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  1. New version: Just a picture updated. Thread moved out of Beta. Minor swaps. The Modmerge Launcher got uploaded to Darkmatters and Nexus. And with this I declare the project closed until further notice. Thanks to everybody who supported this project, and to Darkmatters for hosting these people and the forum to hold their discussions. Have the best time in your life ! I love you all <3
  2. @gogoblender Modmerge Launcher uploaded to Darkmaaters http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/725-modmere-launcher/ and Nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/sacred2/mods/25
  3. Version 1.02


  4. So, happy with WinMerge @dimitrius154 ? Should I close this software project, or keep it open ? Is there still something you want me to work on ?
  5. I can make a container with all strings that differ, no problem. I have to admit you lost me there. But if you are looking for a fancy-schmancy-colorful comparasion tool than look no further than WinMerge. Actually, now that I mention it, what should I do that WinMerge cant ?
  6. ... and then encoded back, I get it. Yes, sublime text says its utf-16 LE with BOM. .... Ok, so I managed to deal with the madness which is not utf-8 encoding. ... Yeah ... so what comparasions do you want to have ? Edit: Also can somebody give me a different global.txt, as an example for what to compare for ?
  7. 1. I assume you are working on this with a hex editor, and not on the generated file. 2. I assume you can generate different encoding formats. The file in question appears to have 2 byte wide char, instead of 1. Typically Unicode. 3. We need to agree to an encoding format the file will come in. Different formats will just lead to garbage. I prefer UTF-8. 4. Usually the header of the original hex file should give you the encoding, but can never be trusted to be correct. We would need to know which hex encoding Sacred 2 is using ( or in what encoding you are working in the hex editor with).
  8. I just checked it again, and the game just runs so much smoother as 2.3 than 2.4. Could be a dead end, but did you make any changes to the netherworld minion ? Thats the only thing I can think of. Also, this issue could be exclusive to my setup, or my playstyle.
  9. The only lead that I can give is that copying 2.3 over a 2.4 installation fixes the issue, which means it can be narrowed down to 8 files. Then run a diff on all of those files. But what it ultimately is ... is something I cant be helpful with.
  10. A few things to write out: Minions in Sacred 2 are next to useless. May it be because the AI is not the best, may it be because you cant see their hp, their stats, their weapons. Sometimes they attack, sometimes they dont. Sometimes you see how much damage they take, but you dont even know what it means because you have no clue about their max hp. All of this makes them bad for "game" play. Minions are nice if you can summon them, and forget about them, but thats the extend of their pleasureable gameplay experience, Having a pet feels nice because somebody else is fighting alongside you. Having a pet feels nice because they confuse enemy pathing, and you can enjoy bad pathfinding for your enemies for once. Having a pet feels nice when they unexpectly distract bosses. So by all means, if you have an improved AI implement it, but not if you buy that improvement by completely destroying the gameplay of having a minion you can forget about. I already find it distracting to constantly check my hp, which is conveniently not located near my spell bar. To constantly check if a buff is activated or not, just to resumon a next to useless minion breaks the very reason why you got such a buff in the first place. The second thing is that 2.4 decreases performance, It feels like the game is constantly loading and deloading textures, an issue which is not present in 2.3. For these reasons I wouldnt play 2.4. But you will see that propably when you release 2.4 to other players.
  11. But ... everytime she dies I have to resummon her, just like the dopperlganger. Whats the point of making her a buff, if she is just like a spell. The reason I use her is because she doesnt take a spell slot, and I dont have to pay attention to her status. Also I am getting a lot of screen-laggs-behind issue with 2.4, which isnt present with 2.3. So dunno what you did but thats also an issue.
  12. @Flix The Netherworld pet buff gets deactivated everytime she dies, something which the 2.4 Test version introduced. I will revert to 2.3 until that gets fixed. *Advertisemen* One of the advantages of the Modmerge System that I can switch versions with all my individual changes in 9 seconds. *Advertisement End*
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