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  1. Thanks for making me a member! Let's give this a try... Alright, Isuppose that the first quest marker was just a bug, too. There aren't any quests in the Shadowy Catacombs for Seraphim, so there's that. Thanks again for everyone helping me to find out what was going on in my game, I think I got a great answer.
  2. I've read through that thread and have to say that it's absolutely impressive. Thanks for bringing it up here. With that knowledge I think I can safely assume that "going there" (with the tutorial of the thread) will result in nothing. It's a riddle to me how I randomly got these two questmarkers, but that adds to the experience of Sacred 2 I believe.
  3. Funny enough, I already done that way before creating this post, due to wanting to explore the whole map without leaving tiny unvisited spaces. Because the vanilla visibility range is so tiny, there are loads of spaces on the map that are not visible on a normal playthrough. With that being said, when I hold down my middle mouse button on the world map, I can see that the island is, in fact, just water (seen in this video). I'm wondering about why I seem to have visited island before, though, because I don't have my visibility distance as high, as to see all the water of the lake shown in the
  4. Interesting thing. I was pretty positive that it only could have been a bug, but it seems to be reproducible, if it happened to other players, too. I honestly haven't thought about a way to "fix" it, more like a way to actually get on the island itself and check, if something happens. One thing I would like to know is, if you had the same chain of occurrences like I did, with the quest marker on the Shadowy Catacombs. Or if it just showed you the quest marker on the tiny island? Thank you very much for your reply!
  5. Hello again, hoping on some help or information on this one: I was casually playing in the cursed forrest area and doing some lasts quests I haven't finished, until I noticed I got a new quest on the world map. The questmarker was set in the Shadowy Catacombs, with no info in the log book. When I fast traveled to Sloeford the quest seemed to have disappeared without me noticing, because I couldn't find it anymore when I looked back on the map. After I was done checking up everything at the catacombs, I wanted to go back to doing business in cursed forrest but now I saw another quest marke
  6. Thanks for the quick answer! I've tried changing this value to some really high values but it doesn't seem to change anything. For perspective: My balance.txt SpeedMax is now at 750000 and my creatureinfo.txt runSpeed is at 10900. I changed the Seraphim runSpeed in creatureinfo.txt.
  7. Hello Darkmatters Forum! As this is my first time posting here, please excuse my limited knowledge on the customs on here. I just thought someone might be able to help me out. Feel free to give me tips on what I should include when posting here, etc. Anyways, to my question/problem: I would like to increase the character speed of the character I'm playing with in Sacred 2. I did some research and found this thread where people already gave an answer to what I'm looking for. I edited my creatureinfo.txt file accordingly (I think so at least), but my character doesn't seem to run
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