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  1. Yeah, I've been at it this past weekend... enough to completely ignore the forum and your comment. Since the post, I killed the Octagolamus, a couple of dragons, a demon and talked to the other dragon that sent me to the swamps. I activated the portal and went back to visit the rest of the Seraphim and Dragon Islands since I had left some parts unexplored. Busy couple of days. While I have you here, I have some more questions before continuing (I've binged this game and in 3 weeks since May 10th, I've clocked in 3 days and 16 hours of gameplay, or 88 hours in 21 days, so I'm taking a l
  2. I'm dumb and can't read. Disregard this post. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Grotto_of_Death Talk to Ogan Kandimiro Go to the cave Go in cave Retrieve amulet Return to Odan Kandimiro I'm having trouble with step 4 of retrieving amulet. The wiki's notes say "Make sure that you're headed for a cave on the west side of Ruka, not in the center of town." but even when doing that amulet is nowhere to be seen. If I had to guess, I went into the cave before getting the quest and opened one of these treasure chests that were supposed to give me
  3. It's been resolved but I thank you nonetheless for the welcome. Last Epoch looks interesting, but is it promising?
  4. My name is Lucas but I type it with a v to look edgy/Roman. I love fantasy in all its forms, if you couldn't tell by my online last name, but LotR is a big part in my life as well. Books, TV shows, movies, video games, you name it, I enjoy it. My history with the Sacred franchise is one that has probably already been experienced so I'll try to keep it short: played the first game as a kid leaving childhood (age 12), played the second as a teenager (age 16). So it has been with me and helped me pass the time through my development years. Although I'm just now joining the forum, I'd come here
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