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  1. Hi Flix, thanks again for helping out. From my testing DW does not seem to quite work - it's not just visual, there is only one damage occurence per attack. Additionally, the damage is the same independent of DW or just one staff. Is this intended? Have only tested this on goblins, no idea if there is a training dummy for better testing, but reasonably certain on this.
  2. Hi Dave, could you explain what you mean with Priestess buff?
  3. Amazing, thanks so much for clarifying Flix! One follow-up question though - do you have any tips regarding the DW vs. 2h vs. Staff&shield decision? I saw in the patch notes that you recalibrated 2h damage, is DW still better or would this just be personal preference? Not going DW means getting the magic staff weapon properties, so on paper that seems better, am I missing something? Thanks
  4. Hey all, first post - so let me know if it's in the wrong section. Started playing Sacred 2 (CM1.6 + EE) again and started with Int Dryad, loosely following Viper's guide from way-back: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10100-the-dual-wield-int-staff-nature-dryad/ Since a lot has changed since then due to I&B/CM/EE, I have a couple of questions that I hope a kind soul could help me with: Do you think that kind of build can still be viable? Do I understand it correctly, that Magic Staves are now always ranged but don't count as a ranged weapon?
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