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  1. The aura. It's all in the aura
  2. Wahoo, the admins are lightning quick as always! Hit Brad with a cattle prod a few times eh?
  3. Agreed, no real issues outside of certain side quests not sharing and key items not spawning twice in some instances. Pretty smooth and was fun to see another player on the screen killing mobs with you
  4. Hmm I saw you in it, but when I tried to join it crashed and then disappeared from the server list Edit: Saw your update, all's good
  5. We've had Xbox gamertags and PSN network IDs on the forum for awhile. They show up along the side of an individual's post and helps players on these respective platforms find and play with each other. However, many of us are PC gamers as well. I know many people have an aversion to Steam but many games (especially indie) use it for easy distribution. I'd like to see a Steam Name category on our profiles here, so that's it's easier to locate and friend players from our community! Alternately, we can make a Darkmatters Steam group and just direct people there. Perhaps others share this idea? Discuss
  6. Multiplayer just went live! It's been awhile since I've played, but does anyone want to level?
  7. I know the majority of the guild is German so +6 hours from us here on the East Coast. Assuming you work a 9-5 or so job, most of them would be going to sleep around this time
  8. We do currently have the Dark Pirate theme rocking here on the forum the last couple years
  9. Welcome to Darkmatters, enjoy your time with the first two installments of the franchise
  10. Thanks for letting us know about this gogo! Love IRC for chatting, and makes it fun for the small Unbended community we have going now
  11. Take a boat to another island perhaps? I am also a tad confused by the island representation when "seas" have been mentioned multiple times (even with a serpent on the map!). Unless there is some sort of magic essence that makes up the "seas"? Guess we'll wait a bit longer to find out
  12. Wahoo! Thanks for this, I've been excited to finally get the whole picture. Gives me more of an idea where to place an NPC

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