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  1. Awhile back I bought a used Dell Optiplex micro tower, which is a business model and will only fit a low profile with standard heat sink (not double wide like so many are now). So I had to buy specifically to fit it (Nvidia GT 1030). I feel (but don't know) that they nerfed set drops in the last update; new update tonight so curious to see change. Biggest mental adjustment I see that a free-to-play user needs to make is progression is slower. Specifically in the items that improve combat rating. I've seen lower level players with higher CR than me and I look at their profile and know they had to have spent money. And my mental adjustment is that I'm okay with that. I'm not in competition with them... I'm just happy to hack-n-slash and slowly fill in various things on the achievement list. I spent a couple hours yesterday helping someone grind a dungeon for a particular set drop and got more satisfaction than from my name on the leader board. I'm lucky to get one legendary crest per week. So when people do runs with 10 legendary crests, you can assume they just spent $25. Nope, I'll go spend that at a restaurant instead. I was worried about the clans being too cliquish but everyone is too new and random. Turn over seems to constantly bring in new faces too.
  2. Update: I must confess that since GPU prices dropped a little, I finally got one for my desktop. And then I installed Diablo Immortal and having been playing regularly. It was starting to get repetitive when someone invited me to the Immortals which is part of the Immortals vs Shadows endgame play. That got me in a clan too. The Immortal activities and the clan chat to find parties added some variety. But we lost our immortal status so it's back to the shadows tomorrow! This will be my 2nd time in the Shadows but 1st w a clan so s/b more interesting this time. Oh, and I changed servers from the 1st one I was on to a newer one. I don't see nearly as much evidence of pay to win in this server. So I don't feel as outclassed as I did. (But I've still kept my PvP to a minimum, not going to be fodder for the P2W players).
  3. Gogo - yes, I think it has merit for casual play but it has a few resources geared towards daily farming (iben fahd's sanctum, crests for elder rifts, or twice a week like helliquary) so be prepared to make a deliberate decision to farm or not. And dungeons in higher difficulties require multiple players so it takes a little more time/effort to try for set drops. One nice thing w/ casual play would be that you wouldn't notice the daily drop cap on legendaries. Playing an hour or three every few days, the cap would always be reset. I think your comment further up about the screen size of the tablet makes a good case for tablet play. And tracks with my personal experience with cell phone games... just a bit too small / hard on aging eyes.
  4. Legendary drops are capped per day (someone in game said 6, I haven't verified that number). A number of other things are capped per day or week, which really slows "free" progress after a few hours. I made it to Paragon level 30, which is suggested level for Hell 2 difficulty. And I'm calling that a good place to stop/uninstall. Endgame grind is MMO type play involving "Shadows vs Immortals". Achievement grind is typical and starting to feel tedious. Legendary drops are capped and set drops require grinding dungeons in parties. Biggest bug on PC is random keyboard and mouse input failures... very frustrating during combat to have one or the other suddenly quit working for a few seconds (and nothing to indicate stun or something). I've had a lot of disconnects, at least some are related to the wifi I'm on. And my laptop's graphics are underpowered so I'm also tired of bad frame rates.
  5. So I finally came on here to see if anyone was playing... My opinion: It's Diablo 3 Lite. It's fun in a nostalgic way to see a lot of the D3 graphics re-used in DI. But overall it's much less difficult (at least for the first 50 levels). I've had to grind levels from 50 up to get past the last few bosses. (Not unlike having to grind to kill Diablo the first time in D3). The story is okay. Actually a few bits have really amused me. Looks like PvP and the leaderboards are where people who pay will have an unfair advantage so I at least won't even bother with those.
  6. Oh, I tell ya, with remote work and "safer at home", I had really bad sleep habits for a while. Bed at 4am, up at the crack of noon. The shorter days are making me tired earlier right now (but then I "power" thru and stay up a couple hours more).
  7. Oooh, I'll have to look up D2:R. Although I hate to admit that I don't have a gaming rig any more. Every so often I'll get the mood and reinstall Grim Dawn from Steam but it starts to overwork my laptop. I'm curious about Valheim whenever I can run the graphics. After a few different games pitching their discords, it was a text based game that got me on Discord. I finally got high enough level to do team events but players can go afk (hoping to freeload) so another player suggested discord to try to match w/ better teams.
  8. Howdy everybody! I was getting setup on Discord and thinking about old avatar photos which made me think of the Sacred International Forum and then of course about the gang here at DM... so I thought I'd pass through and say "hi, I was thinking about". How has everyone been?
  9. The name is coincidental but it did make me think of ya'll! I suspect but don't know that a lot of the short videos like this one are done by students as projects. I sometimes browse through them looking for interesting sci-fi shorts.
  10. So I became unemployed and haven't played GD in 2 months or more. Logged in today and found the Crucible DLC. Sadly after 2 months of not playing, I've forgotten the finer points of my build and am uncertain about what to do w/ it next! Oh well, must be time to start a new toon!!!
  11. Opps. I did have a key. Oh well, I'm glad to give them my extra $4.24 of support. At least now I have my key on my Steam account. I did a few rounds in the Crucible. Makes me want to do an build w/ lots of Area of Effect skills to spam the monster spawn points. Ooh, I just tried the Crucible w/ a brand new level 1 toon. Made it through 9 rounds before dying. And after I talked to the Master, my toon jumped to level 6 (I assume it awards experience and such after you end your run?). Looks like an easy way to jump start a new toon because I got a bunch of level appropriate gear from the treasure chests.
  12. Now that I've been back gaming in Grim Dawn for a couple weeks, thought I'd stop by w/ an update... As Knuckles knows from playing Sacred w/ me for hours on end, I prefer to build melee fighters. I have a pure soldier at level 61 and a witchblade (soldier/occultist) at level 25. The devotion "Tempest" has a nice passive skill "Reckless Tempest". On my level 61 soldier, I have Tempest up to level 12 now and while it can't be directly controlled, it does some nice damage. I've boosted it's effect by focusing on lightning and electrocute damage. And while I don't usually do pet-based builds, I found epic ring called Marrow Band which grants "Stalwart Guardian (5% chance when hit)". I actually found 2 of the rings. So I sometime actually have two guardians running around. They don't do the best damage but they'll draw enemy attacks away from my toon with their Taunting Roar skill. I'm having trouble deciding what devotions to use on my witchblade but with respec so inexpensive I can afford to play around w a few different ones (I was annoyed during beta because respec got so expensive, glad to see they made respec part of the game play). And I need a few more devotion points to spend before I reach the really interesting constellations.
  13. Cool, thanks for the several posts above! So I reinstalled Grim Dawn and have reintroduced myself to it. It's changed in good ways from when I first paid for the alpha access. I'll have to check the forum here and see if the multiplayer is any good? Guess I may have to dust off D3 as well and see what's going on there! Glad to know they didn't abandon it after the expansion released. Hopefully I'll check in a little more frequently and get reconnected w/ everyone!
  14. Hey everybody!! I made a quick pop in to check on Unbended and see what people were up to. It's been a long 14 months for me in a new job. I've done zero gaming (not counting solitaire type games). My gaming computer has been neglected with nothing to do but record shows from my TV tuner. Any game suggestions? I need to check if Grim Dawn has had any updates (I'm hoping it has). Anyone doing D3 still (I never did get the expansion)? What games are peeps hanging out in? How has everyone been? Mike
  15. Wha?!?!? Guess I need to go find this community so she'll have someone to manage! {masteff goes looking for Cider Steve so they can go drown DaGirl in bad jokes}
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