not having a shield makes characters without toughness a bit tricky defense-wise. An elf can't even have reflexes. So my approach was a lancer-elf which used fireskin for its reflect and cascading shroud for its evasion. The fire vulnerability of cascading shroud is a bit weakened by fire mitigation from the skin. I suffered 5 deaths with the lancer, 1 in early gold when our 1 year old twins tried to climb on my knees and 4 in niob when first facing out of screen reflectors. Last 3 of them to find out what the hell happened. One of the advantages of some polearms is their x% life leech. X% life leech is depending on the maximal hitpoints of your enemy. So a 2% leech is 200 extra damage at a 10.000hp mob, but 20000 at a 1.000.000hp boss. This extra damage can't be resisted and is healing you. So a polearm character is not really needing a combat art optimized for boss killing. And the last reason to play polearm-elf: no shield hiding the beauty. And no she is not wearing these negligee-like set armours, but yellow stuff, so she looks a bit more than a warrioress. Strength or Dexterity for polearms I think the polearm is using strength if used active: spears for thrusting, beard-axes thrust and swing. While anti cavalry weapons are more dexterity. You press the end in the ground and you have only to aim with the tip against a rider. So beard-axe and spear = strength, and lance and gleve = dexterity. But since polearms were made in millions of different styles there will be people saying that long beard-axes and spears could be used to stop horses too, and that some gleves had edges and were swung, ..... Some languages copied weapon names from other languages but not in the same meaning. In germany there is Kuse and Glefe. The tips look same but the length is up to 5 feet for the Kuse and 10 feet for the Glefe. So here the Glefe is way closer to lances than in french or english usage.
  25. I think afk means away from keyboard. So he/she/it can do experience while preparing the lunch, being at work, ....
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