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  1. Good knowing that you had a chill weekend. Although, I personally wouldn't call it FYI-ing. To me, talking about wholesome experiences and interests is something more organic ... more like "sharing" I'm just glad listening to that kind of music brought someone else positive vibes like it did for me. and I just remembered that a good number of Canadians speak French too. Maybe it's why it's clicked so well.
  2. hot tea by the window on a rainy weekend
  3. Yes the map is very helpful especially that it's an open-world game. It's nice to see the scope of what a player needs to explore to progress, what NPCs are available in each town and if a stash is present, where and how far between these towns are, as well as waypoints and portals. I also use it to check for hidden things in dense forests. I appreciate Schot's work on it. The effort and time he invested is evident and the result is indispensable. Two of the pages I can't play without are the world map and the list of side quests. Both of which are already in the wiki so I'm already good with that but as you mentioned some time ago, those who want to work and add valuable info on the wiki are always welcome and that goes out to ULTway as well.
  4. Hello! I've recently discovered that Battle Mages have powerful area of effect spells and that they rock even if they're flimsier than most. He might end up as my favorite too one day. I wasn't aware that some stuff got deleted. Maybe it's why I thought it somehow lacks in a few sections because I never knew they were once there. Too bad to hear. In any case, online resources all have their own strengths and weaknesses but it would still be nice to read or quickly scan everything when one has the time. The wiki's best feature in my opinion is the Ancarian map, such an invaluable tool for S1 players both old and new. Numerical data can also be found there like a table on what skills can a character have and at what level you can acquire them and specified pages for value progression for combat arts and spells (dmg/duration/efficiency) at different lvls. The forum is best for its builds and guides and the underlying opinion in each of them to help you prepare and decide for your gameplay, especially, if you're seeking to try something different than what you're used to. Someone may also know an answer to a question you have. If you're into mods you can also check the Downloads section. Last but not least, Wolfe's Lair is best for brushing up on the basics and several lists you might need, particularly, when it comes to items and side quest details. It has some quirky guides too on how to change your character's name color and a comprehensive guide on horses including what color and type you can buy at what town among others. Have fun playing and welcome!
  5. This is the best thing I like about cooking and food. It shows a lot about a region's culture and it's part of almost every celebration even if it's just the companionship of friends, family or neighbors. Plus these recipes all look fresh! I'm also surprised of the barrel above. Here I thought barrels today are exclusively used for wines. Nice knowing that they're still in trend in other parts of the world
  6. I'm sorry I can't help but notice her shoes. I love that she's such a lady boss with that crank making pasta in style Much respect. I'm also curious abt this. I'm not sure if Teflon is still the way to go nowadays. I've heard some are using diamond coated pans or whatever that would be. Or maybe it's just that it's the only thing I hear on TV shopping channels?
  7. Thanks! Those ingredients are abundant here in the Philippines and its use in different dishes is common in South East Asia. I'm far from becoming an established home cook but it's something I'm very interested in learning more about. If I need tips I can always ask my mom and my grandma anyway. It's understandable if you are not accustomed to fish. Preparing seafood takes time and it's, well, fishy Lol. We in the family though have grown to love fish because my dad will choose it over chicken, pork or beef any day. There are other dishes for coconut milk aside from fish. I can think of beef, chicken, pork, squash and although not exactly fish but still seafood, shrimp, crabs and noodles usu with cockles. "Rendang" - Indonesian beef stew. IIRC there are like pastes? which you could use to marinate the beef in overnight before cooking it in coco milk. My dad cooked it for us last year. "Bicol Express" - Bicol, a province here in the Philippines, is known for the natives' spicy dishes and also because of Mount Mayon, a volcano known for its perfect cone shape. Bicol express is a dish made of pork slices boiled in coconut milk/cream. Some even prepare it by actually boiling long enough to reduce the sauce until coconut oils begin to separate from the cream. Then there's the loads of chili added and we know that oils are the perfect medium for the spicy sensation. Makes it even more of a gastronomic experience. Chicken - There's chicken in plain coconut milk and also chicken curry. Crabs & Squash - Cooking crab in coco milk is something similar to that of fish but without ginger and instead of leafy greens, squash and string beans are added. Without the crab, squash in coco milk is still considered a 'complete' dish or for some at least a side dish. "Laksa" - Malaysian coconut curry soup. You got noodles in it and small shrimp. Some add cockles as well. It's also popular in Singapore too ... and the aroma. Goodness it's very distinct and appetizing! My brain can smell it as I write this. I dare say there are some instant noodles which imitate that smell. There are many more these are just what first came to mind. Speaking of McDonalds, the world is in a crisis right now and 2020 is officially cancelled so, in my opinion, now is actually the best time to buy takeout. I think buying food from local business should also be promoted. I've tried canned fish from Germany and I wasn't very pleased. It had "Heringsfilet" on the front but after googling I guess lots of brands do. One was in tomato and the other was yellow like mustard. Maybe I'd like the dry variants better. And I would have a cup of citrusy tea even if I'm not sick, We have a calamansi tree growing in our backyard and a single squeeze makes a cup of tea even more soothing. They're small fruits about an inch or an inch and a half in diameter, like a very small lime and are way too sour. Aside from tea, we use it for pancit (Filipino version of Chinese oil noodles) and some other dishes. I've tried making pasta once and it was so much fun! Although the pulling of the flattened dough needed a really long table. It was a great experience even for a beginner. I'm glad knowing you've had a great investment.
  8. I played puzzle and action games on PS1 and fighting games on arcade when I was very young but for ARPGs its Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. I was in 3rd grade then, still too impressionable and my parents were very religious I still wonder to this day how my older brother got to install D2 on our PC. It's literally called the 'devil'. Needless to say my parents were mad about it but there were days both of them were out I can ask one of my brothers to teach me how to play. It seemed interesting but complicated for my simple brain. My first character was a Druid using Poison Creeper thinking it was a nasty worm because it had teeth. I was unable to monitor my life orb because the whacking was more fun to watch. One of my brothers always had to intervene when monsters start to gang up on me. The fear of dying in-game got ingrained at a tender age so for a very long time I had this notion that melee characters were more difficult. Well, in the case of D2 it actually is. I started playing the Sorceress and the rest is well ... my profile pic explains my relationship with that game.
  9. COCO FISH Hello! Quite a long time has passed since I last prepared a proper dish but today I made something we at home were pleased with I thought of sharing it with you guys too. It's simple and quick and also very Asian. Our main ingredients would be fish and coconut milk. Locally, we call this dish "ginataang isda" which translates to fish cooked in coconut milk. "Isda" /is-da/ means fish and "gata" /guh-ta/ means coconut milk. Leafy greens are usually added as a secondary ingredient. FISH. We opted to use "tilapia" -- mild-flavored freshwater fish, common in Philippine wet markets. You could also use mackerel, bullet tuna or red snapper. COCO MILK. There are 2 types of coconut milk: regular coconut milk and coconut cream. When coconut meat is shredded and squeezed, the first few extractions would be thicker than the succeeding ones. This is the coconut cream or "kakang gata" as we call it. The rest would just be coconut milk or "gata". Either canned or fresh coconut milk is fine. You can also use coconut cream and thin it down with water. VEGGIES. Mustard greens or "mustasa" /moos-ta-sa/ is the leafy green of choice but you can also use chinese cabbage or "pechay" /peh-chai/ of the 'bok-choy' cultivar. Chinese cabbage has 2 variants: napa cabbage which are oblongated heads with curled leaves and the bok-choy variant which grow in bunches of leaf blades reminiscent of celery. INGREDIENTS 3 pcs tilapia, whole, scaled and gutted 2 red onions, medium sized, sliced 200g ginger, sliced into small strips 400ml coconut cream 4 bunches mustard greens or bok-choy chinese cabbage, stem tips removed and sliced into 3 1.5-2 tbsps fish sauce 1 cup water ground black pepper 1 green chili finger or 2 pcs bird's eye chili (optional) 1 tbsp vinegar (optional) 3-4 pcs pandan or lemon grass leaves (optional) steamed white rice, to serve STEPS 1. Thaw the fish if frozen and wash. Score both sides and add a few pcs of ginger inside the cavity. 2. Evenly scatter sliced onions and ginger in a heavy-bottomed pan and place the fish on top in a single layer. Aromatics are placed beneath to ensure that the fish don't stick to the pan. Add coconut cream, water, fish sauce and black pepper. You can use the can of the coco cream to measure the water. OPTIONAL. Before you start simmering you can add chili (sliced as desired) or chili flakes and pandan or lemon grass leaves for flavor and fragrance. When using pandan or lemon grass, it's best to crease it to optimize flavor extraction. Roll them between your palms or bend them at different points. You can ask your hungry young ones to do this for you. Just make sure they wash their hands before they start 'playing' with it. Tie into a knot and add to the pan. 3. Simmer for 15-20 minutes or until fish is nearly cooked. Taste halfway through, adjust with fish sauce as needed and ladle some of the sauce on top of the fish. OPTIONAL. When your pot starts to boil about 5 minutes in, you can add vinegar. Note that if you decide to add vinegar DO NOT STIR for 3-5 minutes. Vinegar imparts a tinge of acidity, helps reduce the fishiness and prolongs shelf-life. Its flavor, however, is aggressively sharp and "not stirring" offsets that by letting the heat mellow its "raw acids". 4. Add mustard greens or pechay and simmer for 5 minutes more or until the fish flakes when poked with a fork. 5. Serve with steamed white rice and enjoy! Coconut milk easily spoils so pop leftovers in the fridge. Here's a similar recipe with the mustard greens wrapped around the fish: https://www.yummy.ph/recipe/mustasa-wrapped-tilapia-in-gata-recipe You can also use shrimp if you prefer it over fish. Here's a recipe which skips the leafy greens and sautees the aromatics and the shrimp before adding the cream: https://www.yummy.ph/recipe/ginataang-hipon-sauteed-shrimp-recipe
  10. I am only just beginning to ease myself into that Sacred headspace once more, so I really don't think I would be of much credible help to you. You know I still haven't finished the game right? If these are files in need of checking you know you can always upload pictures here or make attachments. Members more acquainted to the game and definitely more active than me would be more than willing to share their thoughts. You've always been public with your updates please don't skip the others now. If it is advice you need, I can share some not as a modder but as an end-user. You see, only a fraction of the members post and comment. I believe you know that by now. I try to speak for the hundreds who don't. Probably because they're not exactly confident with their English skills, or they are not good at socializing (like me obviously), or simply because they trust you know what you do (also me). As an end-user, I think it's wise for a modder to choose default files for his or her mod, the one he or she gravitates toward, plug-and-play style. But if you really can't decide, upload all other alternatives buffet style and let the user choose what he or she wants. You'll be fine. We fans will take what we can. If you ever find that you want to change anything in your final product you can always revise and reupload it. Besides, I trust your artistic guts more than mine.
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. I've been meaning to add other button+weapon slot colors just to have a little variety. I'd include a grey one as well. And also after that, If anyone else would be reading this, I might lay low on the uploads for a while. Everything is a little out of whack for me in terms of modding and I'm also a little busy with real life stuff as of the moment. Just a nice little heads up.
  12. Currently listening to pop songs mainly by Taylor Swift (Lover and Red albums) and Carly Rae Jepsen (E-MO-TION and Dedicated albums). Also, songs from Disney musicals and OSTs (Little Mermaid, Aladdin). I find dance-y bops uplifting. I agree with how the songs nowadays aren't as meaningful as they once were. But I guess there are several factors causing that such as (1) language -- with how the younger generation has transformed and use language (e.g. LOL is an official term now and you can find it in modern dictionaries), (2) overall state of the masses' mood -- most young people nowadays are sad, anxious or just simply have negative emotions looming around their heads. The more sad they are the more they want to forget which brings me to, (3) the reason why people listen to music. More people are listening to music not because they want to understand the story behind the lyrics but because they want to stimulate some happier vibes in their brains through synthetic beats. The quality of songs which garner more attention nowadays have declined but there are still songs which have deep meaning written from real emotions based on real life experience. I think Adele is a good example. Equally, the way the younger generation makes use of music has also shifted but there are still still some who listen to songs for the art and the "heart" of it. I think music is an immortal industry and it's also an art for all ages from all walks of life. One just have to know and relate to the artists making them. Currently, I listen to music not to remember but to forget. I'm not a representative example but it's a harsh truth that actually occurs and I'm putting this out here for the loving parents out there, who are also and always will be loving sons and daughters, to give more insight on the taste of the kids from my generation.
  13. Thanks! And my bad that I did it earlier. I was thinking it will be easier to finish so I did it before my other stuff. Thanks for the pitch too! and yes this one's for them
  14. I was actually thinking of just adding filters or adjusting the colors to make them look flatter and darker. I'm not a real artist I only try to get by with the mods I make But yes, you really killed it with your Sacred 2 EE icons. Legit stuff! Thanks for the praise but I can't take all credit, you were the one to recommend it to me good sir so Thanks to you too! Just fire away and let your creative process unfold naturally. There's always room for add-ons and it's easier to work on something if you already have a base theme. If it were me I'd just ask @Dax to recolor his stuff to your color scheme (cuz I'm not as creative with screens as him HAHA!). We can help even with the minor stuff if ever you need some Good luck!

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