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  1. Greetings! Sorry for the late reply. I chose the Chthonic Lizard as a personal preference, mainly because of the +health and +willpower bonuses it provides. Since we use a lot of Reg./hit, we don't care about the -regen time to Capricious Hunter aspect. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the Capricious Hunter focused lizard doesn't provide the +willpower boost. But in fact, you can basically choose whatever mount type you'd like, there's no cons if you choose, let's say, the CH focused one. The build will still work wonders no matter the mount Hope I could help a little bit.
  2. Not really checked the download buttons to be honest. I just accessed the wiki page about lightsabers today but didn't even knew it had download buttons lol Thanks for telling me, might be useful for test characters using X weapon or Y armor piece. As for my new lightsaber toon, I just went for Bargaining, don't really like to pre-download items as it ruins all the momentum when I actually find some set/uniques or even legendaries. So far I got 3 from drops and bought one from a vendor (I have both EP and Bargaining though). Level 23 by now.
  3. Sorry for being a little late here or commenting later on at this guide. As a recent Inquisitor player (really started spamming him since early 2020 when pandemic hit and we had to stay home) I have to admit this is a nice build overall and pretty much on point for my taste of play. Still remember I've had not long ago a pretty similar style (was using the Soul Reaver buff instead of Doppelganger, which I left as a stand alone spell) and was one piece away from completing the Disgraced Gods set... all until I took a one-hit-knockout from the dragon champs on the Seraphim Islands. One suggestion I'd like to say is that you can consider learning Armor Lore a bit earlier than level 65 (if your skill build is listed based on levels). It really reduces regeneration time as well as granting you a little more survivability and movement speed. In fact, Armor Lore is a must-have skill for all my builds, no matter the style nor the toon, I like to have it way early on, at levels 8-12 or even earlier
  4. Unfortunately I couldn't find any this way. I know there's a few quests that gives lightsabers as a reward but so far I only got one handed ones this way.
  5. Hello people! As the title say I am asking you how to get some 2-handed lightsabers without having to learn Bargaining and EP. Is it possible or do I have to learn those skills? If so, how do I find some without them? Any help would be more than appreciated!
  6. I went for Kha-Beleth as well, I find it the best in terms of aspect-utility. As for the weapon I personally prefer Heridon Jade Saber since it gives +all combat arts, -regen time, +chance of finding special items as well as +damage physical (and GoW is full physical damage). This coupled with a Stalworth Safeguard that provides a lot of resistance.
  7. Thanks a lot for your time! Really helpful. And yeah, the poisoning seems to have really low damage to me as well. Was confused with the silver mod since both radius and spread speed are what GOW needs to be effective and sadly you can only choose one.
  8. Thanks. One more thing to ask you, since you're a very experienced DM player, which modifications would you take for Gust of Wind? I swear all of them looks amazingly interesting and I am confused a bit.
  9. Yeah that was my point as well. As far as I searched, Draagen set is focused on Elemental Magic, but his appearance kinda make it low for me. I like Kha Beleth set a lot, looks badass for me, especially on special mount. Would you think it is fit for an Elemental Magic build?
  10. After losing a hardcore Temple Guardian at level 77 (sadly), I've decided to give an Elementalist DM a try. I will use Gust of Wind as a main offensive spell (Elemental Magic main aspect) with Familiar and Runes of Protection as buffs. Since DM has a lot of amazing sets (not refering to appearance but bonuses they provide), I am so confused which set to focus on. My choices so far are: -Draagen's Legacy -Auspicious Power -Chaoskampf -Kha-Beleth's Sovereignity Any help and tips will be more than appreciated!
  11. Should I extract the zip file or just delete the file from inside the Winrar program? I did found the folder called batteries while exploring the file but didn't extracted it yet.
  12. Hello! So I created my new TG as I said and I encountered a weird bug/interaction between batteries and pistols. The explanation is: When I switch between weapon slots or when I enter/exit caves or portals, my pistols seems to miss all the shots with the bullets hitting the ground (being fired from like the ankle level). The only fix for this is to remove the battery item equipped and then put it back. Anyone has a permanent fix for this or some idea? It starts to be frustrating having to put in/put out the battery all the time.
  13. Thing is I don't have a Lore/Focus skill on Source Warden to modify the Untouchable Force if I go Ancient Magic. Is it effective without the modifications?
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