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  1. It's 22 C in belgium at the moment but it is not expected to last as a heat wave is coming next week. They forecast 35 C for sunday 17/07
  2. Ok, good to know. And the golem, for once, was indeed ACTUALLY a challenge. Did you the same for other encounters? Namely the magic elemental in orc encampement for the main quest. They litteraly destroyed my new Seraphim though I was still lacking on items & defense to be honest. Don't leave without your relics folks! I am perusing through the doc right now but there is ton to cover. In the meanwhile I'll be doing something you advised -> All 6 skills from the 3 aspects + combo skill + ancient magic + armor Though with the high elf
  3. By the way, did you increase the danger level of some bosses. For example, I am having HUGE amount of trouble dealing with the elementals at the orc camp in the main quest. Most importantly of all, before getting there, I fought the Golem ... sorry .... I meant .... golemS !! capital S. The "little" bugger come with a twin free of charge. Imagine my surprise when I saw TWO of them :p I am not complaining mind you, in fact, it's welcome change to be chanllenged so early in the game. Still I will be checking the changelog more often or in more details rather. The other thing that I saw was toning down on +Specific skill from 5x to 3x when compared to + all skills items (which I have trouble to find barring using the negotation skill).
  4. I did install the new patch but I am not sure where the changelog is. Last time I played it was EE 2.4 for me ... so ... I am lagging a bit. The one change taht struck me so far is the divine spell cooldown have been increased to 900 seconds. I am curious to what has prompted that change ( Demon too powerful?). I wish I had know that before I started my new "Aikido" build themed around reflect damage. I'll adapt no worries but I am curious to see the changelog in order to see what can of build strategy I can go towards to. thanks again for an awesome mod!
  5. I have yet to test the diablo mod though I already have it downloaded. I am focusing more on EE at the moment but it also means I am familiar with the quality of the mod content here. In fact, Enhanced Edition is pretty much "vanilla" for me :D In any case, I'll check the builds section because that's what interest me at the moment. Curious to see if you guys came up with something interesting :)
  6. Hey guys! After a really insane year, I am finally back on my Sacred 2 journey. it has been a while since I played or tried a new build. Speaking of, any new interesting build I should try to warm up? In any case, I had an idea for vanilla/EE for a "civil war" inquisitor build and a 'fifth element" build (hint: it's not "leilu multi pass" ... but close) :D see you around!
  7. Well ... I must say I have been away from sacred 2 for quite a while and will be for at least a bit more. Granted, it was not for the absolute game to end of all game as was promised but ... still ... as a fan of the original franchise, please: Be good choms as I just got out of the ripperDoc to install new ... hardware shall we say. I am going to need those if I want to succeed thoses gigs and get those eddies ... yes, Eddies, scrap, dead presidents ... MONIES!! PAY ATTENTION !!!! Okay, fine, I was playing a lot of Cyberpunk 2077, and while this is certainly the cracked up game Project Red promised, I have to say it's fun but, most of all, I am enjoying it as a fan of the original Tabletop Cyberpunk 2020 game. Ohhh, Night city has changed and, yet sill, remained the same. I am still feeling the smell of chrome and hard lead, marvelous in the morning !! EVEN BETTER THAN THE SMELL OF NAPALM, PAY ATTENTION !!! ! Also, it is quite the good excuse to try the new version of the tabletop Rpg games since I've met and remet a few choms who are also very much into that RPG Game
  8. Skillshare has some pretty good stuff about a whole variety of subject. Now of course, you have to do some research on the site because there are certainly lesser quality stuff out there. That being said, you can and DO find courses which are totally worth your time. I paid what? around 100$ for a full year and I felt like I certainly already got a lot, lot more from my investment I initially started by following Frank Kane's Machine Learning video ( I still owe you a GAN explanation by the way, I am very busy at the moment, but I remember and promise to get to it one of these days , latest before the end of the year ). And thanks for the comments to you both and correct on the 'naughty' attitude gogoblender But it's a very kind, gentle type of naughty though. But it's not coming from Sabrina teenage witch (haven't watched the series yet to be honest), she's ... a character that resides within my psyche shall we say, the same as the archdemoness I started to use as an avatar here since Halloween. And if the good Doctor Carl Jung was there, he would say the (arch) demoness is my shadow (named Asphodèle), while the pretty blonde above is my Anima, the feminine part of the man that I am. I call her her Jenny by the way and, in future version, you'll see that she's somehow the opposite of her "favourite archdemoness of all time", as, in my mind, she's a sweet and loving angel And yes, she does have a naughty side, but it's always done in very good and lovign spirits Which is why I am happy about the course on Robert Marzulla on skillshare as it allowed me to draw her for the first time (I was simply lacking the confidence to do it properly before).
  9. In around 2018, I started taking drawing classes. As luck would have it, I managed to get one of the best possible teacher I could ever hope for Some might have noticed I started being absent from the forums for longer amount of time again. But, I am hoping that by showing you the following pictures, you might understand why And I'll post the pictures I have (should have taken more) to detail a bit of the steps I took to arrive at the final results : I used the courses by Robert Marzullo on skillshare to do this. Many thanks to him!!! His courses helped me progress A LOT !! For those who might be interested, here's the link to his page on skillshare -> https://www.skillshare.com/user/ramstudioscomics
  10. I'd like to repeat what I said above: I don't think the inquisitor is as squishy as some people might think, just that the overall theme of many of his CA tend to overwhelmingly promote very, very risky playstyle in players. And that very strong tendency is symbolically represented in the purifying chastisement CA. Represented from this quote from the wiki: "Numerous tactical uses for Purifying Chastisement exist. It provides the Inquisitor with one of his utmost essential abilities and greatest powers. To be blunt - using this buff REQUIRES the Inquisitor to take damage. Playing too defensively will only limit the ability to use this buff to its fullest extent." Now, perhaps this is true in vanilla (tough I have doubts), but I don't feel it's the case in EE. And believe it or not, my current inquisitor does NOT use purifying chastisment AND is my current EE toon with the LEAST DEATH ... only two. Sure enough, I quickly realized that he has less defensive CA compared to the other toons but, most of all, I quickly realized that his overall CA theme promotes, again, a very, very risky playstyle. And before my current inquisitor, I tried a much more 'vanilla' inquisitor with the classic "in enduring grow strong" aura and dishing massive, massive amount of damage ... but dying so very quickly at the first hiny of a glaring mistake. Until I realized that the inquisitor does not lack ways to protect himself. it's just that those ways are 'discreet' compared to his offensive capabilities (which on the other are massively visible). Also remember that in EE, and mostly because of the way critical hits work, that some of the run of the mill strategies for the inquisitor are inherently more risky especially build that relies on the "enduring grow strong" aura. Why? Because no matter how much life point you have, a few key critical hits can totally melt your life bar, even if you start at max. Again, I believe some player (myself included) have issues adapting to that paradigm change in EE. It's also why I think the suggestion above to add the skill "spell resistance" to the inquisitor skill might actually be a very good idea, as massively reducing the number of critical hits you take especially from spell could be the key to using purifying chastisement in EE Contrast why, said, the seraphim who has much more visible defensive capabilities ( DIVINE SHIELD! ) as well as very visible offensive ones ( ARCHANGEL's WRATH ) ... and yet, she's the one with which I have the MOST Death on any of my EE toons. Granted she was my first and that count for a lot but still even there, she would at most be on par with my inquisitor and not a lower count of death. And as strange as it might sound, her better defensive capabilities made me sometimes much more lazy when protecting my toon ... a problem which I do not have with the inquisitor, hence the very low death count. That being said, a few of his CA could indeed use some work and especially paralyzing dread since I do not have the sensation that the reduced speed debuff is working properly or at all.
  11. Well, my personal experience with the inquisitor on EE so far is as follow: I was really tempted for a while to do something similar as you regarding the 'auras' , which is my term for the permanent buffs (due to the ... well ... aura they give the toon, duh ). Such a build is way, wayyyyyy to offensive and especially in EE. In fact, I've noticed too many people are very attracted to the absolute carnage an inquisitor can do using those ... and completely ignoring that doing so is the total expanse of defense, which is guaranteed to be a death sentence sooner or later. Much current inquisitor at level 79, and boy were they stupid death where it was not the build or the toon itself but me the player who was totally responsible for it Because one thing I've noticed with the inquisitor is ... well ... did you notice how the dude never seem to lose its cool? Well, that's how you need to play him not just to survive but to teach those heretics a lesson they will never forgot mwahahahhahahahah !! And let's be honest there, the inquisitor, especially in EE, is really, really well equipped to deal with a whole lot of different situations. And since getting to level 75 and getting a third aura, I am often switching the third one according to the region I am in and the monsters I am facing. To make a long story short, weapon bases monsters (or claw based, or vine-in-your-face based ... you get the drill), soul reaver is the way to go ... generally but not always. reflective aura on the other hand is always useful when modded properly but can lack some ompfh! in certain zones. The other thing the inquisitor has going for him is ways to deal both with a metric ton of monsters (clustering maelstrom is a big one as you've noticed ) and ways to deal with bosses ( dislodged spirit+ inexorable subjugation can be really and wholly destructive against all bosses especially with doppelganger/demonS pals ). But my biggest and one of the most surprising discovery (especially for a caster inquisitor like mine!) is how damn incredibly useful is mortifying pillory!! Wow!!! This has saved my inquisitor's hide more than a few times since I've started using it and ... it's surprisingly straightforward how: Keep at low to very low regen times and a the first hint of being swarmed with too many monsters, mark a few of those as "heretics", creating a civil war in the process and allowing some room to breathe, regroup ... and send them to their collective grave en masse like the heretics that they are ... and make sure to shout "EXTERMINATUS" very loud when you do !!! (). No kidding, if you have just a modicum of gruesome inquisition focus, that CA can save your hide trust me. And make some of the thoughest champions fight soooo much more easy to win!! Personal experience of course, then again ... only two deaths so far, and due to the fact that, like you, not only did I panick ( poor life choice ) but also did not upgrade my reflecting aura enough (ouch!) . I could also add that there are a few mods that can regenerate a % based portions of your life and that they are incredibly effective ... provided of course you're fighting monsters that actually leave a soul or body to drain for life, which does not always happen. Anyways, these are some of the few tidbits I've learned on the inquisitor, specifically for EE ... and that I intend to do a "civil war" build one of these days using mortifying pillory to have the monsters fight each other ... while I kill them at a distance. PS : use a ranged weapon slot with mortifying pillory and use some +% to attack speed in addition to having low regen time for extra usefulness
  12. it's been a while since I could come to the forums and the first new messages I saw were yours: I was a bit surprised at the beginning, since I don't consider the inquisitor to be more squishy than the others, until I saw this: I believe this sensation you have, the inquisitor being more "squishy" than the others (not my impressions btw) could come from the fact that there might be something you might have neglected: The way critical hits works in Enhanced Edition! And they hurt a LOT, LOT MORE!! Both the one you inflict AND the one the monsters dishes back at you ESPECIALLY THE CHAMPIONS! What might have happened is not that your other characters were tougher but dished more damage ... through critical hits among other things, especially true with focused builds compared to 3 aspect builds. And in my experience, it's often the champions monsters, especially in groups, that are the more dangerous! And this is where we come to the 3 'little' dragon champions. They are everything but in EE when it comes to damage. And beginning with silver and so on, they were some of the most deadly champions any of my characters ever had to face in EE. Those "heat seeking" fireballs deal a METRIC TON OF DAMAGE (especially if, like me, you tend to sometimes forget to put the right relic sockets hum! ) Make no mistakes, there are several changes to EE game that significantly shift the game ... and towards a direction that I really, really like, especially critical hits ! That's how my Gatling gun seraph could use fire damage based CA, archangel's wrath, to deal tons of damage to .... the Fire elemental Lord! and while Ancient magic sure did its part, the massive, massive critical hits (combined with deadly blow) ... that helped a lot too Another thing, which might seem minor but is anything but, is the addition of amulets in vendor giving straight armor to elemental damage (and sometimes amulet that give +points to one elemental channel AND +% percent base to another ... or the same! Those are incredibly precious!! ). And those amulets can help a ton if, in your case, you feel like your toughness, armor skills, constitution etc ... aren't cutting it. Again, critical hits is a big and huge paradigm change, one that you have to learn to adapt to. On the other hand, it makes the game so much more fun and involved and the EE does not lack ways to deal with this : taking advantage of critical hits yourself, +armor single channel amulets, changes to CA, changes to BLACKSMITH skill , taking advantage of multiples +% block, +%reflect (combining enough of those makes a ton of difference!) etc ... Also, taking full advantage of your weapons/shield slots ... that's much more important in EE ! Another point which makes me a massive, massive fan of the mod EDIT: Try splashing a bit of the "reflecting aura" from astute supremacy in some levels in place or in addition to the soul reaver. Something tells me that where you might have problems. Remember that soul reaver is first and foremost there to help you deal with WEAPON attacks and not SPELL based ones ... like the "heat seeking" fireball missile of deaht from the 'little' dragon champions ... which again, aren't anything but small but some of the deadliest ennemies (with things like fen fire) in EE (granted personal opinion )
  13. By the way, I did find an interesting bug when doing my Inquisitor multi minions run ... THE ONE WITH THE DAEMON OF COURSE!!! As it turns out, in some cases (often during and after a boss fight), the daemon won't expire ... but, it will stay in the general area where it has been summoned. I saw the bug several times before ... but without realizing the source. And there were times where I tried to summon the demon but to no avail. instead the counter came back roughly by 15%. it's only today after trashing the Mist in the swamp that I saw my Daemon had not expired from the fight (and it is a long with the multiple cooldown between wave, hence why I saw it there I suppose). Imagine my surprise when I saw that my cooldown had regenerated ... but my Daemon was still roaming around !! Of course, I tried to summon an "extra one" ... and this is when it failed to do so and instead turn the cooldown back on my divine spell by roughly 15%. It seems to be a rare bug and a simple reload will fix it hence why I did not saw it before even though it's my second toon past lvl75 using said daemon (even though my inquisitor has WAYYYSSS before mastering it). It's far from being an urgent bug to fix, especially since there's not so many people around playing with the daemon. I just thought it was worth pointing out, even though I am not sure if this rare bug might actually be coming from the original sacred game (and realizing it now since build with daemons like mine aren't exactly common).
  14. What a coincidence!! Because, believe or not, I started forming myself to work in nothing less than A.I. / Machine learning! And it's good to see it used to improve games like Sacred 2 That being said, I suspect that it's not just CNN that are being used but something rather new called GAN's -> Generative Adversarial network. And I assume that maybe what you are using originally comes from something called a 'model zoo' which is basically open source pretrained models. GAN's are a pretty complicated and new field in A.I. And while I have yet to be able to really make good models with it, what you're trying to do give me ideas and motivation to look further into the subject. And if people are interested, I can give an overview on how they work. Not tonigh (it's late here), but I'll start working on something to explain, in layman terms, how they work. It will basically a story that use the past to explain the present and future (Hint: Go to places where you can 'speak easy' and drink some good booze. also, make sure to watch some old movie about ... I dunno cops who cannot 'be touched' or something ). I'll start working on it and post a good explanation when ready if ppl are interested (and of course, if I come to the point where I can make a model myself, which will eventually be doable, I might be willing to give a hand just for the fun of it and the practice )
  15. Divinity one or two you mean? Yeah, they're pretty good, though it does take a bit of time to adjust to some of the mechanics ... let me just say, I am not always use to system that allows to blend different 'classes' so easily as this game
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