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  1. Hey thanks a lot Flix and Globo ! Cheers Xrystal, I have been able to connect to the available servers, it works! Amazing I still have the 61 when connecting to my own game, I have forwarded the port 7011 which is the one that is usd by default, may be I need to more port than that? I would assume DMZ would have worked then Thanks this is great, let me know if I can help with anything around the code BTW Cheers
  2. Hello everyone! Let me start by saying this is PURE GOLD! I was actually considering writting the same thing, I'm so glad someone did it. I've been trying around and here's the experience so far: -The login / listing works well! - If I create a game myself, and my friend tries to connect (and vice versa) we get a 61 error code, "login failed" (not a port issue, same thing with DMZ activated) - If I try to join any online server, the game just crash I am using Win10, CM 1.60 & all DLC (Sacred 2 Gold). I havent been able to play multiplayer yet, but I can see we're getting very close, this is super exciting ! Thanks for the hard work, and thanks in advance if anyone can provide some help on why this is happening cheers
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