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  1. I haven't posted on this site for probably 2 years, but I check it at minimum weekly and read something new. I love this site so much!!
  2. I guess maybe I'm confused how the pure BFG build isn't rocking gold. I rocked through plat at level 56. I'm def took my time before tackling niob, but still when I hit 75 I started niob. It is a little hard, have to be careful, cause I don't have to much mastered yet. This build seems a little short on a lot of stuff, "jack of all trades...". Rock it and tell us how it worked though.
  3. I do have some Niokaste set pieces that are level 15, and some sets do drop weird levels like I have some 27's I know for sure.
  4. Well thats because your SB gives a bonus to all stats, so when you died, you lost it all. Your regen went up because your stam went down, hope that helped.
  5. I have several of the weps you listed. If you're not picky about what levels they are, you can surely have them. FR me and I'll get with ya, I'm usually on between 10pmish to 12am-1am most nights CST.
  6. Dm huh, I actually grew up in Skankeny. How's all that sweet swag you got? I saw that topic and was pretty jealous.
  7. Hey guys, I'm on 360 and my chest is bulging. I have a lot of set pieces I need to clear out. Mostly SE stuff from level 35+ up to about 100 or so. My GT is nugmanagogo. I "think" I'll be on tonight about 11ish CST. I'll update if not. Not to many levels ranges for me so you might need to make a new char so we can get in the same server. I do have quite a few 3 star wep's also I wouldn't mind giving away either. Mostly polearms and a few guns not dropping my 1-handers. Actually if you want to friend me sometime later and you see me on I'll be more that happy to drop some gear on you.
  8. There are a couple of quest glitches that kinda suck, ie The Undead Legion, but I played for about 130 hours before I patched it and it worked pretty well. Only once did the game crash on me. Get it, you won't be dissappointed.
  9. It is not fixed as of yet. I might hazard a guess it might never get fixed either.
  10. I am VERY new to this forum, and of the 5 or 6 forums I frequent regularly, this one is my favorite one. It's the first one I check everyday, mostly to see if anyone has posted a new build or wants to trade. No flamers or trolls is so out of the norm anywhere on the interwebs that it's almost scary at times. Love the site, love the Wiki. Keep up the great work guys P.S. One of these days I might have to try righting a build guide.
  11. I have def used "regen per hit" on my SE with PS and it works great. My regen time is around 7-8 sec's, and with 1 ring socketed in a slot with .8 regen it never dies. The PS not the SE, though she doesn't die either. ALso kudo's on the build, this is my next char, just started him last night.
  12. Fury abated, just found a 8 all skill with 7 Pelting Strikes. Not as good but still not bad.
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