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  1. That's odd... FotH started working now for me! I've levelled my Pal to lv35 and took Devout Offense Lore (had Focus too), set her aside and gone levelling up my Sorceress. Today, came back for the Pal, tried FotH and... voilà! I'm dumbfounded, don't know what happened. Maybe is the level or the skill... Regardless, it's ok now. Thanks, Flix, for your appreciation. Can't wait for the next update! Cheers from Brazil!
  2. Addendum to my post: My Diablo 2 Fallen version is 1.4 and I have CM Patch 1.60 installed.
  3. In the first place, thanks for this awesome mod, because it rekindled my interest in this game. Started a Paladin char, but I've noticed that CA Fist of the Heavens doesn't do any damage. Tried it with a few enemies and no damage. I didn't put any mods in it, because if it's really bugged, I don't waste my mod points.
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