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  1. They did change this, as it was a major complaint among TES fans. If I can find the article with the quote saying so I'll post the link here. It was either Todd Howard or one of the other leads on the project that said it wasn't like Oblivion (the level-matching mobs). Specifically, one major difference is that certain areas will be categorized as "high level" areas and the creatures there will have a level range with a higher minimum than safer areas. While there will effectively still be leveling mobs, the way in which they do so is different. I'll try to find that article...
  2. If "MP" means Multiplayer then sorry to disappoint but Elder Scrolls games do not have MP at all. Not even co-op. Yes, the sheer amount of content in Elder Scrolls games (and Fallout 3) is astounding! As far as builds go... While in Morrowind and Oblivion you picked a starting few character traits that would set your character down a specialized class (or you could manually apply points to stats at creation), The Elder Scrolls games treat skills on a "per-use" basis. So even if my character started out as just a fighter, if I wanted to start experimenting with magic I could just learn a spell or two from a teacher and just keep trying to cast it. Over tiem I will get better at it. Yeah, I may not have the high maximum Magicka like a Breton Mage but with practice I can cast spells like the best! SO basically what I'm saying is, there aren't "Builds" per se. At least nothing like how Sacred handles them.
  3. You could say they're the typical goblin or gnome tinkerer/engineer race class. They're the smart, uppity race. They master the arcane energy to create "futuristic" technology like the GOLEMs and floating stuff Oh, and the all important gateways (teleporting you across great distances) that seem to be integral to the world in GW2's setting. In GW1 the Asura were just discovered, and their Gates.
  4. I will not try to persuade you in one direction or the other but one thing to keep in mind is that GW1 and GW2 are relatively different from each other by a pretty decent amount. While the core concept behind battling is roughly the same (and unique...and awesome, IMHO) many other things that any long-term GW1 player is very used to has drastically changed. My point is, while GW1 is an awesome game and I enjoyed the many many hours I put into it, GW2 is in my opinion vastly improved upon. It is just something to keep in mind should you choose to visit the land of Tyria 250 years prior to GW2 timeframe. Another bonus is, GW1 and all expansions are cheap right now so as long as you can justify the purchase I don't think you'd be wasting your money.
  5. I don't think GW2 will require any knowledge of the previous game to enjoy. From the sounds of it there won't even be that many tie-ins to GW1. Yeah, you'll get a "blast from the past" when seeing the ruined-then-rebuilt Lion's Arch. Maybe mentions of a few things here and there but the world of Tyria has "moved on" from the events of 250 years ago (gw1). I think the only other bit of information that any player of GW1 will understand is the animosity between the Humans and Charr. I'm sure that will be easy enough to enlighten the new players to, though. In short, I don't think you'll have to worry about anything
  6. I haven't encountered those glitches, but they sure are funny! I did see people floating several meters in the air above their wagon a few times in multiplayer, though. The Jackalope is sort of an easter egg, yes. One of the DLC outfits, the Master Hunter outfit I believe it's called, has killing the Jackalope as one of its requirements. I can't give any tips on how to find it because it was pure luck that I saw it in the first place.
  7. I know it's a little late (since the new season is starting in a couple days) but I'm congratulating you on the Bruin's win last season! I was cheering for them even though I'm not specifically a fan. Red Wings fan here, but I wanted the Bruins to win because I felt they deserved it! And now seeing how poor Vancouver's behavior was post-game I'm extra glad Boston took the Cup. BTW, Chara is awesome. ...Stinky Canadian Teams Don't kill me, Gogo!
  8. We call that a Jackalope here in the United States. On a somewhat related note, I was on a journey from Gaptooth Ridge to Armadillo (Red Dead Redemption) and spotted a great big Buck I just had to kill. I nailed it from atop my mighty Kentucky Saddler, dismounted to go skin it and then as I was finished a ...rabbit? ran past me. I thought it looked weird so instinct kicked in and I shot it too as it ran away. Turns out it was the rare Jackalope Fortune was on my side that day.
  9. This was a .wav file on the CD. As far as I remember, the song never played in-game. You just had to find it if you got curious and explored the files on the CD. If you never played this awesome game you won't get the song but I'm posting it anyway. Maug were my favorite race.
  10. It is a pic of a dead person (skull) seemingly lying in bed with a blanket pulled up to around the neck and on a pillow or something similar. The skull has black and grey hair and has a friendly group of locusts either eating bits of the dead person or just having a party on it. There, who needs pics!
  11. I'm gonna guess Lawrence of Arabia because that looks like Alec Guiness there with the big gun. (I've not seen the movie, though)
  12. Correct! Would anybody like to try the medium one? (The screenshots seems awfully dark here at the work-pc, but looks OK at my laptop at home, also, I shoot the screens myself, directly from my DVD's) No one guessed it. History of Violence
  13. And here I thought I killed this thread. Hint: The main characters of this movie are not humans. That kid is the main human character though.
  14. Since I know I'm right and I probably won't be back on here until tomorrow sometime I will go ahead and post my screenshot.
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