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  1. The name is coincidental but it did make me think of ya'll! I suspect but don't know that a lot of the short videos like this one are done by students as projects. I sometimes browse through them looking for interesting sci-fi shorts.
  2. So I became unemployed and haven't played GD in 2 months or more. Logged in today and found the Crucible DLC. Sadly after 2 months of not playing, I've forgotten the finer points of my build and am uncertain about what to do w/ it next! Oh well, must be time to start a new toon!!!
  3. Opps. I did have a key. Oh well, I'm glad to give them my extra $4.24 of support. At least now I have my key on my Steam account. I did a few rounds in the Crucible. Makes me want to do an build w/ lots of Area of Effect skills to spam the monster spawn points. Ooh, I just tried the Crucible w/ a brand new level 1 toon. Made it through 9 rounds before dying. And after I talked to the Master, my toon jumped to level 6 (I assume it awards experience and such after you end your run?). Looks like an easy way to jump start a new toon because I got a bunch of level appropriate gear from the treasu
  4. Now that I've been back gaming in Grim Dawn for a couple weeks, thought I'd stop by w/ an update... As Knuckles knows from playing Sacred w/ me for hours on end, I prefer to build melee fighters. I have a pure soldier at level 61 and a witchblade (soldier/occultist) at level 25. The devotion "Tempest" has a nice passive skill "Reckless Tempest". On my level 61 soldier, I have Tempest up to level 12 now and while it can't be directly controlled, it does some nice damage. I've boosted it's effect by focusing on lightning and electrocute damage. And while I don't usually do pet-based builds, I
  5. Cool, thanks for the several posts above! So I reinstalled Grim Dawn and have reintroduced myself to it. It's changed in good ways from when I first paid for the alpha access. I'll have to check the forum here and see if the multiplayer is any good? Guess I may have to dust off D3 as well and see what's going on there! Glad to know they didn't abandon it after the expansion released. Hopefully I'll check in a little more frequently and get reconnected w/ everyone!
  6. Hey everybody!! I made a quick pop in to check on Unbended and see what people were up to. It's been a long 14 months for me in a new job. I've done zero gaming (not counting solitaire type games). My gaming computer has been neglected with nothing to do but record shows from my TV tuner. Any game suggestions? I need to check if Grim Dawn has had any updates (I'm hoping it has). Anyone doing D3 still (I never did get the expansion)? What games are peeps hanging out in? How has everyone been? Mike
  7. Wha?!?!? Guess I need to go find this community so she'll have someone to manage! {masteff goes looking for Cider Steve so they can go drown DaGirl in bad jokes}
  8. I edited my post above to remove my ID. If anyone is still playing D3 and doesn't have me on their list, feel free to PM me. I haven't been in D3 for a while but will probably spend some more time on it this summer. A couple of achieves I'd like to finish out!
  9. Exclamation! marks the spots http://sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Map_of_Ancaria
  10. http://pctalk.info/Games/Sacred2/Wolfes.Lair/SacredUnderworld/Pages/Eggs-Babylon5Ship.html
  11. Ah, the memory of figuring out that my gladiator could only equip the orange items so I only picked up those. Inevitably, I had a crash and went in search of a patch which altered how items appeared on the ground and I progressed to better ways.
  12. If it happens again, you can export your toon and then start a new game using the import option.
  13. Have a friend in town for a job interview who is staying at the house a couple nights, but as soon as he's gone, I've gotta give this a try! I tried that dwarf fortress game that a few old SIF'ers liked but I could never get into it for long. A little too much micromanagement. I'll give you an invite to my empire as soon as it's ready!!!
  14. I was frustrated a month or so ago while trying to change my email address. Not sure what restrictions they had in place when I created my secret question and answer but it took me a while guessing various spellings and use of upper/lower case to get it right. I had contacted customer service but had finally guessed it before they were able to help me.
  15. Some of D3's achievements are worth trying as they push you to do some amount of grinding and exploring. It's interesting but also a tiny bit frustrating how many times you might grind an area before finding a certain event or unique enemy. And as others have said, they've really changed up some of the mechanics over a long string of patches.
  16. Woot woot!!! Thanks for the heads up!!! We're expecting bad weather on Sunday so now I know what I'll be doing all that day!!!
  17. Can't remember where it is, options maybe, but one multiplayer issue that people had moving from XP to later Windows is the setting for connection speed: change it from ISDN to dial-up. It has no impact on your connection speed but it does do something internally with how it handles the network connection. Be sure you're checking both software and hardware firewalls, as newer versions of Windows like to think for you because Bill Gates thinks you're too stupid to be trusted w/ your own computer to do it automatically. You might have 2 software firewalls because of Windows and a 3rd party
  18. A large enough piece to make a decent size skull is going to have a fair number of natural imperfections in the crystalline structure. Any water in those imperfections would turn to ice and cause a problem. Did you clean your work at any point w/ water? I'd think so just imagining that various compounds you might use would need to be cleaned off. And just thinking, if you'd recently bought that chunk, it might have been cut using a wet saw not too long ago, resulting in water in the crystal. Not to mention that silicon expands when frozen.
  19. I agree it to be a Dan Brown "Angels and Demons" tease. See the "all seeing eye" about 2/3 of the way down on this page: http://www.danbrown.com/angels-demons/ DeElfici is probably a play on DeMedici, who, from 20 seconds of google searching, were involved w/ the Illuminati. I'm curious how else in Sacred 2 is the word "Demiurge" used. This item bears a striking resemblance to the description. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred_2:Battery_of_the_Demiurge And this Temple Guardian quest talks about the Demiurge. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Creators_a
  20. How'd they get off the bridge? They won the battle but got stuck in an area of the map from which they could not move. They probably had to restart from their last save game.
  21. It did take three tries. Had to kite him a bunch to finally avoid one of his special moves that kept getting me. I was going to try doing the "Unique Collection" achievement which requires killing several dozen unique monsters. But the first one I went hunting for took about 30 runs for him to appear. To get the roughly 4 dozen I need to find could easily take 2000 runs in various areas.
  22. Definitely not Skynard or a duster. You didn't say what type of boots; no, if they're cowboy. Try searching ghetto prep instead of preppy (although it's not much more help). I'd go w/ jeans, black tshirt, and sport coat. A pair of Nikes or other brand name shoes if you have them. If you can find a big fake gold chain or two for cheap, wear it. Oh, and gangsta fedoras are popular now, if you can find one super cheap but don't waste real money on one if you won't wear it again. Hmm, if you felt like hitting the Goodwill thrift store, you could look for cheap tshirts that have a designe
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