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  1. Oh man, this isn't really what I was after. I finally noted that "World Objects" was the text labels AND monoliths, teleports, stash, etc. I don't want those items to vanish from the world map, just the floating text labels. It is a half solution, I can toggle back and forth, though using a mouse to do this is cumbersome. Rather have a hot key. Just wish I could just get those text labels removed permanently.
  2. Got one question answered, now have another. I searched on DarkMatters Wiki and it is still not clear to me how to interpret the hi-lighted enemy health bar. There are these small colored bars showing damage types above and below the enemy health bar. My guess was top bar is type of damage enemy will inflict, bottom is its weakness, though showing 80%20% physical/fire means what? More susceptible to physical? Best both? Confused --------------- Okay, I think I figured this out myself. On the Character Panel there is the last 10 enemies taken out, of which it show
  3. Thank you, that did it. I didn't even realize the map had anything at the top right. What a surprise. Thanks again, that did the trick.
  4. Is there something I can do to make the floating but persistent gray backed text labels be removed from the world map? I don't mind them when my mouse moves to area, but the unnecessary "Active Resurrection Monolith" type of stuff where it is clearly marked by colored monolith on the map and place names is really annoying, making it difficult to study the map in detail. I was hoping a key press would toggle the labels on and off, but it doesn't appear that is how it works. Is there something in options file or script files that would disable it?
  5. It all seems fine, five of my characters got to level seven already in the short time I've been using the mod. I love all the changes done. Music and portraits installed, which really makes a wonderful change. UI is awesome, much better quest log colors, etc. Much easier to read. Really enjoying all the changes. This is excellent work. One issue I had is I like to play more zoomed in but with the enemy aggro doubled, I had to zoom out because they were attacking from all over, detecting me behind hills, etc. Sure, made it more difficult and hectic, my Dryad died three times trying
  6. After 80 hours of play with all seven characters played in parallel (1.5 hour play session for each) I just found out about this mod. Couldn't believe it and installed it with the music update and the character portraits update. Then recreated all seven characters again to ensure no conflicts. I did save some things in the shared stash, so I hope that doesn't cause any issues. This is an incredible mod and I am really loving it so far. All the changes are great. The only negative issue is that it delays my play of Flix's other great mod, Diablo 2 Fallen, which I am eagerly looking
  7. Thanks. I tried changing the "Camera Collision" before while in game and it had no impact, so I returned settings as per camera instructions I got from Steam guide. After your response to do exactly this to avoid building entry sky flips, I tried again, but this time turning "Camera Collision" off before the character load. It works as expected, does not swing camera up on building entry. I don't know why when I last played with this option it failed to work correctly as set. Strange. I should have left it off and next play it would have been fine. Well, it is much better now.
  8. Unfortunately, I don't play Sacred 2 on the OLED. I use a 43" 4K monitor to play Sacred 2, that being my gaming mouse/keyboard setup system. Titan Quest Anniversary Edition just came out with a public beta that supports native controller, so that got moved to my PC using on 75" OLED, because it is a recliner with controller setup. Can't use mouse/keyboard there except for kicking off games, etc. Not complaining, Sacred 2 looks great on a 43" 4K and just being able to play at that resolution is amazing. It looks really awesome. I saw all the complaints about Windows 10 and Sacred 2, b
  9. Newby for Sacred 2, but not for Life. I'm turning 65 this year, retired at 57. After retirement, reading and gaming is my favorite hobbies, with 20K+ invested in Racing Sim motion cockpit, VR, 3 4K monitors, etc. Had two bedrooms converted to single Entertainment room, 75" OLED TV, four gaming machines, four PCs (Race Sim, M/K gaming, Bills, etc). I bought Sacred 2 years ago and just didn't like it. I got the aRPG itch and re-installed my old Steam purchases, which included Sacred 2. Oh what the heck. Following improvement guides on Steam for Sacred 2 for trimmed elite graphics, C
  10. I have absolutely fell in love with Sacred 2, especially finding a Steam guide that informed me to install Community Patch (Brilliant), trimmed Elite Textures, and how to fix camera configuration. It just transformed the game, which I had for years, but never played. I'm infatuated with it now, playing all seven characters. But one thing still drives me crazy and I can't find it anywhere on how to fix the camera from going bonkers in buildings where it moves to a complete top/down view of character! I can move it down, and accept "half-wall" views, but as soon as I stop moving camera m
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