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  1. German Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons = Owners of Banhammer
  2. zip line = Far Cry Easiest way to leave the radio towers XD
  3. contrite = repentia (I just played a Warhammer 40k game vs sisters of battle.... and I really hate this unit XD)
  4. I know, but I preferred to obtain the advantages that allowed me to improve the skills and add the modifiers of each of them, rather than the survivability that Armor Lore grants. As you will see, at level 75 there are 3 mastered skills, and in my case I didn't really need to raise the armor until almost the end. However, the lack of skill points can be made up with equipment that has a + X to all abilities, which makes this inquisitor really lethal.
  5. To read the skill order just go to the second page of the excel and you will see the skill points form level 1 to 200. It's very easy and straightforward
  6. In my case I never found any armour with damage socket (at least not with my multiple sw) if there is any who has it I maybe sold it cause the stats or the level of the item are not relevant for me on that moment (specially when I have the full armantin set on my hands with the 10 delicious gold sockets)
  7. Overwatch > Teamplay Yup I mained tanks in OW and a few other characters. Diablo 1 and 2. Instead of playing diablo 3 I played PoE with a zombiemancer
  8. In my case I cannot remember any armour with a damage type socket. Every armour that I have during this 13 years (god dang the time passes very fast) had the B/S/G sockets.
  9. That's right..... and it's time to play with my sw online as I did it in the old good days XD
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