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  1. Good knowing that you had a chill weekend. Although, I personally wouldn't call it FYI-ing. To me, talking about wholesome experiences and interests is something more organic ... more like "sharing" I'm just glad listening to that kind of music brought someone else positive vibes like it did for me. and I just remembered that a good number of Canadians speak French too. Maybe it's why it's clicked so well.
  2. hot tea by the window on a rainy weekend
  3. Yes the map is very helpful especially that it's an open-world game. It's nice to see the scope of what a player needs to explore to progress, what NPCs are available in each town and if a stash is present, where and how far between these towns are, as well as waypoints and portals. I also use it to check for hidden things in dense forests. I appreciate Schot's work on it. The effort and time he invested is evident and the result is indispensable. Two of the pages I can't play without are the world map and the list of side quests. Both of which are already in the wiki so I'm already good with
  4. Hello! I've recently discovered that Battle Mages have powerful area of effect spells and that they rock even if they're flimsier than most. He might end up as my favorite too one day. I wasn't aware that some stuff got deleted. Maybe it's why I thought it somehow lacks in a few sections because I never knew they were once there. Too bad to hear. In any case, online resources all have their own strengths and weaknesses but it would still be nice to read or quickly scan everything when one has the time. The wiki's best feature in my opinion is the Ancarian map, such an invaluable
  5. This is the best thing I like about cooking and food. It shows a lot about a region's culture and it's part of almost every celebration even if it's just the companionship of friends, family or neighbors. Plus these recipes all look fresh! I'm also surprised of the barrel above. Here I thought barrels today are exclusively used for wines. Nice knowing that they're still in trend in other parts of the world
  6. I'm sorry I can't help but notice her shoes. I love that she's such a lady boss with that crank making pasta in style Much respect. I'm also curious abt this. I'm not sure if Teflon is still the way to go nowadays. I've heard some are using diamond coated pans or whatever that would be. Or maybe it's just that it's the only thing I hear on TV shopping channels?
  7. Thanks! Those ingredients are abundant here in the Philippines and its use in different dishes is common in South East Asia. I'm far from becoming an established home cook but it's something I'm very interested in learning more about. If I need tips I can always ask my mom and my grandma anyway. It's understandable if you are not accustomed to fish. Preparing seafood takes time and it's, well, fishy Lol. We in the family though have grown to love fish because my dad will choose it over chicken, pork or beef any day. There are other dishes for coconut milk aside from fish. I can think of b
  8. I played puzzle and action games on PS1 and fighting games on arcade when I was very young but for ARPGs its Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. I was in 3rd grade then, still too impressionable and my parents were very religious I still wonder to this day how my older brother got to install D2 on our PC. It's literally called the 'devil'. Needless to say my parents were mad about it but there were days both of them were out I can ask one of my brothers to teach me how to play. It seemed interesting but complicated for my simple brain. My first character was a Druid using Poison Creeper thinking it
  9. COCO FISH Hello! Quite a long time has passed since I last prepared a proper dish but today I made something we at home were pleased with I thought of sharing it with you guys too. It's simple and quick and also very Asian. Our main ingredients would be fish and coconut milk. Locally, we call this dish "ginataang isda" which translates to fish cooked in coconut milk. "Isda" /is-da/ means fish and "gata" /guh-ta/ means coconut milk. Leafy greens are usually added as a secondary ingredient. FISH. We opted to use "tilapia" -- mild-flavored freshwater fish, common in Phili
  10. I am only just beginning to ease myself into that Sacred headspace once more, so I really don't think I would be of much credible help to you. You know I still haven't finished the game right? If these are files in need of checking you know you can always upload pictures here or make attachments. Members more acquainted to the game and definitely more active than me would be more than willing to share their thoughts. You've always been public with your updates please don't skip the others now. If it is advice you need, I can share some not as a modder but as an end-user. You see, only a f
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. I've been meaning to add other button+weapon slot colors just to have a little variety. I'd include a grey one as well. And also after that, If anyone else would be reading this, I might lay low on the uploads for a while. Everything is a little out of whack for me in terms of modding and I'm also a little busy with real life stuff as of the moment. Just a nice little heads up.
  12. Currently listening to pop songs mainly by Taylor Swift (Lover and Red albums) and Carly Rae Jepsen (E-MO-TION and Dedicated albums). Also, songs from Disney musicals and OSTs (Little Mermaid, Aladdin). I find dance-y bops uplifting. I agree with how the songs nowadays aren't as meaningful as they once were. But I guess there are several factors causing that such as (1) language -- with how the younger generation has transformed and use language (e.g. LOL is an official term now and you can find it in modern dictionaries), (2) overall state of the masses' mood -- most young people nowaday
  13. Thanks! And my bad that I did it earlier. I was thinking it will be easier to finish so I did it before my other stuff. Thanks for the pitch too! and yes this one's for them
  14. I was actually thinking of just adding filters or adjusting the colors to make them look flatter and darker. I'm not a real artist I only try to get by with the mods I make But yes, you really killed it with your Sacred 2 EE icons. Legit stuff! Thanks for the praise but I can't take all credit, you were the one to recommend it to me good sir so Thanks to you too! Just fire away and let your creative process unfold naturally. There's always room for add-ons and it's easier to work on something if you already have a base theme. If it were me I'd just ask @Dax to recolor his stuff to your
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