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  1. hehe, thank you all I think I exaggerate this, but he doesn't look realy natural, don't you think? Is there a way to export these? They look way more natural. I will also try to manage this in blender, but maybe some of you know a way google-search: "sacred export ascaron"
  2. I updated it recently. okay here's the thing. I do it this way: GrannyViewer → gr2 extract → convert to smd → convert to dae → import in blender → export as obj → open with ChituBox → inverting → save as stl → import and edit in blender but now, I got it, looks great for me
  3. is this feature new? I didn't know it. okay, I didn't have to use it till now. It worked well
  4. I use ChituBox V1.5.6.1 It's the recommended software for my ElegooMars UV-Resin printer. Maybe it's more understandable with an image. As you can see, the inside of the model is bright blue and is showing the details. The outside is darkblue and you can't see any details. Normaly the dark color show's the inside of the models
  5. Hi, I think, I used the wrong file for the magician, but now it looks more like the skeleton. I tried the dae-conversion with the wizard as well. He looks great in Blender, but when I export him and open him with my printer-program, it seems, that the printer program thinks he is created inside out
  6. Oh man he splatered all over the place. I did it the same way, as the wizard. Wow. Okay, I think I let this sink in for a while since we finished moving :-D
  7. I'm curious if there will be any other problems occuring :-D if you compare the 3D-Models of the magician and the wizard, you see, that the wizard doesn't show any details. But maybe ich can fix it with blender :-D stay tuned
  8. You sir, are a true genius it worked :-D only thing is, that the wizard stands upside down, but that's not a problem
  9. Thank you :D yes I'm very unlucky XD I will download it after work. My shift starts soon. I don't think that I'm painting him. My painting-skill is nearly as high as my skill to get these damn models but it's okay. I like him this way By the way, I don't know if I have enough time and patience. My wife and I are about to move from our flat to the house we recently bought
  10. Okay, I'm glad, that it istn't my lack of skill I tryed it. The SMD-convert was successfull, but the assimpd gives back an error :-( It says "the application couldn't start correctly (0xc000007b). Click "OK" to close the application." I also did erase the ".gr2"-part, same result But I have good news about the print. It worked I layed him back on the support so you can get an idea how it looks Here you see him in all its glory The close up was a bit tricky. You see these little steps? This is the layer height of 0,03mm. The mage has a height of 50mm
  11. By the way, RuDDik send me the magician. I needed to edit it in Blender and supportet it in the printerprogram. I just startet the printer. He should be finished in about 7,5h. Hope I didn't make any mistakes. I'm very excited
  12. Thank you all :-D sorted the files and tried to convert the wizard.grn. I opend it with your recommended granny-viewer, got the ViewerConvertTemp.gr2, renamed it and startet the cmd. After start there were just the gloves of the Wizard. The cmd looks like this
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