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  1. Sacred Plus predates the release of Underworld. It is Sacred Gold which includes both.
  2. Have you tried putting the game executables (Sacred2.exe and S2gs.exe) in the exception lists of your firewalls and/or antiviruses? They often block connections for games by default.
  3. True, and I have Hallowed Restoration on "speed dial", but this happens faster than I can react. I was under the impression that the enemies respawn after enough time and/or subregion change anyway?
  4. Hey, as I mentioned in my introduction thread, I'm on my first playthrough of the game and I've managed to reach chapter 9 on bronze (yes, I know, but I'm testing the waters on RPGs in general as I've played almost all other genres in my life). One gripe I have are NPCs in quests where they follow you and you have to protect them. I've failed so many quests by losing said NPCs, even after I discovered that I can tell them to stay close to me. The intended response would be for them to stay close behind me but nope, they Leeroy Jenkins their way into a spider or jaguar. How do you peo
  5. The game doesn't need her to be good on its own, but she definitely helps in liking it subjectively ;) The quasi-techno armour items makes her feel like she took the wrong turn on the Diablo II / Battlefield 2142 crossroad, and I love it
  6. Thank you, was wondering when I could upload the image I wanted to all along Thank you!
  7. Hey everyone, new to RPGs, new to Sacred. Picked up Sacred 2 on sale and I'm really really really liking it! Might as well see what the community is up to
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