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  1. hello hello hello, hola from total. I'm just poppin on for a sec while my food is cookin. mmm mmm mmm macaroni and cheese. just makin sure everyone's doin fine! I'm good, still alive. gotta run, take care all! -Total
  2. Total's Hellweek is finally over. and to boot, I get an extra day off (tonight) AND found a copy of "The Crow: City Of Angels - Soundtrack" for $4.99 US... how sweet is that? To catch everyone up with my life, the television network formerly known as Court TV (now TruTV) was in my town filming a show called Ocean Force. It put a lot of pressure on us, but I think it all went well, we all survived and nothing too serious happened. well, I guess I will be on less frequently because of some serious court dates I have in my near future, so if you don't hear from me, I'm probably still alive and
  3. Calling All Skeletons - Alkaline Trio... new cd is a bit interesting... Matt Skiba sounds quite a bit different from past releases, sort of similar to Crimson, but still a little different. The Trio is moving in a new direction it seems... -Total
  4. I'd beat some arse. Or just lock 'em up if it's in my jurisdiction... disorderly conduct has many many many interpretations in this state ;-) - If your friend did something you didn't like to someone you didn't know? -Total -Edit:Bad Grammar... Totalidiotidiotidiot...-
  5. In my professional opinion I agree. Things could get nasty if God forbid anything ever happens again. She can cry abuse even if you don't hit her, and you will get jammed up because there are signs of a struggle. Make sure to document everything because I've seen people get jammed up for the same kind of stuff. Good luck Sil, I really hope things get better for you. -Total
  6. Would that power be the beaning from hitting them on the head with it ? ;-) Concussions can make people very agreeable actually last night someone got bopped in the head and he was definitely not agreeable after that. I probably would've had to put him in a coma to get him to comply. -Total
  7. I love I'm so sick... great song. currently eargasming to Disturbed's new cd, Indestructible... current song: Criminal. definitely worth buying, the guitar riffs are sweet, and wengren's double-bass skill has grown with this new album. he's got quite some complex beats in some of these songs. -Total
  8. I wish I had talent. it seems like everyone but me knows theirs! lol. telari's is obviously drawing, especially snakes. what an amazing artist you are! nice work! -Total
  9. Prison Song - System of a Down Album- Toxicity... classic. yes, we're trying to build a prison, for all our felons to live in... just nabbed a guy with 28 grams of marijuana and he was resisting arrest. life is grand! =D edit: wrote ounces instead of grams. idk where my head's at today... its getting late =P -Total
  10. I enjoyed it. buuuuuuuut... that's only because it's a george lucas movie, with harrison ford in it. I love the original trilogy. the 4th one was well-intentioned, but didn't live up to the high expectations that I had for the movie. on a side note, I want a crystal skull... maybe some of my felons will stop being such fools if I can use the crystalskull powers on them. =P -Total
  11. ari, my gf's mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer. she's going to be fine, but I understand what you're going through. times are scary and emotional. the dm family is here for you <3 much love! -Total
  12. I actually did. one of my co-workers had given him a parking ticket and had all of the vehicle information down on the station's copy. all I had to do was radio in and get it. ;-) life is good sometimes! -Total
  13. Well, this is work related - lol... last night you all almost lost your Total!! lol, last night I was on foot patrol and was struck by a vehicle that dragged me about 30 feet. the car completely ran over my left foot. on the bright side, I guess some kind of higher power proved its existence because total came out of the ordeal without even a wrinkle on the uniform! I don't know how it managed to happen, but I was not even injured in the slightest bit. it's silly how someone is willing to try to kill someone over a 30 dollar parking ticket... (I didn't even give him the ticket!)... bu
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