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  1. Hello There again! @Flix Thank you for understanding my point of view and also my problem. I only have one small request. It can either you share it here, or just send it to me. That I'm completely happy with the mod, but I wish you can do the same values that are in the Survival mod, which is about the increased dropped items from the mod ( Instead of the higher quality, but what I experienced Survival mod also offers better items, while I tried with EE and most of the times I got nothing or trash stuffs or just 1-2 blue items, or even with challange mod and enhanced perception) So
  2. Hi @Flix! Thank you for your quick answer!! So I can see your points on that, but I have done some testing with and without it. EE MOD: Ususal elite Bandit enemy, What I get from defeating him: 405 XP, 26 gold, 1 small health potion, 1 small mentor's potion, and thats all... Survival mod: Ususal elite Bandit enemy, What I get from defeating him: 405 XP, 35 gold, 1 small health potion, 1 small mentor's potion, and one blue item an inquisitor bracelet, and one more blue item a temple guardian ancient battery. So my conclusion is XP same, gold same (almost, but not m
  3. Hello There! @Flix I really love your mod so much, because it was awesome!!! The new combat arts, the background of the combat arts, the portrait overhaul, the bug fixes, new weapons....etc. It is incredible!! But I have a problem, so how to merge a mod with another mod. So I don't have a problem with this mod, but there is another mod on nexus called Survival mod ( https://www.nexusmods.com/sacred2/mods/6) , which is almost the same as the Superspawn addon, except the more rewards for you get after defeating enemies. So this is my problem. How can I integrate this reward modif
  4. Hello @Gaius! I’m happy to let you know that I was on the translation team too. My friend and I did the translation pretty much, but a two book and the Crystal Plane area were left out. Because he is completely gone, I can not contact him, unfortunately this project is completely stuck. Without him, unfortunately, I would not be able to integrate translation. But I think it’s also really good that we’ve been able to translate it so far! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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