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  1. Hello, I killed the main boss when he didn't fight back and now I have the problem that one is left and is invulnerable. Is there still a way for me to complete the quest and get to the next level of difficulty or do I have to start over? I've already tried rebooting but that didn't work.
  2. Thank you very much, that helped me.
  3. Hello I found a bug related to the Trimmed Elite Textures package. Usually Maelstrom is see-through, but not with the Elite textures. .
  4. Hello and thanks for your attention. Will this be the final community patch and will there be any future fixes? They write that the buffs are not needed. Why was it allowed to use buffs in the community patch? Maybe that should be changed again. I'm playing a hybrid because I have to bridge the Dragon Berserk cooldown. I've also read that the Dragon Berserker has little or no support for skills. Thank you for the friendly welcome.
  5. Hello, sorry for my english. I found a serious bug in Community Patch 160. With the dragon mage it is possible to stack attributes indefinitely. First you activate Dragon Berserk and then the Familiar buff. If this is repeated, the values become stronger. This can only be reversed with a restart. I will not continue playing the dragon mage until it is fixed. In the picture you can see the great damage caused by high intelligence.
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