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  1. Did you get it from steam? If yes verify the files. Are you using LAN?
  2. So went to play EE 3.0 with wife for first time. Got an 'lost connection error 10' Went into steam to verify files, '56 file aquired' Restart Sacred can play LAN with wife. Re-enable EE 3.0 via 'gme' connection error 10. Something in your mod seems to prohibit us from playing LAN together. **Fixed** I just re-installed the EE 3.0 and got wife and myself up and running. Lol. Was so bummed out last when I started to play and got the connection error. All patched up.
  3. Wow, what a holiday gift! Thx for the tremendous work you put into this.
  4. This is what I was afraid of. It's cool though, dual monitor set-up Thank you.
  5. As title states is there a way to view the set boni list in game?
  6. Just have to chime in here, this is looking lovelier everyday I log in and see this thread. Keep up the awesomeness all.
  7. Not sure if bug on my end or what, but here is screen shot of trying to get into wiki. Started today. Sorry for big size.
  8. As title states. Love the new look. Thank you super heroes that gave us the make over.
  9. I am currently building a HE. Full magic of course. I was planing a full organic build, but I found the char editor. Yes..... I cheated. I gave myself and my wife 1.5 mil to start out. We know the game well and would have just taken something out of the chest to sell. I have nothing in my chest to sell I am freshly new. So far level 6. arrantpyro lore, delphic focus, and concentration for incadecant skin and grand invig (obviously right?) picked. I think my next pick at level 8 will be ancient magic before the arrant focus pick. This will start beefing dmg output through all aspects. The
  10. Well... I don't know ancaria that well. Thank you for warm welcome. Thank you for the welcome.
  11. Is this an up and coming version change, to be released?
  12. Well since I've made a couple post, I figured I'd introduce meh self. I'm JediJimi. I've been playing Sacred 2 since launch on 360. I just bought it for pc on steam. Meh self and the life long companion game together. We have over 2400 hrs logged on 360.We are RPG nerds, so sacred fit perfectly. The world is so immersive. We took a break for a while enjoyed WoW, and SWTOR. Again similar to sacred, but not quite. I've been into the linux world for over a decade plus, so alot of the files I can somewhat decipher. What I'm saying is, this is awesome how we can basically (hack) the game. I've
  13. Good day all. Question. I have 2 high elves. 1 lvl3, 1 lvl25. I'm running CM patch, elite textures and music mod. Now I want to implement EE. I know in the forums it says to create new char. Cool. Question is, can I enable mod then turn off mod for previous char to further quest? Can I be switching in an out mods like that? level 3 and up char will run= Cm patch, music mod, eliete textures level 25 and up will run= CM patch, music mod, elite textures level 1 and up (new) will run= CM patch, EE, music mod level 1 and up (new) will run= CM patch, diablo Again question is, will I brea
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