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  1. That last post was a little confusing reading it back.... I’m sticking with my original mod picks because most champions that make it through my Blazing Tempest, will be in melee range for me to get full effect from my mod choices because the champions will be close so the fireballs won’t split, but if you are hitting Champions or packs from far away you are better off going Globe because the Second Fireball won’t target the same mob the will split even though they are homing possibly doing less damage because of the range.
  2. ***** UPDATE ***** So with Ancestral Fireball the original mod choice for Silver had the advantage of Fussilage over globe because the chance for Area of Effect was doubled, and the damage was about the same if not a little more if both fireballs hit but even with the homing fireballs, the second one targets a different creature and only hits the same one if you are in melee range pretty much which we would be most times..... on the other hand I feel since we are using it to smoke Champions and that only that the Globe might be better since it will target the Champion with full damage. The br
  3. Yah it sucks that it uses attack speed instead of casting speed but that’s for game versions before 2.4 and even then I think the damage boost and regen reduction outweighs that bug IMO but if you didn’t want that you could always opt for toughness to make you even more immortal if the HE can eve get toughness or just get the Delphic Arcadia Lore to increase the HP regen from Grand Invigoration..... it’s all win win :-)
  4. Yah I actually got this to 50 one day and had to walk away from my PS3 for a second to tend to my baby and I got jumped and died lol..... I tried a Delphic HE but just wasn’t as powerful as the pyro so I gave up for some reason.... but I wanna try a duel wield HE with Magic Coupe as the Main CA and see how that goes lol.... I honestly didn’t think anyone would reply or see my post but since this site has helped me so much I wanted to make a post .... I will actually post my OP Voodoo/Nature Weaver Dryad build soon because I didn’t think it would work but honestly I’m at level 112 and my Scorpi
  5. Hello everyone, wanted to do a build that I enjoy playing and that I’ve had success with and try to beat the game on Niob at the lowest level possible.... so far my Dryad has that at level 91 .... he was a Voodoo/Nature Weaver (OP) due to the Moribus Animus being 90 levels above the bosses lol .... but I don’t feel like grinding out levels to 200 so I decided to try the Fire HE and it is lots of fun and super powerful so I will do my best to explain my choices, and the order I took them in. Also bear in mind this build has a High Level shopper to help with amulets and gear socketing etc. so m
  6. Hey there, So I got a nice shield with like 73% chance to block close combat and when I put on other gear to raise my chances they don’t stack for some reason in my tool tip it just shows my shields percentage to block. Also my Shiel lore mastery isn’t added in either. Wiki says that it is additive if you get the mastery. I play on PS3 console.... is it bugged or do I have to download a patch or something to fix this issue? lol hanks for any help you can give me. Oh and my Dryad is level 112 and I just beat the game on Niobium with a 94.2% survival bonus. Maybe it’s messing me up be
  7. The head level doesn’t matter on the power of the animus..... the head level matters because it comes with better stats to boost your character. A head found in bronze vs a head in Niob are the same animus and level depending on the Combat Art Level and Cabalistic Voodoo Focus level.... only difference is the stats and skills on the heads...... on the other hand I read on Sacred Wiki that Cabalistic Voodoo Lore does enhance the broNze mod on the Animus thus making it lore powerful.... but then it also says the only way to increase the power is to make it go up levels so..........
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