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  1. Just tried to edit an armor mesh as a test, but it appears invisible in-game. Would it work like this? 1) Convert the .gr2 to collada (.dae) via GR2ConverterDAE, with the "Divinity: Original Sin EE" profile. Default "Export Options" and "GR2 Export Options" were used. 2) Import the .dae in 3DX Max 8 and do the edit (I just deleted some vertices). 3) Export to .gr2. I tried the default options, and also the options explained in the step 6 of the "Importing and Exporting GR2 Models" tutorial. 4) Optimize mesh with GR2Preprocessor. Using the .smd format, as explained in t
  2. Thank you! And hard as balls to find . I grabbed myself a copy on some old tennis game modding site... it's working, but I crossed a few very suspicious websites before. I'd PM you or Flix the mediafire link, but I don't have permissions for PMs . I don't know if I can post it here. Sacred 2 looks great even today, it would be a shame if its modding tools get too hard to find.
  3. How would you import the DAE/SMD files into 3DSMax8 with these tools? Do I need some other plugin?
  4. Hello there, Did you manage to successfully export the .gr2 files via Blender? Many files on the 3dsmax .gr2 thread are unavailable, so it seems Sacred 2 meshes are impossible to modify right now, unless you already have the necessary tools.
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