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  1. Im noticed rare crashes... Looks like CM team did good thing to remove particles.
  2. Its not accurate true, but its how people would find this video, and will fix this issue..
  3. Thank you so much, now I have CM patch with physx, yay!! You are in CM patch team right? I heard that physx cause crashes, but still, If you are in CM patch team, you can just add text to textbox in game that physx can cause crashes, and don't remove physx.. And btw + you can implement FOG remover in CM patch, it works rly well(no crashes noticed), anyways there are not much people playing this game now. Game is underrated since start.
  4. Problem is that CM patch removes physx, I need this little file so I can enable it, shared file can help other people too, to make Sacred 2 look better.
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