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  1. Yeah! It's cool to see the daemon riding one of those bugs, not recommended for insectophobes haha. I hope that more mods will be uploaded from this game that I really appreciate. By the way, do you know when Martin is going to upload the fix for the noble ladies skins mod for the battle mage?
  2. I love this skin!! It inspires me to role-play a slave who was captured in Urkuk and forced to fight as a gladiator. Thank u
  3. She is so pretty! It's funny to be able to play with a brunette elf I love this skin. Long live the dyes! Thank u
  4. Thank you very much, I'll wait for a new upload, I'm really happy to be here, and hope to see more!
  5. Wow! That was very fast, I didn't expect an answer so soon. Thanks for your consideration, but when I went to download the file, I found the folder empty, why is that? Thank u!!
  6. Hi Vilya! I am sorry to hear that you have problems with your pc ... I hope you get the tools to fix it, because your work is literally gold, just like the game. I'm very pleased to see there are really talented modders... Regards
  7. OMG! It's awesome! How u can create this perfection? It's less simple and more unique, love it!
  8. Hi, it's me again! I've recently used your mod that replaces the Battle Mage skin with the noble ladies ones, and I'm having a bug. It turns out that all the animations are going well, but the hood appears over the character's head. What I can do? Thank u so much for all your work, it's amazing!
  9. Hi there! Here juanq19 from Spain. I am new on this website, but I am absolutely delighted with all its content. I've played Sacred Gold Edition since it came out and have never seen game-related mods before, but yours are great! You have really made my dreams come true, all my life I have looked for something like this. The sorcerer elf skin was always something I wanted to have... But if could make different colors for the dwarf like dark clothing, hair and skins would be great... Thank u so much for sharing all these work!
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