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  1. Well ... I must say I have been away from sacred 2 for quite a while and will be for at least a bit more. Granted, it was not for the absolute game to end of all game as was promised but ... still ... as a fan of the original franchise, please: Be good choms as I just got out of the ripperDoc to install new ... hardware shall we say. I am going to need those if I want to succeed thoses gigs and get those eddies ... yes, Eddies, scrap, dead presidents ... MONIES!! PAY ATTENTION !!!! Okay, fine, I was playing a lot of Cyberpunk 2077, and while this is certainly the cracked up game Pr
  2. Skillshare has some pretty good stuff about a whole variety of subject. Now of course, you have to do some research on the site because there are certainly lesser quality stuff out there. That being said, you can and DO find courses which are totally worth your time. I paid what? around 100$ for a full year and I felt like I certainly already got a lot, lot more from my investment I initially started by following Frank Kane's Machine Learning video ( I still owe you a GAN explanation by the way, I am very busy at the moment, but I remember and promise to get to it one of these days , la
  3. In around 2018, I started taking drawing classes. As luck would have it, I managed to get one of the best possible teacher I could ever hope for Some might have noticed I started being absent from the forums for longer amount of time again. But, I am hoping that by showing you the following pictures, you might understand why And I'll post the pictures I have (should have taken more) to detail a bit of the steps I took to arrive at the final results : I used the courses by Robert Marzullo on skillshare to do this. Many thanks to him!!! His c
  4. I'd like to repeat what I said above: I don't think the inquisitor is as squishy as some people might think, just that the overall theme of many of his CA tend to overwhelmingly promote very, very risky playstyle in players. And that very strong tendency is symbolically represented in the purifying chastisement CA. Represented from this quote from the wiki: "Numerous tactical uses for Purifying Chastisement exist. It provides the Inquisitor with one of his utmost essential abilities and greatest powers. To be blunt - using this buff REQUIRES the Inquisitor to take damage. Play
  5. Well, my personal experience with the inquisitor on EE so far is as follow: I was really tempted for a while to do something similar as you regarding the 'auras' , which is my term for the permanent buffs (due to the ... well ... aura they give the toon, duh ). Such a build is way, wayyyyyy to offensive and especially in EE. In fact, I've noticed too many people are very attracted to the absolute carnage an inquisitor can do using those ... and completely ignoring that doing so is the total expanse of defense, which is guaranteed to be a death sentence sooner or later. Much cu
  6. it's been a while since I could come to the forums and the first new messages I saw were yours: I was a bit surprised at the beginning, since I don't consider the inquisitor to be more squishy than the others, until I saw this: I believe this sensation you have, the inquisitor being more "squishy" than the others (not my impressions btw) could come from the fact that there might be something you might have neglected: The way critical hits works in Enhanced Edition! And they hurt a LOT, LOT MORE!! Both the one you inflict AND the one the monsters dishes back at you ESPECIALLY
  7. By the way, I did find an interesting bug when doing my Inquisitor multi minions run ... THE ONE WITH THE DAEMON OF COURSE!!! As it turns out, in some cases (often during and after a boss fight), the daemon won't expire ... but, it will stay in the general area where it has been summoned. I saw the bug several times before ... but without realizing the source. And there were times where I tried to summon the demon but to no avail. instead the counter came back roughly by 15%. it's only today after trashing the Mist in the swamp that I saw my Daemon had not expired from the figh
  8. What a coincidence!! Because, believe or not, I started forming myself to work in nothing less than A.I. / Machine learning! And it's good to see it used to improve games like Sacred 2 That being said, I suspect that it's not just CNN that are being used but something rather new called GAN's -> Generative Adversarial network. And I assume that maybe what you are using originally comes from something called a 'model zoo' which is basically open source pretrained models. GAN's are a pretty complicated and new field in A.I. And while I have yet to be able to really make good
  9. Divinity one or two you mean? Yeah, they're pretty good, though it does take a bit of time to adjust to some of the mechanics ... let me just say, I am not always use to system that allows to blend different 'classes' so easily as this game
  10. Right now, testing the Baldur's gate 3 prerelease version made me want to try (again) Divinity 2 also by Larian. Granted, despite the bugs, the new Baldur's gate is very promising. However, after seeing that only act I is available, I prefer to reserve myself and wait a little to see how long it would take them to release chapter II (the whole game is apparently around 1 year away). So, to keep being patient, I am getting my RPG fix by playing Divinity2
  11. It is indeed awesome!!!! Good job!! Also, for some reasons, it does feel like I am on the DARK matter site!!! Speaking of dark matter, I need to smite some very DARK monsters with a metric ton of pillar of light! I am still on the level up/testing phase for my spam pillar build ;)
  12. Make sure you do! Granted, it's not the perfect weapon for ALL builds, but it can be a VERY potent weapon for some builds. And from what I see, this build of mine would definitely benefit from it. All of that on account of having so many attributes contributing to many aspect for this build: Stamina, always useful to lower you CA cooldown, Intelligence for spell damage, VITALITY, quite important in that build especially with some of the CA mods I've chosen. And here's the kicker! Despite being an almost pure caster build, it DOES benefit from Strength since it increase th
  13. dang!! It had to happen!! I suffered my first death with my new inquisitor a few days ago (in fact around halloween R.I.P. ) ... only to rise again! (and again with the halloween theme). It was a conjonction of quite a few factors: In the 'halloween' woods where there are a throng of 'death angels',their little summoned servants and ... a whole bunch of web-vomitting spiders!! ... all of that in a place that was litteraly SWARMING with champions, and most specifically of the 'death angels' type. Not a good combo. What was the killing blow however was me panicking like an imbecile an
  14. A small update: I am building my concentration to have it ready for mastery at lvl75 and also boosting my astute supremacy skills in the process. And for a simple reason ... I want that "reflecting aura" for two things. 1. It allows +% to reflect to ... everything once properly modded. Extremely useful but especially in Enhanced Edition where critical hits are ... well ... Enhanced too! ;) 2. For the last mod I will try 'exploit', I am not sure which minions damage can be reflected to, but if it can be done to "auras minions" ... it would be a superb addition to the build, jus
  15. Work in progress!! I am hoping the title says it all. And the idea is simple: To create builds around the idea of spamming,spamming,spamming one or several CA in a VERY quick succession ... and see if I can create mayhem on monsters using this and in ... creative ways shall we say The first one is an EEdition and simplification of my Gatling mentalist build -> The radiant pillar will be the spammed CA here with the addition of using the sublime guardian to "echo" her conversion spell for support. The second one will be ... well ... it will time for me to shelve Enhanced
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