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  1. all items in Eng now? or just part of them like: THROW_POTION*real item name* ? can you make any screenshots?
  2. some steam guides about localization have "lifehacks" where u drop global.res from ru_RU to en_UK or just rename ru_RU into en_UK and delete original ones, cuz for someone ru_RU doesnt work. From my own experience: if u run the game with both folders exists (ru_RU and en_UK) in "locale" game prefer the second, and if only ru_RU - all text gone, all buttons empty, etc. I guess that's what @MeGoGo did.
  3. Ye, but dashing alacrity, for ex, has scales entry0 = {"et_duration_sec", 9000, 5, 0, 8 }, ye, 0.05s, ye small, but whatever it still exists. So I thought flix just forgot to add one. btw is there any complete spell.txt guides or something? and thanks, didnt know before red your post that 2nd number is scaling
  4. I meant not CD but Regen. time, my bad. but back to the duration, I just have dashing alacrity for example, according to wiki it has scaling duration (Duration is 20 + 0.01*CA-level seconds, which is probably small number ) but RBoL has no scaling on Duration at all, thats what im talking about. But if it intended, ok then btw, if I give u already translated global.res (for Ru_ru both EE_core and EE_alt_spells), can u add it to mod files for those russian guys who wont mess with s2rw and spell.txt?
  5. forget everything I spamed above, already did it myself, works great, ty for mod! but, found a bug, I guess. With leveling up ability get cd increase and no duration increase(always 60s), while others non-permanent buffs get both duration and cd scaled with CA's level.
  6. Flix, can u add compatibility with EE alt spells module. For example replacing "Sublime Guardian" that replaces "Instill Belief"?
  7. Thank you for answer! I saw it, actually helped me a lot. But still a lot to understand. I wasnt sure about sockets, now I can see I can just spam 751 bonusgroup for gold slots. At 1st I thought it must be in order of 751-859-860 yep, just wanna be sure I understood it right. Is it linear? 1000=x1?
  8. Im new to modding itself and especially Sacred 2, so my question might be stupid but I couldn't find the answer in old threads and a lot of old links in them are dead so, whats the difference between: bonusgroup4 = {751,1000,10,9,0}, -- Gold Slot bonusgroup5 = {859,1000,10,9,0}, -- SB_neut_slot_gold2 bonusgroup6 = {860,1000,10,9,0}, -- SB_neut_slot_gold3 and: bonusgroup4 = {751,1000,10,9,0}, -- Gold Slot bonusgroup5 = {751,1000,10,9,0}, -- Gold Slot bonusgroup6 = {751,1000,10,9,0}, -- Gold Slot both result in a 3 gold slots on an item is '1000' numb
  9. ok, my bad( ET alters different textures files, cant edit my previous post or delete it.
  10. How it is correlate with Elite Textures now?
  11. yet another stupid question: will re-downloading EE-core have any effect on existing SP campaign (quest for example)? and another one: should enabled modules be reinstalled after?
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