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  1. Seems to be much more reliable on the 360 if you create an ONLINE free world instead of an OFFLINE. Did 5 runs in offline and not a single 3 star drop. Switched to Online and I'm getting at least 1 set piece per run. *Knocks on wood*
  2. "I could say something smart but instead.... HURRY UP!"
  3. Well I changed my mind. Going all-out Devout Guardian now. Started leveling and I absolutely LOVE Battle Extension! Also, I can already see why Bargaining is so nice! Now I have to decide whether I want to go Swords or Hafted Weapons I'll pick up Constitution and either Toughness/CR/Combat Disc as my last 2 skills I believe. Thanks for the advice everyone! What's the Pros/Cons for Swords and Hafted weapons?
  4. Hey there! Trying to figure out how I want to build my TG and had a few questions I'm taking EP/Bargaining early on with this TG (Blacksmith still broke on 360 ) and was wondering if Niob would be survivable with a high T Shroud, Combat Alert, WEL, and Armor L only? I've never taken a character to Niob, and I really don't feel like plowing through with my TG how I want and then getting to Plat/Niob and realizing I NEEDED another skill choice. My skill choices I had picked were something like this (in order): 1. EP 2. Tactics 3. Bargaining 4. Concentration 5. Devout Guardian Focus 6. Sword/Hafted Weapons (not sure which I want yet) 7. Armor Lore 8. WEL 9. Source Warden Focus 10. Source Warden Lore Another option I had was grabbing BS first instead of EP and hoping it gets fixed soon. What I have envisioned was beefing up my Devout G aspect/Melee damage in the start, then beefing Armor L/WEL for increased protection as I advance toward Gold/Plat/Niob, and finally beefing Source aspect for high Area of Effect damage. Any tips? Something I should change? Something look wrong? Is the build completely broken? Any help is greatly appreciated
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