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  1. Hello, I played Sacred back when was released but didn't get far, then I got underworld, but at the time didn't know how to play it so never did... now I have Sacred gold on steam with all software and addons. It has been years since these game came out and now we have better hardware to run them. Right now the game doesn't load, but I found after doing a few things it works. I was wondering if there is a community patch that patches issues and allows for widescreen monitors? and not play in 4:3 or streched if 16:9 format. I did try Reborn HD 4.3 I think... but the game is so difficult with this addon I had to remove it. are there other mods/addons that are better? or needed?
  2. Was wondering what the Max % of World Discovered is for Sacred Gold Collection I remember there being items that improve your view distance so later in game you can remove more of the fog of war with that wondering what the max a user had discovered and the avg a user discovered Currently I have just Discovered most of the grassy area in the middle of map and only 5%, not really gone into Desert or north past Crow Rock Castle
  3. I started with Diablo, the Original on PC; then got the add-on Hellfire; pretty much any isometric ARPG I could find I would play Played Diablo II and the Expansion Lord of Destruction, Diablo 3 and Expansions Darkstone; a 3d-ish clone of Diablo Spacehack Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege 2 Sacred, but never completed the game, only got to level 21 I think Torchlight 1 and 2 Path of Exile Titan Quest and all Expansions (just released a new expanison pack last year or so and a new one this year) Grim Dawn Nox The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut Never completed as the game kept crashing Marvel Heroes until the servers closed two years ago? maybe last year Space Siege
  4. 1. What is your favorite class and why? Dragon Mage, I am still new, but so far he is kicking butt (I only have played the Dragon Mage and Seraphim so far) 2. How long have you been playing Sacred 2? a few days now 3. What is your most favorite thing about the game? Huge open world, ARPG, I like Diablo, but even the "random levels" are all the same... Titan Quest is my second favorite and Torchlight 2 third, but they are the same linear path; This game you can go anywhere and do whatever and anytime more or less. 4. What class would you recommend to start with? I have heard and read to start with the Seraphim as they are a good balance of everything, until you learn more about the game and how things are. 5. Are you a big fan of Blind Guardian? not sure what this is yet
  5. Thanks again for all the help, this community is a very good one. backed up my saved games, as I found steam doesn't do this on the cloud like they do with some games. I installed the graphics pack and community patch, so far nothing is noticeable changed then the logo screen and buttons. Time to put the gears in and grind away and find out more of what this great world has to offer.
  6. Hello, 1. Is there a way to change the camera angle, it seems the main character is too far at the top of the screen and I can never really see what is coming ahead, I have change the camera settings in the options but nothing really works well, I did get it to work somewhat as a third person view, but your view is too far back from the character. 2. I have read some things about a Hi Res texture package, should I try and install? I have the USA Steam Gold ver. 3. Should I install the Community patch now? or just wait until I play through at least once with the base game? If so is there anything I need to download and install? 4. What do Magic Pearls do? I have a few of them now. 5. Should I play Sacred 1 first? or the story doesn't really matter? I remember playing Sacred 1 a few times and I never could escort the guy from the castle in the sand area to the area north without him dying. 5a. I was reading that escort quest in Sacred 2 are an issue as well as the A.I. isn't the best... are there ways of dealing with this better? 6. the combo arts on the left side, I have one there and I am advised the hotkey is #1 but when I hit #1; nothing happens; the skill I have is Pelting Strikes 7. Is there a Discord channel for Sacred 2?
  7. This is the build I am working on http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:The_Queen_of_Blades,_Dual_Sword_Shopper_sera
  8. 1. What is the Survival Bonus? the more you kill and not die the more Experience gained? 2. as far as armor goes I am just putting on the higher level/armor class and best weapon damage Here is so far far my progress: https://imgur.com/xNZL8Af
  9. Hello, I just got Sacred 2 Gold on Steam sell, and I am liking the graphics and game play, I know this is an older title and not sure how I didn't play years ago. I have a Seraphim that I read was the easiest to start with on Bronze mode right now level 4 I also started a Dragon Mage as they look really good; and a Druid for the mount pet you get later. There any tips I have read a lot of information about the game and not sure if still holds water since most sites are old. 1. there are over 600 quest, but after 200 your save game gets corrupt? 2. The skill tokens you get, you don't need to level the skill past X level as then you can't use the skill anymore? 3. You should wait until level 30 to use skills as the higher the skill level you have the tokens do not drop? 4. What stats are best for X character? I guess for now I will try and complete the light campaign with the Seraphim (not sure who with the Dark Campaign yet) but when I get gear it is red, but some gear I can wear and others I can not, so not sure why it is red if I can wear it. 5. When do you get the Goblin side kick? Mount? 6. Max level is 120? you need to play Bronze, silver, platinum to get max level? I am sure I will have more questions the more I play, thanks in advance for helping

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